Super Gross - 2nd Half

Alhamdullillah everything looks, seems and feels OK. Emma behaving normally, she doesn’t have any fever, no vomiting, no diarrhea, no temper tantrums and loving the antibiotics and anti allergy medication. Serious. Asyik mintak nak ubat aje.

So the second half begins now.

Friday night Mak Yen and Mak Su took Emma to Mak Ngah’s place so Zufri and I had the whole house to ourselves. When I went to work that morning, I left our bedroom door ajar (oh did I mention that Super Gross hid behind the shelf after she sashayed down my bed?) but kept the door separating the living area with the back area closed. The windows were left open, with the intention of letting her escape while she can escape. Perangkap tikus dipasang, gam tikus dilumurkan.

When we came back from dinner that night, we found the traps and glues uninterrupted. Since we didn’t know where Super Gross was, the door remained shut, and any cleaning works shall be done on the front part of the house only. So cleaned we did, scrubbed and sterilized every thing ‘sterilizable’. Carpets washed, rugs washed, living room redecorated, Emma’s room stripped bare bar the dresser shelf that was too heavy to lift. Clothes were washed with Clorox. The floor mopped 3 times. Twice with Clorox All Purpose Cleaner, the last with Afy Hanif’s Serai.

Penat gila ni, and it wasn’t even the whole house. I have more junk than I can account for. Mostly Emma’s. Argh toys. Then I set to do the dishes. Zufri went to take a bath. Sekali I heard a scrambling noise, a thud and Zufri running out of the bath, slamming the door behind him.

Turns out Super Gross was hiding behind Emma’s bath tub (that certainly got thrown away!) and while Zufri was trying to drain the water away, he lifted the tub and voila! Super Gross! Zufri lived to tell the tale, complete with a shiner on his forehead. Kekeke. So that’s that. Kurung Super Gross dalam toilet. You can hear her trying to escape, banging on the door (like that will ever work). Outside Zufri dah pasang perangkap sepanjang pintu. Say the banging the door suddenly works, there’s a perangkap waiting for her outside. Macam kata pepatah melayu, keluar dari mulut harimau, masuk mulut buaya. Muahahahaha – evil laugh.

In the morning, Zufri went around looking for somebody man enough to capture Super Gross. 2 people came by but upon opening the toilet door, chickened out (an Indonesian man and a Bangladeshi). At 11 came a knight in shining armour (actually is a gardener and his son) who actually marched right up to the toilet door, went inside, locked himself in and came out smelling of success and rat shit with Super Gross whimpering in a garbage bag.

I think he had a reputation to uphold lah. Maybe he wanted to chicken out, but then he saw 4 full-grown adults peeking from behind the door (through a glass panel – Zufri, Pipi and I and standing on a chair was Kak Yen. Geez. Behind locked door pun nak berdiri atas kerusi ke? Hahahaha). Takkan nak disappoint a cheering crowd kot? Hehehe. Thank you uncle.

We then went to the toilet. Sigh. The damage was done. Rat poo everywhere, urine everywhere. I couldn’t stand it, so Zufri did all the cleaning in the toilet. Everything got thrown out, shampoo, facial wash, and toothbrushes. Super Gross really was gross.

Zufri blames himself, saying he should’ve killed Super Gross when I found her the first. Instead he left it at that and Super Gross bit Emma’s finger. I manipulated his guilt to make him do most of the cleaning, while I sometimes watched Toy Story 3 with Emma. He doesn’t trust my domestic skills anyway. Believes he cleans up better than me. Maybe he does.

Tapi Alhamdulillah, everything worked out fine in the end. Zufri dah pasang jaring-jaring pada semua tingkap dan bawah pintu dapur. I no longer have a view of the backyard, but at least I have peace of mind. Insha Allah.

Emma’s sleeping in her own room now. But I’m sleeping with her. Until I am sure she will be fine on her own.

Super Gross - 1st Half

This is a backdated post, written on Friday morning.

Two mysterious things happened.

Early this morning, around 2.00 a.m., I was woken up by (to my ears) a loud noise. I sat up, startled, looking around – only to find nothing. I was sleeping with Emma on the floor in her room (Emma started on her mattress but found her way into my arms on only a comforter), our first of hopefully many others.

When I tried sleeping again, I banged Emma’s bottle of minyak yuyi cap limau on the floor, out of boredom. I discovered that a portion of the floor underneath where I was lying was hollow, thus making the banging noises louder. Plus, I was lying down, so it sounded much louder to my ears.

One mystery solved.

When I tried sleeping again, I heard footsteps. Bilik Emma, just like every other room in the house, pakai tikar getah. Bunyi tapak kaki berjalan atas tikar getah di pagi yang hening adalah quite obvious. Again I sat up, looking around. That’s when I saw it. A huge, big, gigantic rat! Masha Allah, terperanjatnya aku! Just about 1 foot away from my, urm, right foot. Super gross OK. Hereinafter known as Super Gross. Super besar tikus tu, almost as big as a month old kitten but with much shorter legs.

I shooed Super Gross away and it sort of berjalan lenggang kangkung behind a mounting board I kept in the room. So not afraid of humans this Super Gross. I quickly picked Emma up, woke Zufri who was sleeping at the living room (I know, our sleeping arrangement is agak scattered at the mo) and told him about Super Gross.

Dia kata agaknya cicak tak?


WHAT?! Adakah aku kelihatan seperti seorang yang tak dapat membezakan antara tikus dan cicak? Seriously? Granted, I wasn’t wearing my glasses, but still??!

Insulting my eyesight sungguh.

Anyways, I hauled our asses into our actual bedroom lah, while Zufri, convinced that my eyes deluded me, stayed on at the living room.

Within minutes everybody was asleep. Suddenly I heard Emma crying.

Lo and behold,



It was bleeding profusely. OK maybe not that much, but she bled all over my t-shirt. Babiturat ok tikus tu. Masa Emma menjerit dia dah berlenggang kangkung turun katil. Aku angkat Emma lari pegi kat Zufri (masa tu baru perasan darah tu). Zufri amek kayu golf nak belasah tikus tu. Hahaha. Tapi cari-cari tak jumpa. Emma sambung tido. Hehe.

We went to the clinic, thinking Emma might need to get a shot of anti virus ke or whatever. Instead the doctor just gave her some antibiotics, some anti-allergy meds and some painkillers. I told the doctor that the wound looks quite deep; doesn’t she need like an injection? He confidently said no. We’re taking his word for it. If something looks out of place, we’re taking her straight to the hospital. And we’re gonna sue his ass off.

2nd mystery not solved. Don’t know where Super Gross came from. No spaces left open.


Diet Wise?

Last week was terrible for me. Diet wise. Tuesday I had filet mignon, Wednesday was Dominos and rendang daging and lodeh, Thursday had home grilled ribs daging korban, Friday sambal daging korban pulak, Saturday chilli crabs and finally on Sunday had McDonalds. Complete with ayaq gas. Malam aku insaf dan makan tauhu bakaq je. Hehehe. Sekali belasah Cornetto sebijik. And 3 Kinder Buenos since Tuesday. And to make things worse a colleague brought back packs of chocolate from Langkawi and they are just within an arm's reach.

Argh aku sangat lemah!

But it was my anniversary dinner y'know. Then hari raya haji pulak, takkan nak makan rolled oats kot na? And of course daging korban you have to finish up right? As for the crabs, Zufri yang mengidam nak makan kerang, sekali pergi pasar malam found crabs instead. Recipe pulak follow Masterchef. Pergh. Harus lazat. And the Kinder Buenos? Well, I haven't had chocolates for almost two weeks, SO CUT ME SOME SLACK, OK??! Tee hee defensive pulak.

So yesterday for breakfast I had two pieces of toast. With cheese and egg. Then topped it all up with four slices of toast with butter and sugar. Finished it all up with a glass of cold milk. Full cream. Sigh. I'm a sucker for buttered toast.

But at least I took a power walk Saturday morning, so that has to count for something, right? Right, who am I kidding ey. Kalau lari 5 km 3 times a week didn't help me lose any weight, why would a 3 km power walk, right?

Sudah, sudah. This is so depressing. I hope Anies doesn't read this post.



So yesterday we finally took Emma to the movies. Yay! Watched Megamind at Cathay Cineleisure since that was the only cartoon showing.

Mula-mula she was so excited to go into the cinema, but when it started, with the loud noises and all (she didn't seem to mind the dark), she crawled straight to my lap and sat there glued to my neck throughout the whole movie! Thank god for the wide and spacious seat.

I thought the movie was fun, although might not be suited for children Emma's age. Something like Toy Story or Finding Nemo might be up her alley. Oh well. No thanks to someone who's golf game ended late.

Jalan-jalan di The Curve sampai lewat mala, finally had dinner at Bumbu Desa. Quite nice, but since I'm on a diet, just had their ayam goreng. Cheh. Sangat tak diet makan ayam goreng.

Then yesterday took Emma swimming at Dayang's place. Wan Rose was there as well. Baby dia, Maya namanya, kelihatan persis abangnya Nabil. Hehe. Sangat comel. Sangat halus. Huhu. Masa tengah mandi manda tu, ada orang buat shooting la. I was OK I think because I was half submerged in the water. Dayang dengan Mar tu ha, duduk berjemur tepi pool. Hohoho.

Dunno where Zufri's taking me to our anniversary dinner tomorrow. Hehehe. Will my babysitter arrive in time? Hahahaha. Banyak sangat problem thesis.

Antara satu paragraph dengan the other macam tak ada korelasi, kan? Belasah je tukar-tukar cerita.

Selamat Hari Raya Qurban everyone!

I miss blogging.



Last weekend was spent gardening. I know, two whole days of gardening, how huge is my lawn? Jawapannya, kecil saja, not more than 10m². Seriously, that is small. Tanah sejemput depan rumahku itu mengambil masa 2 hari untuk dikemaskini. I’ve been bugging Zufri for months to tidy the lawn, buy some potted plants and maybe grow some carpet grass or whatever. On Saturday he suddenly relented.

I think Emma had the most fun playing with the soil. Not sand, but more to clay. She had her own ‘claw’ to rake the earth. She helped carry the loose earth into the pail. She ‘helped’ scatter them back again. All these sans shoes! Because we didn’t have ours on. But she’s due for her ubat cacing soon, so I’m not so worried, hehe.

Zufri picked up a squiggly worm and gave it to Emma. Hahaha. Emma memang a girly girl kot, dia lari sembunyi belakang aku sambil menjerit (kegembiraan + a bit ketakutan) dengan suara yang sangat high pitched eee eee cicak cicak. Kekekeke. Bukan cicak la sayang, cacing. Ooohhh cacim. Dia semua benda yang habis dengan ng jadi m. Harus pegang jadik pegam dan baring dan baling jadi balim.

After that she had a good scrub and came out of the shower smelling fresh and clean. Hehe.

So what we did:
1) Tanam rumput dari benih rumput.
Mula-mula nak beli rumput yang dah siap, buat spot turfing, tapi 1 square foot sudah RM5. Mau dekat RM300 campur baja dan top soil. No way jose.
2) Tanam beberapa jenis sayuran yang kerap dimakan seperti
a) Cili merah
b) Bendi
c) Kacang botol (aku ingat Zufri suka makan, rupanya tidak)
d) Carrot
e) Broccoli (Zufri tak yakin ia akan tumbuh)
3) Buat sangkar untuk tanaman-tanaman itu, dan diletakkan lampu solar berhampiran untuk menerangi tanaman tersebut.

Now, its time to reap what we sow!


Drama Hari Raya

Hoo boy! Drama, drama, drama! That’s what this year’s raya is all about! Pembuka cerita yang over dan berbaur gossip, dan sememangnya benar!

Mula-mula sekali adalah baju raya. Pickups were made in Selayang (jauh tu!) and Hillpark (not as far, tapi kena park jauh tu!) and a drop off was made at Ujie’s place. Di Selayang harus menunggu hampir 2 jam untuk baju Zufri siap, dan pickup di buat di Hillpark kerana kedai di Pudu lambat bukak. Tapi at least baju aku kelihatan cantik (me thinks).

Kasihan si Anies yang berumah di Hillpark. Sudahlah hari Ahad masa ambil baju aku, baju dia belum siap! Bahawasanya baju Anies disangkanya akan diambil di bulan Oktober. What the hell? Raya Deepavalikah sangkanya? Katanya siap hari Isnin. Call call kata belum siap. Kemudian tangguh Selasa. Call call kata belum siap. Akhirnya Anies frust meminta Encik tunang ambilkan Rabu pagi (rabu nak balik kampung dah ni).

Pakai pakai katanya tak cantik. Aku rasa begitu bersalahm but not as guilty as Kak Peachy because it was her recommendation. Kuikuikui. Agak musykil kerana my baju was nice, Kak Peachy’s was nice as well. So maybe Anies punya wasn’t so nice because it was a rushed job. Dia sangat frust dan hendak mengambil semula baju nikah (!) dari Wendy dan meminta Eusopth membuatkan (tapi sangat mahal!).

OK itu satu drama.

Drama kedua berlaku pada malam raya, tapi hal keluarga so tak boleh cerita damn it.

Drama ketiga berlaku pada pagi raya pertama. Jeng jeng jeng. We never know why, even after the most detailed preparation and meticulous planning, pagi raya will always be a blur of chaos. Dari mak mak nak mandikan babies, nak siapkan meja untuk makan besar, ke mak mak nak siapkan daddies, mak mak nak siapkan mommies, nak bergambaran gembirun, children screaming, makeup cair pasal berpeluh dan harus touch up. Waduh. Walaupun malam sebelum tu kami dah cuci pinggan, lap. Si Pipi siap nak lay the table the night before, supaya esoknya Cuma senduk kuah aje. Pergh. Pipi was efficient this year by the way. Kikiki.

Oh itu bukan dramanya. Itu cuma cerita biasa di pagi raya. Kami ke Singapura menaiki 2 kereta. Papa, auntie Rani & Pipi in one car, the rest of us in the other car. Kak Yen sefamili for course (bukan typo, deliberate.) tak ikut pasal dia pantang dan baby had no passport.

Adalah super jam, it took us about what an hour kot to get to CIQ (Johor side). Papa dah kelam kabut bising-bising pasal kan hari Jumaat, nak semayang Jumaat. Sampai sampai turn Zufri punya passport di cek, the officer kata Encik Zufri, you ada kes ke? Waduh waduh. Semua orang agak kaget. Kes? Kes apakah? Zufri sangkakan kes saman trafik tak berbayar. Officer bertanya ada buat loan kah? Then it dawned on us. Loan PTPTN kah rupanya. Chehhhhhh.

Officer tu berkeras tak bagi Zufri lepas. Undang-undang lah, dah dalam system lah, bla bla bla. Zufri pergi office immigration, dia Tanya berapa orang nak balik? Satu kereta kah satu orang? Sebagai isteri mithali, aku baliklah dengan suami. Dok pikiaq la time tu, Emma dengan tidurnya, aku dengan high heels lagi, Zufri bersampin songkok segala, and walk the walk of shame. Chewah. So dia pi balik office nak mintak passport, rupa-rupanya aku dan Emma harus ikut sama. Zufri kata alamak anak saya tidur la encik. Encik itu yang sedang makan lemang dan rending terus berasa kasihan dan selepas berbincang-bincang dia kata tak apalah encik, pergilah ke singapura. If anyone asks, say that the system’s jammed up here. Hahaha. Thank you kind sir. Semoga panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki. (Turns out there’s a shuttle bus to send us walk of shamers maybe to the bus station).

Maka itulah dia drama hari raya tahun ini.

Tahun ini the cooking was done early. Biasanya mencecah midnite, ketupat tak kering lagi. This year aku dan Pipi handled all the cooking. Rendang, lodeh (ini Pipi masak sorang), ayam masak merah (ini mak masak sorang ya), sambal udang, butter prawn for the kids dan ketupat pulut kegemaran kami sekeluarga. Adalah bahawasanya rendang itu dimasak di atas dapur arang yang sudah ancient dan mujurlah rendang dah siap pabila dindingnya runtuh. Mujur juga tiada anak-anak kecil di sekeliling ketika insiden itu.

Duit raya Emma tahun ni sedikit kurengs dari last year. Orang Singapura sekarang memberi kami wang Ringgit instead of Singapore Dollars darn it. Tak dapat Emma belanja kami ke Universal Studios.

Macam siot je tak cerita pengalaman raya kat SP plak. Takde benda nak cerita la, dia macam hari-hari biasa je pasal semua orang macam konsentrasi pada wedding sepupu Zufri instead of berhari raya. Emma pulak recovering from demam. Tengah-tengah malam bangun nak air la, nak susu botol la. Ada satu hari tu tengah malam ni susu habis dah ni, malas nak pegi 7E in the middle of the night. Aku kata kat Emma susu botol dah habislah, meh susu mummy. Cis. Di rejectnya aku! Nak susu botol nak susu botol. Oh sadisnya. Zufri pun turun bancuh whatever susu he could find. Turns out adalah susu Everyday. Emma pun minum dengan lahapnya dan tertidur dengan lena. Shukran.

Dan hari ni masuk kerja last monday dengan perasaan relaxed and well rested. I was actually looking forward to coming to work. Woot!

Sorry post tiada gambar. Update di office.


Ucapan Hari Raya

Kak Yen has just given birth to (yet another) baby boy! Yippie! She's a week overdue, and was supposed to be induced today. Mujurlah tak perlu di-induce. Can't wait to go back to JB to see the baby! Yeah, dia balik JB bersalin. How cool is that, huh?

Dan hari ni nak balik JB as soon as Zufri's done with the car. Hopefully sempat sampai before buka. Must make a stop at the clinic to get an MC. Kikiki.

Jadi, sebagai akhir kata, saya sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan sebanyak-banyak terima kasih dan selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maaf zahir dan batin, semoga diterima semua amalan kepada semua pembaca blog ini secara khususnya, dan kepada semua umat Islam di seluruh dunia in general. Have a blessed and blissful raya!

See you!


Puasa - Day 11

Hahaha just came back from buka puasa with friends at Alif's. What a long night! Delicious food, delightful company, well behaved child(ren). Ahh.. I wish all buka puasa sessions are like this. Alhamdulillah. Anies and Mar couldn't make it. Anies ada sesi berbuka puasa bersama bakal mertua. Mar's kid Iskandar has hand foot mouth disease. Hope he gets well soon!

Tomorrow is another day out for us, this time with my sisters hosted by Kak Peachy. Next week it shall be at our place pulak. Yay!

I need to get massaged tomorrow.


I don't blame myself, so whoever blames me can just go to hell

Who's got time to read? Because I've got time to write. Lots of time, so expect a long (and long winded) post.

So. When we went for a scan at my 8th week, the doctor couldn't detect any heartbeat, and the baby measured up to be only 6 weeks old. Then I started spotting, Little at first, then a bit more on Saturday (at Dayang's house warming). I was a bit concerned by then, and when we went see the doctor again that night, I was referred to a specialist. I suppose from the moment the second line appeared on the UPT, I was a bit apprehensive. Firstly because I had been training for the run since months before, and I ran the morning the test came out positive. Secondly was because we had actually put on hold our plans to get pregnant.

Anyway, on Monday we went to Putrajaya Hospital and true enough, the baby was gone. I had come to terms with my loss by then. I didn't think running was to blame. But having said that, if I were to know I was pregnant before I ran, I probably wouldn't have. The doctor didn't know what caused the miscarriage, but said that sometimes the baby just wasn't strong enough to develop. We accepted that explanation. I was sent home and an appointment was set 2 weeks later for a D&C.

Then early Friday morning (the same week), I awoke at 3.30 a.m to a bed wet with my blood. I had worn a pad that night and so I was surprised to see so much blood coming out. Like I said, I consider myself lucky. If I didn't already know I had miscarried, I probably would have screamed my head off or became really traumatized. The blood was lumpy (? I meant beeketul-ketul), it even looked like pardon me hati lembu. It was that huge, that piece of lumpy blood. About 10cm x 5cm x say 3cm thick. That's the biggest piece. There were several smaller pieces. I got so light headed I couldn't stand up. But Alhamdulillah, I didn't suffer from any cramps. In short, it was painless. The blood just flowed out. I just took a glance at the mess on the toilet floor and went to lie down in front.

I couldn't look at what I had passed, because I was scared at what I might find. It was just so heart breaking.

We waited until morning to go to the hospital, after we dropped Emma off at Opah's.

Had the D&C done at 4.30 pm, and I was warded for one night. The D stands for dilation, which means enlarging. Curettage (the C) means scraping. Together, this procedure involves expanding or enlarging the entrance of a woman's uterus so that a thin, sharp instrument can scrape or suction away the lining of the uterus and take tissue samples. I apparently had an incomplete miscarriage whereby 'expulsion of some, but not all, of the products of conception before the twentieth week of pregnancy. With incomplete miscarriage, the bleeding is heavier, and abdominal pain is almost always present. The mouth of the womb is open, and the pregnancy is being expelled. Ultrasound would show some material still remaining in the womb.'

I don't blame myself, so whoever blames me can just go to hell.

It was generally painless because of the general anesthesia given. Post op was also relatively OK for me, didn't experience any stomach cramps or back pain. I did however end up with a swollen lower right lip and ulcers and a swollen (I think) lelangit.

Jadi, saya sedang berpantang di rumah dan berehat kerana mendapat 8 hari cuti sakit sehingga Jumaat ini.

Another story to tell is about Zufri's experience taking care of Emma for one whole day. I was worried he couldn't cope or that Emma wouldn't sleep. But Alhamdulillah, she did ask for me for the first few hours she came home. But after that she seemed fine, according to Zufri. They were lying down watching the telly when Emma said she was hungry and wanted rice. So at 9.30pm, they went to Aladdin. Diaper change wasn't a struggle or a contest with Zufri. With me I always had to entertain her and trick her and all that. With her father, she went willingly. Sleep time was also pleasant. See. Boleh aje dia tido tanpa menyusu. I should really clean her room up soon so she can learn to sleep on her own.

And tonight is already Ramadhan. Sayangnya tak dapat ke masjid 1st night of Ramadhan. InsyaAllah there'll be many more days this holy month.

Selamat berpuasa kepada semua.



I'm waiting for my cookies to bake. At 2:34 am!

Dulu amek gambar ok je posing macam ni, walaupun sedikit over.
Sepatutnya posing ala Naruto complete dengan kekuda.

Sikit-sikit, dia jadi lagi over.
Tak nampak macam Naruto sangat.
(Abaikan background tu tau. Haha)

Kemudian semakin over.
Lengkap dengan mata kenyit dan kepala senget.
Pose masih seperti pembuka silat.

Last sekali jadi gila over OK.
Nampak macam rabbit jek?

Going to watch a Sesame Street Musical in September. Time bulan puasa, OK. Dah beli tiket, together with Syahirah. Emma baby, consider this your second birthday present eh? Hehe. This year no party for you lah. This year we celebrate just with family, kay?


Time To Talk About The Run

Lets talk about last Sunday. The ambience was OK, not as fun and upbeat as I thought it would be. Maybe I was just stressed about trying to get a good time, I dunno. The run started just as jam gadang di Dataran Merdeka berdetik 7 kali. Not bad lah. I tried pacing myself, running as I would during training. The last few days before the run, I didn’t train. Partly because I didn’t want to strain myself, and partly pasal mak tak larat dah nyah nak training.

Sekali, at the 5th kilometer (at the first drinking station), I stopped for a drink (actually two, hehe) and that’s where it went downhill. Bukan jalan tu turun bukit, prestasi larian mak merudum. Lepas tu jogging sikit, jalan banyak. Jogging sikit, jalan banyak. Gila gua pressure time tu, tapi belah kanan perut rasa macam senak. Lari jugak kang ada yang pecah perut. Tension gila. Siap jalan tepuk-tepuk tangan kuat-kuat nak bagi semangat pada diri sendiri. Adalah semangat sikit dan start running again, but then we reached the hill next to Bird Park. MashaAllah. Sangatlah jauh perjalanan naik bukit tu. Pressure lagi.

Then up the hill, I gained some strength to start running again. I was doing some good time I think, sekali sampai 2nd drinking station. Cheh. Start minum balik ni, memang payah la nak start lari balik. Started running again at DBKL.

Over at Nagoya, a man passed me by and said, “You’re doing good, keep it up!”. Pergh, terus mak semangat. I passed the finishing line after 1 hour, 30 minutes and 45 seconds, but that’s my time for 10.383km (since the run was for that distance) but my official time for 10k is 1 hour 29 minutes 58 seconds. Kekekeke. 2 seconds later, I wouldn’t get my finisher’s medal. I’m finisher number 1300++. Keji betul.

Alhamdulillah. Kak Peachy’s time was 1 hour 16 minutes (no ranking because she was running for a cause, bless her) and Papa’s 1 hour 3 minutes (400++. Dahsyat orang tua ni, hehehe. All the time he thought he was in the top 100, kekeke). Very impressed with their times, very jealous also, but training for my next 10k would have to wait at least 9 months. They are even talking about entering the Penang Bridge Run at the end of the year. I might enter a 3km fun run kot, tak larat jalan je lah kan?

But apart from the good things, a not so good thing happened during the run.

Ya Allah. I’m sure you’ve read about the 10k runner who collapsed and died during the run? Ya Allah, how do I start? I was across the road, nearer to DBKL side. He was on the pavement on the other side. I saw a commotion. I thought there was a fight, maybe some runners tried to take a shortcut or something.

Then I heard a man scream “Panggil medic la wei!”, and I saw a man, an official of some sort walking towards Dataran. That’s right. WALKING. And that was around 8:20 (give or take a few minutes). So reports that said an ambulance reached the scene at 8:10? That’s stretching the truth.

I stopped for a while across the road; saw what I thought to be a man having a seizure, registered in my mind that there already was a crowd surrounding him, why add in robbing this man of some well needed oxygen? So yeah. I continued running. I wish I hadn’t. For that man, Weiji? He’s my colleague. He’s a very fine young man. He truly was.

My last words to him was, see you at the finish line. His was, haha, I takut I pengsan halfway, tak dapat habis.

Brings fresh tears to my eyes each time I think about it.

Rest in peace, babe. See you at the finish line.

(Or maybe not)


Potty Training

Went to Emma's check up this morning. By 9 I was done. Not bad.

The nurse said, "Eh, pakai pampers lagi?"

Eh? Apakah maksudnya?

"Mak tolong ajar anak kencing sendiri ya, nanti dia tak reti"

Yelah, memang aku telah melengah-lengahkan hal ini. Baik. Harus training segera!


A weekend well spent.

To do list for this weekend was:
1- Send oven for repairs
2- Look for material for baju raya
3- Send no.2 to new tailor
4- Train

What we did this weekend :-
1- Zufri fixed the oven himself, the handyman! While doing that, he cleaned and scrubbed the oven. And fixed the water heater and the fan. Impressive.
2- Went to Jakel Shah Alam and got myself kain material for my baju raya. The top was some cloth of Mummy's I took from JB. Hehe. For Emma I bought 2 English Cotton materials. Anies bought this gorgeous printed chiffon that I now wish I bought as well. Nanti nak ajak Zufri pergi untuk cari baju raya dia, I'm gonna selitkan my baju. Hehe.
3- Sent the cloths to a new tailor that came highly recommended by Kak Peachy. So high that Anies menempah baju nikahnya di situ. Dia kata kalau Kak Peachy recommend, dia percaya. Sheesh.
4- Haha. Seeing that race day is in a week, I should be training very, very seriously. Sigh. Ran for 30 minutes on Saturday morning. Woke up late and had breakfast with Zufri's friends on Sunday morning. I did compensate with walking non stop while carrying Emma the whole time today. Haha. Argh. Pressure.

So all in all, a weekend well spent.


Emma's such a poser nowadays.

I tell her to smile tapi dia buat muka teran berak, instead.

Ini muka dia melakonkan kembali aksi menangis atas katil mintak susu. Kenapa aku kata melakonkan kembali? Pasal suara tak keluar dan dia statik berwajah begitu sampai aku habis snap.

Sila lihat close-up (a different picture, the same pose).
Doesn't look like Zufri at all, does she?

Ini Emma berlakon tidur.
Ini berlakon dia sedang enjoying something. You know how people always take pictures of themselves jumping in the air, exclaiming how happy they are? Yaeh. Sort of like that.

Then this is her falling down from that jump.Siap dengan wajah penuh ekspresi.

Emma yang ayu (juga sebuah lakonan)



Working on a public holiday is so much fun!


Kelantan is calling.

A new staff sits opposite my desk at work. She has half working years (than me) and is getting paid 10% more (than me).

Life is unfair. Or at least this stupid company is.

Can't wait to drive up to Kelantan this weekend. Only girls as Zufri and Basit can't make it.

Imagine me, Shikin and Anies, plus Emma lah of course, enjoying ourselves by the beach, meredah Kelantan, dan MC on Monday. Yup. All well planned out.


All Is Not Well

Singapore General Hospital is much different from JB General Hospital (Hospital Sultanah Aminah) or even KL General Hospital. Why, it’s much better than Assunta Specialist. And is much more expensive. Betullah kata Papa, it looks like a 4 star hotel. Hehe.

Auntie Rani has Hodgkins Disease (I think. Its cancer of the lymph nodes). She’s at stage 3, and she seems to be responding to the chemotherapy. Déjà vu. Her chemo’s for 6 cycles, each cycle is 21 days apart. I’m not so sure about radiotherapy (whether she has to do them).

Papa seems thinner, according to Zufri. I think he just looks tired. He’s OK though, even joking that he’s had experience, so he’d be able to handle it well.

He’s such a good man. It feels unfair that he’d have to go through this for the third time, tapi ini ketentuan Tuhan. He’s not complaining, so I shouldn’t be.

Insya Allah, with proper treatment she’ll be A-OK.

Cancer is everywhere nowadays.

Take care of yourselves.


Of Running And Loss

Don't really wanna say it, but I've been pretty busy lately. Oh no no no, not with work. Work was pretty breezy last week. I've been cataloging the catalogs at the library cum meeting room. Banyak yo katalog. Katalog dan brochure dan technical specifications dating back from 1992 jua masih disimpan.

So anyway, what I was busy doing was, jeng jeng jeng, training. I signed up for Standard Chartered KL Marathon, woot! But for the 10km run, haha. Saja nak kasi gempak kejap. I'm pretty nervous but mostly excited. This would be my first 10km run.

I called Papa up to get some training advice. He said his best time was 52 minutes, and that I should focus on finishing the run. Coming in at 2 hours would be good enough. Chehhhhhh sungguh statement bapak gua ni. Dia ingat aku tahan ke nak lari selama dua jam? Hehehe. Akan aku buktikan bahawasanya aku akan complete the run in less than 2 hours (nak kata less than 1 hour tapi tak berani ya)!

I took a break from running while I was pregnant with Emma. Sampai ke la ni, baru dua / tiga kali aku berlari. The day I signed up, I ran again. For twenty minutes. Not bad eh for a person who didn't do any form of exercise for two years? Not good enough, but not quite bad.

The day I get my overtime claim, I'm gonna get myself a new pair of Aasics. Kenapa Aasics? Aku terpengaruh dengan iklannya di dalam Runners magazine. Ya, aku membaca majalah tentang larian. Don't know where to get 'em. My old running shoes are thirsty. Kakakaka direct translation, tapak dah haus.

Insya Allah, larian akan lebih bersemangat. I've already downloaded Owl City. Ya, harus complete. Tiada muzik, tiada semangat.

Now a moment of silence.

Wan Rose lost her dearest mother this morning. She's very close to her ma, so this must be a devastating blow. Hope she's coping well with her loss.



Je m’apelle Claude

I have the most annoying team leader in the world. Most times I wish she were dead. Childish, yes. Morbid, yes. Awful, also yes. Tak baik tau wishing anyone were dead. Argh I take it back, I wish she’d resign. Hehe.

Sometimes I really had it up to this (points to nose) level. Just enough air to breathe. Why is she so annoying? Are all unmarried 50 + year olds this annoying and irritating? Based on MY experience (having worked with 2, hehe), I’d have to agree. Yes. They are all annoying and irritating. But why? Maybe because of the lack of companionship ke? Maybe because they have so much to give, so much to say, so much to complain, but no one to give, say or complain to.

Pastu tension sorang-sorang tak puas hati, nak bagi semua orang tension sekali. Bleurgh.

Hari tu bukak you tube, pasang video belajar French dengan Emma. Hahaha. Le coleurs. Je m’apelle Claude. Eh, Emma. Hahaha. Joey never fails to crack me up. Antara lawak Friends yang aku suka adalah pasal Ross dan unagi. Hahahaha. The state of awareness atau a kind of sushi? Bodoh gila. Kemudian aku juga suka yang Joey appeared on Pyramid Game. Hahaha like why would there be a ghost in my fridge? Hahahaha.

Hahahahaha kelakar gila.

See? Friends always cheers me up.

Lega? Gembira?

Ujie said I could work under pressure. I sometimes think that I produce my best works under pressure. Sometimes however, I crack. Case in point: yesterday I was quite busy trying to finish ujie’s taking off, while juggling the preparation of Miss Tang’s addendum, when suddenly Miss Tang asked me a question about a contractor’s claim that I had prepared the day before. She only told me to write what we paid next to their claim amount per block. Sekali aku check-check, tak dapat. It’s a simple enough exercise, one I should be able to do with an eye closed. Check lagi, tak tally. Check satu-satu pun tak dapat.

I began to panic. Then I took some time off and went to dinner with my colleagues. At that time, Zufri called and said that he’s tapauing KFC and would I like some? I said no, I’m having dinner now. Then I saw our car, heading towards KFC. I looked around me and said to myself, what the hell am I doing? I had a kind of longing feeling. I don’t know. It’s a feeling I can’t describe lah. Mostly I felt guilty.

When I began to ponder upon the stupid thing I was working on, dan masih tak dapat-dapat lagi penyelesaiannya, I began to cry. Not an all out sob-fest, lebih kepada air mata berlinangan. I packed up and left. On the walk home, linangan air mata itu berterusan.

When I reached home and was greeted by Emma, segala keresahan dan linangan air mata itu hilang. Diganti dengan rasa.. lega? Gembira? Entah, again it is a feeling I can’t describe. Serius ni, bukannya aku cuba menjadi corny or cliché or poyo ke, tapi bila nampak Emma, rasa penat jerih bekerja itu hilang. Nak nangis di bahu Zufri pun tak jadik.

Maybe I felt at peace.

This morning, the problem sorted itself out.

Maybe I was just too tired to be able to think straight.
Al-Fatihah buat arwah Din Beramboi. He’s the only reason I can sit through Afi dan Abah.


Laman sesawang aku dah bersawang, yo!

Banyak yang berlaku. I had diarrhea and lost 1 kilo! Woot! Best diet ever. Hee hee. Then I lost my appetite. Imagine, makan OR fillet burger dari KFC for lunch pun tak habis! Itu pun aku tak breakfast. For a while there I thought I might be pregnant. You know, all the (my) symptoms were there. No appetite, feeling tired all the time, dizziness, short of breath. And my period was 2 days late. Sekali third day tu mak period pulak. Cheh, false alarm je. Anyway, should have figured, since Adam The Psychic tak kata pulak dalam perut Gigi ada baby. So there.

Last Sunday we planned on going to The Club for a swim with friends from JB iaitu Syahirah and Ryan. They have the best slide ever, considering I’ve never been to Sunway Lagoon. Dulu masa kecik-kecik kitorang selalu pergi Big Splash namanya kat Singapore. Siapa ingat tempat tu? Sekarang tak taulah ada lagi ke tak.

So anyway, we woke up early and all, the night before Zufri even bought a whole new suit for swimming, I dressed Emma up, complete with swimming costume (selalu kena kutuk dengan Zufri. I’m just used to calling it a costume) and goggles, inflated her (brand new, hehe) arm floats (kalau guna yang neck float tu tak tau macamana dia nak turun slide) and all and I changed into my swimming costume (apasal banyak sangat kurungan ni?) and the zipper sort of became loose.

Faham tak? Zip kan mencengkam dua-dua side kan, ni satu side dia cengkam satu side lagi dah terkeluar. So Zufri the ‘Handyman’ tried to fix the zipper. And voila! I tried it on again, and again it became loose. Maybe it’s too tight, I dunno. Hehe. But I only got to wear it twice! Then Zufri tried to fix it again, but this time the zipper just broke into pieces. So unless I want to pin the front up, I won’t be able to wear the darned suit. Serves me right for trying to save a few bucks and buy Ogival. Should have bought Arena. Takkan mak nak pakai swimming costume sexy mak? Hahaha.


Hani Kerinting

Hani : Emma, sana ah sikit. Nanti tak nampak muka Hani!
Emma : Eh sibuk seh minah ni. Camera Emma la!!

Hani : Aww c'mon, man. Look at me going all cross-eyed trying to entertain you.
Emma : Sheesh, get a life, can?
So not funny.

And finally.
Hani Nur Khadeeja : 2 years 3 months.
Almas Amelia : 1 year 7 months.


So this is (haha backdated post ya) my first day of work after 10 whole days of lazing around and waking up late. Yang paling seronok adalah aku urm period last week, so memang sangat lepak. Hahaha. Siot je rasa. Hari ni juga ada company’s annual CNY lunch at the usual place. Free lunch, sapa tak nak pegi? Memang mengada.

Zufri’s parents are still here in KL. Not really sure when they’re going back. Not really a problem anyway, they are welcomed to stay as long as they want.

Anyway in my last post I said Emma’s getting spoilt, kan? Mari aku cerita contoh-contohnya.

1) If something she’s carrying drops, walaupun jatuh betul-betul kat kaki dia, dan walaupun aku 10 kaki daripada dia, dia akan tunjuk kat barang tu, tengok aku dan kata amek, amek.

2) When we go out and she demands to be carried but I refuse (because most of the time she’ll just scream to be put down), she’ll kiss the floor. Usually I go pick her up because she’s obstructing people. But when the coast is clear, I just leave her there, cium tak cium, and wait for her at a distance. Sometimes she walks back to me, most of the time Zufri picks her up. Itulah masalahnya kot, bila one parent cuba mendisiplin, the other parent coddles her. She’s gonna grow up thinking takpe, mummy tak kasi bapak ada. Not good, huh?

3) If she wants to go somewhere, she’ll grab my hand and say jom jom sambil tangan satu lagi buat gesture mengajak. If I try to pull her to another place, she’ll kiss the floor.

4) If she wants something I don’t give her, she’ll kiss the floor.

5) Bla bla bla, she’ll kiss the floor.

Get the picture? I don’t really care about the staring, and believe me I’ve had my share of stares, its just that sometimes I’m in a rush and I don’t have time to layan her tantrums. She’s not even two years old, and people keep talking about the terrible twos!

I keep telling myself that she’s growing up to be an individual with her own wants, and that this is just a phase. It keeps me sane. My weapon of choice is menjentik telinga. Hahaha. A little reminder here and there is OK to me.

But I once read, and was reminded by Papa lately, that from birth to 7 years old, nurture and care for your child. 7 to what eh, 14 ka, discipline her. 14 to 21 be her friend and at 21 give her wings to fly, set her free. Jadi mungkin sekarang tak perlu terlalu mendisiplin, tapi at the same time, jangan terlalu manjakan Almas.

Entahla dek non, being a parent doesn’t come with a set of manuals. You can do all the research you want, you can listen to as many parents as you want, but it all comes down to what you believe is best for you and your child(ren). Ikutlah kata hati anda. Chewah. Macam dah ada anak 5 pulak nak bagi nasihat keibu bapaan.


Super Long Birthday Week!

Celebrated my birthday with a week long vacation, hehe. Oh what else can one wish for, ey? Went back to Penang for a wedding on Friday (before CNY), came back on Saturday, slept at an el-cheapo hotel in Klang, and finally slept in my own bed on Sunday night. On Tuesday went back to JB with Emma, Kak Peachy and Baby Shaq. Yup, just the four of us. Zufri couldn't join us because his parents were here, hahaha. I had their blessings, OK.

Man, oh man, oh man. Where do I start? The weddings were beautiful, as most weddings are. The trip to and back from Penang went smoothly. Oi kesian OK tengok kereta-kereta yang terperangkap dalam jam masa perjalan kami balik ke KL hari Sabtu tu! Masya Allah, dekat 60 km! Our side was smooth flowing, thank God. Emma was pretty well-behaved throughout, considering she did have a slight temperature.

Then the wedding in Klang. Emma played in the playground all day. The weather was great, the playground was directly next to the wedding tents, the company was marvelous, people didn't even care I wore jeans to the wedding! And believe me, depa semua mami Penang. Semua simpati kot dekat aku, seeing how Emma was behaving. Papa says she's growing to be a spoilt little kid, and I think so too, but more on that later.

Then on Monday night, we had an early birthday dinner, just the 3 of us at The Curve. Everybody had ice cream, hehe even Emma. The most fun togetehr we had all year, so far.

Tuesday morning I left for JB. At four hours to midnight, Shikin wished me happy birthday and claims herself as the first person to wish me, but of course since it wasn't my birthday yet, tak jadi la dek non. Zufri called me at exactly 12:00 a.m. Emma wasn't asleep yet, so we (together with the rest of the household and Kak Yen and Adam and Rizz who called as well) sang and ate birthday cakes together. And although I did not receive any presents this year (except for the birthday dinners and the tudungs), I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by my loved ones. Alhamdulillah.

But somehow I'm craving for a label-maker lah!

That night I had another birthday dinner, this time with the family at Ichiban Ramen, Jusco Tebrau.

The next day we had a picnic at Istana Garden. I know, korang mesti kata eh, balik-balik pegi piknik. Gilo apo? Gilo piknik OK. Sangat seronok. Aku jumpa pelepah pokok kelapa, pastu aku tiarapkan Emma atasnya dan mula menarik Emma across the field. Emma deleted the video. Then we slid down a hill and dirtied our jeans. Then I tried to pull Pipi, to no avail. Then we tried to pull Shaq, who started crying. Then we pulled Kak Peachy and Shaq successfully. Then Papa pulled Emma. After half an hour of pulling and running, we left feeling tired yet satisfied with the time well spent.
Baby Shaq, who now has two front teeth!

Emma's playing hide and seek with Mummy.

Then on Friday we went back to KL. Today, jeng jeng jeng aku pegi Sogo dengan parents Zufri. Now I'm not a person who willingly goes to Sogo on weekends, but since Zufri's aunt wanted to give her sister a treat, takkan nak suruh depa naik LRT kot? The traffic was amazingly clear, senang cari parking. Mungkin warga KL masih dalam mood bercuti, who knows? Yang hebatnya adalah aku tak membeli apa-apa! Trying to stick to my guns on clearing my credit card debts this year, Insya Allah.

Also managed to finish re-reading The Firm by John Grisham. I know, hardly the literary genius. Nak bawak balik The Testament, tapi terlupa. Been planning on buying Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger, tapi mahal lah. Even downloaded a copy from the internet! Haha tapi tak kuasa mak nak lepak depan PC baca buku.

So there you go! A super long birthday week! I love Aquarians.

(There goes my plans of having a Libran baby.)


Selamat Bercuti Panjang!

Emma cam whoring.

Besok mak dah start cuti sampai jumaat depan kay!


Adam The Psychic

Mari bercerita.

Minggu lepas, aku bertanyakan Adam. Adam, dalam perut Gigi ada baby tak?

Adam kata takde, dalam perut Mak ada.

Kak Yen agak terkujat mendengar kenyataan Adam, namun dia kata dia tak betapa nak risau memandangkan dia baru habis datang bulan. Hahaha gila melayu. Oh atau baru habis uzur.

Lalu semasa perkelahan keluarga kat KLCC Ahad lalu, soalan yang sama dipertanyakan kat Adam.

Jawapan Adam tetap sama.

Akhirnya Kak Yen mengaku. Katanya Adam’s prophecy the other day was correct. I’m pregnant.

Hahahahahaha Adam sangat psychic ya.

Aku tanya Adam lagi, dalam perut Mak ada Mak kecik ke ada Ayah kecik?

Adam kata Mak kecik.

But later went on to say Adam tak suka budak perempuan.

Eleh dengan Emma suka je. Siap peluk peluk cium cium lagi.

Hahahaha. Insya Allah, dapatlah Kak Yen seorang anak perempuan.

We are all so excited. Congratulations to Kak Yen for your good fortune!

Nota kaki : Adam dah terlalu biasa mengangkat Rizzqin yang seberat 8.6 kilo, jadi bila dia cuba mengangkat Emma yang 2 kilo leboh berat, dia gagal dan berkata, beratnya Emma ni!
Nota kaki 2 : Jangan sesiapa bagitahu Encik Hamzah berita gembira ini tau! Papa still doesn’t know.

Kembali Berbelog

Today ends my month long time off from blogging.

So anyway, nothing much has happened the past month. Haven’t gone out much since I started cooking (yay!). Weekends are well spent. Been going to the park after work for some exercise time with Emma (which consists of me chasing her around) which is God sent because she sleeps better at night!

She’s 10.6 kilos now. Alhamdulillah, surprisingly her booster jab didn’t cause her to have any fever. I give her Scott’s emulsion everyday now, that’s the only supplement she takes. Don’t know if it’s sufficient but as long as she’s eating fruits, vegetables and still breastfeeds, she should be okay, right?

Her favourite animal is the dog, because our neighbourhood’s just crawling with them. She calls everything ‘dog’, even cats. She has her own stroller now, with which she pushes my teddy bear Tommy around like her own baby. Gets stuck at drops all the time. Doesn’t seem to enjoy bath time as much lately, but still loves playing with water. She feeds herself with a spoon, but not as much with her hands. Maybe because I still give her porridge (she rarely eats adult rice).

And OMG! Emma absolutely loves cam-whoring. She’d hold my phone at an arm’s length from her face and make faces at the camera! A smile would be scrunching her nose and pouting her lips, haha. She can’t string two words together yet, but says ‘shu shu’ when she wants milk, complete with raising up my top. She babbles a lot, not much is intelligible though.

She’d say shoes when she sees me getting ready to go out, habis when something’s finished, air for water, oyo for oreos, cantik when she’s all groomed, andi when she’s taking her bath (she loves singing in her own language while walking to the shower with her towel draped at her neck), mummy, bapak, tok ah for tok we our neighbour, papa for opah, dam for adam, cih for thank you, “tu, er, ah!” then ‘jumps’ off something (konon-konon satu dua tiga kot) but not much more. Like I said before, her vocab’s still limited. Maybe because I myself am not such a big talker. I should talk to her more, kan baru dia bercakap balik.

She’s almost adept in wearing her own shoes, but taking ‘em off like a pro. Her latest favourite snack is oreos. Dang myself for introducing it to the household. And she seems to love eggs.

Nowadays after her bath, I’d wrap her with her towel like a swaddle and just swing her around, shushing her to sleep, hehe. Feels like she’s growing up too fast! Getting her to wear her clothes is a race. As soon as I put her down, she’ll scramble to her feet an start running around naked, hahaha, sneaking glances at me to see how close I’ve gotten. She’ll snuggle up to an accomplice, usually Zufri, and start screaming. Hahaha sabar je lah. Well at least I’m getting some much-needed exercise.

Every night before sleep, we have this new routine which Zufri doesn’t really approve hehe. She’d look at videos of her in action, and laugh and communicate with herself until the whole video sequence ends. Ada la dekat 15 minit. At least she’s enjoying herself, and gives me some time to catch up on my reading. Hehe. 15 minit pun jadi lah. Maybe I should download some educational videos into my handphone. Don’t know if its possible though.

She’s been eyeing the big bikes at the park. Her small little Stride To Ride Walker is no longer sufficient. Sheesh. I don’t think she can ride a tricycle yet, but maybe she can give it a try at one of the shops. Di Giant sekarang dah tak boleh cuba basikalnya, dia rantaikan tayarnya. Bagus. Hahaha.

Last Sunday us sisters had a picnic at the garden in KLCC (which deserves a post on its own). We’ve always had picnics as children, particularly because Mummy’s not so fond of eating out. We’ve had picnics at all kinds of places, the strangest being the (open) car park at Haw Par Villa in Singapore. Hahaha. As far as I can remember, we’ve always had home cooked food. And she’s a marvelous cook, something I’m trying to emulate.

Wah wah, macam-macam aku nak cerita ya. Macam semua update pasal Emma saja. Hahaha apa nak buat, kehidupan, hati dan minda aku penuh dengan Emma. Hehe. Later when I get my groove back, I’ll blog about something else ya.
But for now, happy 18th month birthday, baby!

Picnic At Lake Garden

Hye, it’s Emma again! I had such fun gathering and playing with friends last Sunday. We reached Lake Garden as early as 8:00 am. There goes my beauty sleep! Then one by one Nabil, Iskandar and Dhani came. Thank God for cousins Adam and Rizzqin to keep me company (and Mummy sane, heh heh).

For breakfast we had nasi lemak, nuggets and sandwiches. I of course had little. The call of the slides, see sew margerie daws and monkey bars is much louder than my stomach. Oh, monkey bars. I couldn’t reach that up high, so I settled for the ladders. Mummy almost had a heart attack!

Then I went for a nature walk with Mak Yen and Adam and Rizzqin. Mummy? Dia dok lepak dengan kawan-kawan dia sampai dia lupa kat cheq, na. Kecik hati cheq. Tapi cheq maintain, pasai cheq kan big girl. Yeah!

Finally left at 11:30. It was already so hot then, my cheeks turned red! I fell asleep as soon as I was safely secured in my car seat. When I woke up, we were at Tesco to get my diapers. Then we went to the Curve. Mummy bought me some hair clips (Mummy is delusional. She knows I have no hair! Tsk tsk) and a fisherman’s hat. In red! Again!

After having lunch at Anggerik Kuringan in Sunway Damansara (only I was alive and kicking. My cousins all terbongkang tidur already) we finally left for home. What a tirrrrrring day!

I learned some new words. Like ‘A’ is for (Alliga)toooor! ‘B’ is for beaaaaar! C is for (Ca)meeeeeeh(l)! Must be exaggerated like that.

Mak Yen says she wants to make this a weekly event. Mummy says yeah right. I say bring it on!
I wish Shaq can join us next time. I haven’t heard his stories on his latest adventures!



Ya Allah.

Bapa Roziah telah pulang ke rahmat Allah.

Mari kita sama-sama sedekahkan Al-Fatihah ke atas rohnya.

Don't know where arwah will be taken to.

The Fear.

Salaam Alaykum.

Received some heart breaking news over the weekend.

My deepest condolences to Shasha for the passing of her father. Al-Fatihah.

And my heart goes out to Diana and family, whose 8 year old daughter Darling (an only child) was diagnosed with brain tumor (/ cancer, I’m not sure. Will update). There are no words of consolation to offer. I can’t pretend to understand how hard it must be on her. I broke down upon hearing the news, not only for Darling, but for Diana as well. And for me. For the fear of losing a child.

Trials like these make our own lives seem so meaningless, our problems so trivial.

InsyaAllah, everything will turn out all right. Have faith.