36 Days Of Aisha

Well pantang is almost over. Hooray. Thursday morning I'm gonna have me a cold glass of coke on the rocks ewah. And later some ice cream. Or just save time and have a coke float. Just to get that craving out of my system. And hope Little Zoe won't be affected by it. Like the day I had a cup of very mild coffee. Argh penyesalan ok because she wouldn't sleep! So no more coffee for me until I start work.

So baby's a little over a month today. At her month old checkup she gained about 800g which according to the nurse is OK. Sangat best check up kat Klinik Jalan Abd Samad seh, kosong! Aisha was the only baby there! In and out in sup sup sap (less than an hour, including her jab).

I'm now spending time in Singapore, attending my cousin's engagement tomorrow and doing some hari raya visiting. Hahaha pantang tak habis dah keluar berjalan bagai. Pagi tadi siap pergi East Coast Park bawak the kids cycling chewah. Found out Emma's afraid of the waves, she scolded the water for getting her feet wet. Did some cardio haha cycled for 45 minutes! Turun je bicycle tu kaki rasa macam jelly fish, seriously! It was a beca-lije bicycle contraption, 2 cyclist, a sort of like child seat in front, ada cover atas and a steering wheel. Quite heavy lah the thing, itu pasai kaki rasa jelly fish. And now my back is painful. Should take the next few days easy.

On a plus note, I'm down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Yay! But since I was already a bit (hah! Denial, much?) overweight then, I am aiming for an extra 10kilo weight loss. Too ambitious kot. Try 5 kg first then we discuss. As usual belly still at 3 months pregnant. Apparently the weight came off my butt. I think. Sigh. Getting flatter after each baby. And wider too. Should look for area spesific exercises. Or new jeans that hides all flaws.

Hmm but can I since early Tuesday morning is our flight back to KL? Mampu mak handle 2 kids naik flight pukul 8:45 am sorang-sorang? Insyallah. Papa kata nak keluar rumah at 630. Tak payah mandi lah gitu. Or if nak mandi kena bangun pukul 530, or 6. Because Aisha typically wakes up at 630. Yup, whatever.

Akhir kata dari saya, selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maafkan saya, zahir dan batin. Thanks for friends who came (di KJ dan juga di SP!!) bearing gifts, cash and well wishes. Ketahuilah bahawa kami sekeluarga appreciate kebaikan anda, sedalam-dalamnya. Juga kepada yang membawa makanan dan juga kepada yang memasak kat rumah I, hehe. Harap u ok ok je nak bersalin nanti, u can do it babe! Thanks!

Argh ignore huge flabby arms, please. Should trim those too. The only photo with the 3 of us.


My Birth Story - in a nutshell

The contractions began while I was strolling in Alamanda, timed them around 10 minutes apart. There was some bloody discharge when I checked in the toilet. I continued walking. Around 4 pm Zufri came to pick me up and off we went to Hospital Putrajaya. Terserempak dengan Dr.Hamidah who was just leaving, so she gave me a vaginal examination (VE) first.

2 cm dilated je daa. Chehs. They did a CTG and sent me off to the ward. Lama nak tunggu dapat masuk ward tu, nak buka puasa baru dapat bilik. Kesian kat Zufri, pasal aku dah buka puasa dah dalam kereta tadi.

So dinner came, I had to eat standing up due to the contractions. Around 9 the contractions got more intense and half an hour later I took a very long hot shower to help ease the pain, and it did make a difference. Lama jugak aku dalam shower tu.

The nurse came while I was showering and said that she'll come back at 11 for another dreaded CTG. So I got out of the shower, and immediately the contractions came hitting hard. I think it was around 5 minutes apart at that time, each lasting about 2 minutes. Oh. My. God. I was on the verge of tears by then, begging Zufri for an epidural. Zufri pulak dok bagi aku kata-kata semangat. Serius rasa macam nak tumbuk je muka dia.

As it turns out, I had given him a set of instructions. He reminded me that I told him no matter what, DO NOT LET ME GET AN EPIDURAL! Cheh. Nice timing to start listening. But I am thankful for that. And I am so thankful that Zufri was with me for the whole ordeal. I have no idea how I could go through labour alone.

By this time I'd tried all sorts of poses, from all fours to the child's pose lah, leaning over the food tray lah, sitting down lah, squatting lah, leaning over Zufri lah. Macam-macamlah. Then the nurse came for the CTG. I told her to just call the doctor to see how far along dilated I was before she did the CTG (if necessary). Nurse tu berkeras jugak nak suruh buat CTG 'because the doctor ordered for it'.

I didn't wanna lie on my back so I laid sideways, tak boleh detect heartbeat, kena baring jugak. 3 kali jugakla contraction time CTG tu, hampas betul. Then she like urgently called the doctor, and she said that I was already 9 cm, kita bersalin kat sini je lah. I said tak nak and so off we went to the labour room. Berlari-lari nurse tu tolak katil aku turun lif.

Sampai labour room at 11:55, waited for Zufri to arrive before I started pushing. I remember giving up a few times, saying tak boleh, tak boleh. Later I remember asking to just vacuum the baby out, mak tak larat. Finally the doctor gave me an episiotomy (cheh kena jugak) and at 12:29 am on Saturday the 20th of August 2011, I gave the final push and out came baby Aisha Zoeya, She Who Lives Life, all 3.85 kgs of her.

I cried when she came out, an experience I never had with Emma I think due to the epidural. I guess I was really on a high because the stitching up later was a breeze, didn't really feel the pain. It was over pretty fast too. I put her to the breast and she nursed for around half an hour. Or she just suckled. Whatever.

Rindu sangat dekat Emma masa ni. Masa aku call Emma (mintak tolong Kak Yen amek dia kat rumah Opah), mengalir air mata Zufri, kesian katanya kat Emma. Zufri memang garang dengan Emma, aku lebih toleransi, pasal tu Emma lagi sayang kat aku hehe chewah perasan.

So anyway there you go. Not really in a nutshell, huh? Apapun, syukur Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat dan tak perlu di induce (sepatutnya di induce hari Isnin, 22 Ogos). Dan syukur juga that I got to labour mostly in the room.


Oh, The Drama

Yesterday (this is a delayed post, happened on 20/07/2011) as some of you might know, I was at Hospital Putrajaya regarding my pregnancy. During my biweekly appointment at Klinik Kerajaan Kelana Jaya that morning, they discovered a few things. I had protein in my urine and slightly elevated blood pressure (signs of pre-eclampsia), my glucose level was at 2+ (impending sign of gestational diabetes for which I had to repeat my MGTT this morning), and that my baby’s heart beat according to the Doppler is 174 bpm (normal being 160, and hers had always been between 140 and 150). The nurse made me lie down and rest and then took several reading at 5 minutes intervals. Her heartbeat never came down.

When I saw the doctor, she said that she’s referring me to the hospital and I started crying. Emma was with me, sedang melayan Hutos (thanks to Nannoor’s tweet! Sangat comel) jadi dia tak perasan mummynya sedang menangis. Doktor kata la, saya refer hospital untuk check je, kalau takde apa-apa dia tak tahan u. And I replied in between sobs saya tak nak kena induuuuccceee!! Huk huk sedihnya. I really really wanted a non medicated natural birth this time around. Doktor kata kalau kena induce pun takpe what, you dah 36 minggu, baby berat dah lebih 2 kg, everything will be fine. Which is actually correctlah sebenarnya, better she thrive outside rather than suffer inside kan.

So I called Zufri who was in a meeting in Putrajaya and he picked me up, dropped Emma at Kak Yen’s (Opah pun pergi hospital, ingat belum sampai rumah, rupa-rupanya pukul 10 dah sampai), singgah rumah ambil my hospital bag and drove to Putrajaya. Fully prepared in case I have to give birth that day.

Upon registration and checking in at the counter, the nurse said ‘pergi ke wad bersalin sekarang!’ in what I thought was a serious tone. So again I cried, kerana terperanjat of the severity of my case. I know, lemah gila. Hormonal sungguh. Especially because Zufri was somewhere else, getting me something to eat. Then off we went to the labour ward. Masuk-masuk je ada notice mengatakan we are full, all patients will be checked and referred to Hospital Kajang. Zufri panicked, he didn’t want the hassle to be moving here and there, so he booked me on the hospital’s FPP scheme, hehe. Will update about that later.

They took me in to the examination room, hooked me on to an external fetal monitor and I heard the word tachy repeatedly. Now I don’t think the nurses were calling me tacky and I’ve watched countless medical shows to know that they were talking about tachycardia, which is high heart beat count. But I didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t Google it. Then the doctors came, all 4 of them sheesh, started asking me this and that. At one point the male doc started asking me things about medication, how I miscarried my second one, what happened, family planning lah, IUD lah, do I have a fever or no, do I have thyroid problemlah, was I leaking lah, bla bla bla all the while shooting nervous glances at my EFM reading, so of course I panicked. Lagi nak tanya Puan nervous ke puan? Of course I’m freaking out! You’re asking me all sorts of questions, of course I get nervous. Is there something wrong with my baby?! I mean shut up already!

But whatever. So he called his superior, a Dr. Lam who seems to have a worried look plastered on his face all the time and said ya puan, nampak anak you punya heart beat ada sedikit tinggi, we will hydrate you and see how things go. So off he went and the male doctor gave me a heplock for the fluid. Salah cocok pulak tu. Makin lah gua stress. Sakit gila dia cocok. Lepas tu dipasangya di pergelangan tangan kiriku.

After half an hour of EFM and fluids, nothing changed. Dr. Lam said puan puasa ya sekarang, jangan makan minum apa-apa. Eyebrows furrowed. I thought having to fast means I’d have a caesarian section! At least that is what I thought. I never asked him and he never explained. Mak panik sekejap, tapi serius mak pasrah dah masa tu. Kedengaran pulak di background nurse tu tanya doctor tu wad mana doctor nak bagi pasal memag dah takde bilik dah.

I drowsed in and out of sleep, and finally Dr.Lam said OK, your EFM reading is much better now, averaging at 150 bpm. Alhamdulillah! Everything’s fine! I get to go home! So he did an ultrasound, her size is according to her gestational age (well maybe a week late, I’m supposed to be 36w + 4d as of yesterday, but according to the scan its 35w + 5d and my edd instead of 15/08 was 21/08. At one week apart it didn’t really matter, plus my period cycle is 35 days compared to the normal 28 days) and her efw is 2.70kg saja! Quite light, but Alhamdulillah that she’s fine.

So segala-galanya OK, MGTT results came out OK, blood pressure still slightly elevated, haven’t done a urine test since the above happened. Hai, macam-macam problemo lah. I really thought I did a very good job carrying the baby this time around, tapi nampaknya Allah lebih mengetahui. So today (27/07/2011) I have an appointment with the gynae at Hospital Putrajaya at 2pm. Tak dapat any of the female docs, dapatlah Dr.Azmi. Takpelah, at least I will be closely monitored.

Will update as and when possible.

P/s : Semalam berjaya menyiapkan penjahitan quilt / mini toto for the baby. Gambar nanti saya update. Satu weekend kumpul kain, satu weekend gunting kain dan susun, satu weekend jahit atas, rest beberapa weekend hahaha semalam siapkan dengan kain alas belakang. Siapa tahu, the baby might be coming soon. She deserves something lovingly home made by her mummy. Hehe.

Now back to work!


The Baju That Didn't Happen

Started sewing littla baby's baju kurung last night. Potong kainnya dah lama, tapi minggu ni asyik memasak je, hehe, lantas jadi penat dan tiada masa. Since last night only made Prego's cheese and herb kuah, so dinner was done at 830, plus Zufri wanted to watch the match so I couldn't watch Fox.

So anyway, started the washing machine and figured 1 had an hour to sew whatever I could. Ingatkan sempatla siap, pasal baju kurung kecik je, berapa banyak sangatla nak kena jahit kan?

Mula mula jahit, aturan dah salah. Kena tetas balik. Lepas tu jahit je benang tercabut lah, jarum patah la, Emma kacau main benang lah. Ya Allah, stress gila. Tapi aku gunakan pendekatan zen chewah, dan remained calm at least on the outside.

So finally when the laundry was done, I had managed to complete one part of the pesak and the sleeves. I proudly showrd Zufri what I had done, and he went on to say the sleeves have to be bigger, don't think the baby will be comfortable in that.

Kecilnya hatiku, dan sambil protes aku kata yang aku amek dari sample baju Emma la, sambil mengambil baju itu. Turns out yeah, it was a whole lot smaller than the sample!! Kenapa??!!! Measurement aku salah ke??!! Tension gila!

Nasib baik aku buat draf je, not using the original kain baju raya dia. Now no more confidence already to make the girls' baju raya. Shoot.


Happy Father's Day

Zuf doesn't really celebrate any special 'day', except for birthdays. And the only reason he celebrates birthdays nowadays is because my family is big on birthdays.

He never wished me a happy mother's day ka, happy valentine's day ka, and I have grown tired of expecting one. I'm sure he's not expecting one from me, so no pressure there, hehe.

Instead of 'worshipping' him today, he spent the day doing his fatherly duties, which I assure doesn't happen that often. He cleaned up the middle room, which has been turned into Emma and the new baby's room, and even committed himself to training Emma to sleep by herself in her room before the baby comes (which I think is quite impossible), but hey he has my support.

He doesn't read my blog anyways. So happy father's day to daddies who are reading.


I'm Pregnant And Is Super Emotional

Papa called just now, asking why he was charged for using unifi at my place on his phone when it should have been free, according to me. So I said I don't know, but maybe he didn't really use a unifi connection but celcom's gprs instead, because those things are really expensive and I think he was charged about RM74 just for that.

Then he started yelling, "then who's gonna pay for this?!" over and over again, so I said yeah, I'll pay, whatever. I wasn't sure, I thought he was just yelling in jest, but then again he sounded so serious, I got I dunno, scared I think, and suddenly burst into tears! Silently of course.

Then I suppose he figured something was wrong so he started chuckling and said that if I didn't have any money its OK, he was gonna pay anyway.

Aku senyaaaap aje. I was afraid I might cry louder if I started talking. I finally hung up. Siot je. Then when Papa called back I didn't answer.

Nanti kang malamlah baru aku telefon balik. Kecik hati I.


Stretch marks!

Last night, while I was lying down on the couch watching TV with my T-shirt over my belly for better ventilation, Zufri saw stretch-marks! I got away with a relatively clean belly, no cellulite nor stretch-marks whatsoever while I was pregnant with Emma!

Argh pressurenya! But yeah, I really took pregnancy easy this time. No susu ibu mengandung and no Palmer's cocoa butter cream. Semalam baru terhegeh-hegeh nak sapu lotion, padahal tau-tau mengandung je aku dah beli lotion tu.

The stretch marks will disappear, right?


Sardine Rolls

I've been craving for these rolls for quite some time now, so yesterday I finally googled them up. All that came up were the recipes, but most use either bread or those popiah pastry slices. Finally I came upon Kak Teh's blog that insists on making the dough with butter, not margarine! I took that as a sign that this was the right recipe to follow. I thought however, that her end product didn't look so pretty.

Sekali tengok mine was worse! Hahaha sabar je lah. Forgot about getting the pastry brush when I bought the rolling pin and the board, so I used my finger for the egg-wash. And the dough koyak rabak, because aku tak cukup professional.

Taste wise, I think I went a little crazy with the salt, but really, very delicious. Zufri didn't really care for it because sardines aren't his thing, but got some rave reviews from the visiting chef, Pipi (who made dinner, AND lunch btw, all while taking care of Emma!)

Two whole days of wholesome home cooked food. Ahh bliss. And a money saver too! And we had Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt for dessert semalam.

Haha rasa macam so positive and happy this morning. Maybe because its a short working week and its Friday already! Plus the Unifi installation is tomorrow! And I'm also picking up my new jubah tomorrow!

Hehe OTT pulak rasa. Have an amazing weekend, everyone!


Visiting Baby Armand

Semalam hari membeli-belah di Gulati's USJ. Diskaun gila-gila you! Memang murah, tapi rasa stok last year kot pasal nak raya mesti nak masuk stok baru, kan? Banyak orang kawin bulan 6 ni, harus ada banyak baju.

Lebih enjoy dari ke Jakel tahun lepas pasal Gulati's tak ramai orang, so semua salesgirl busy layan Emma, Zuf busy layan handphone, aku dan Pipi busy shopping. Kenapa Gulati's USJ? Pasal kami baru balik dari melawat baby Megat Armand Firdaus, dan wedding yang aku sangkakan di petang Sabtu rupanya di petang Ahad.


Ooohhhh the storm has passed. Great skills in risk management, in my humble opinion. Yay time to enjoy the rest of the workday!

I have dug my grave. Now is the time to wallow in self-pity and ride the storm over. At least its Friday.



Disney On Ice

Last Saturday Emma got to see her 3rd favourite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse and friends. Her most favourite cast would be them from Toy Story (siap mengigau Woody) and second is Elmo.

The show started at 1.00 pm give or take 10 minutes, and ended around 3.00 pm. Started off with Mickey's car nreaking down, and then came the cast of Cars, which I'm not familiar with. I thought the Cars part of the show wad pretty lame, pasal takde pape pun, cuma 4 biji kereta pusing2 atas ais pastu drift sikit2. Whatever.

Lepas tu ada The Little Mermaid pulak. This was quite nice, as Emma and I could relate to the underwater creatures like the fishes lah, sea horse lah, octopus lah. Emma tak pernah tengok cerita ni lagi, and afterwards I went to Speedy to look for the DVD tapi depa takdak pulak.

After that it was time for The Lion King. Also thoroughly enjoyable, with the detailed costumes and beautiful skating. Didn't snap a lot of pictures as we were busy clapping hands, singing and gawking at the show. Kenalah excited nyanyi2 dan joget2 dengan Emma pasal kalau tak harus membazir duit duduk tegak je tengok macam tengok wayang pulak.

Then a short intermission and then came Tinkerbell. Quite boring in the beginning because I kept waiting for Peter Pan to show up, rupa-rupanya there's a show called Tinkerbell or Fairies or something. But the production was quite impressive, with a flying queen fairy.

The costumes were pretty elaborate, the sound system was great, not too loud but yet loud enough to understand, the skating routines while not Olympic grade was still spectacular and amazing!

So would I go again next year? Hehe probably no because Emma would be 3 this August dan kena beli separate ticket hehe and the baby would still be a baby to appreciate the show. However kalau ada Pixar on Ice hehe, then definitely!



Office Lengang, Yo!

Read a new blog today, and found that she's really funny. Don't wanna share her link in case saya terplagiat her work. A little. Sub-conciously, of course.

No bosses are in sight today. Now i can see my colleague's true colours. I see that they're still working. Darn. Eh why this passage like so short the sentences lah? Oh, the above-mentioned blogger went to STF, hehehe. Tak boleh lari lah dari budak STF.

It hasn't rained here since the weekend, I think, and when I mentioned this to Zufri, dia kata hujan complain, panas pun complain. But... I never complain when it's raining because I love the rain! I even let Emma play in the rain! So he should check his facts before speaking next time, huh.

I have a follower on Twitter already. Hahaha. But I have yet to tweet. Malulah. I mean what do I say? "Eating nasi lemak for breakfast today, yay", everyday? Because that's what I do. Zufri says I should use my name as my username, ie Intanhamzah, but I wanted something cool and not too formal. So I thought of ririblurry, my usual y'know habis poyo nickname.

But then it sounded so childish, and felt so blur like that. Fikir dan fikir dan fikir saya pilih username jeng jeng jeng riri the third. Kekeke.

I know what you're thinking. So this name doesn't sound childish and konon cool lah tu? Eh cool apa. Aku kan cool. Zufri says it sounds like riri the nerd. And retard. Kurang asam la suami aku ni. Nasib baik aku cool tau, tak heran pun komen-komen yang tak membina tu.

So whose twitter (or is it tweet) that is worth following?


The curious incident

Yesterday at carrefour at Tropicana City Mall, we were at the aisle displaying toolslah, tool boxes lah, lights lah etc. Emma was cycling just beneath the tool boxes when suddenly the shelf gave out and one tool box came tumbling down. Tool box besi tu. Fortunately I was next to her jadi mak pun tepislah tool box tu, tapi salah angle so jari aku terseliuh sikit. Mmg berdentumlah bunyi tool box tu mencecah lantai, campur suara aku menjerit lagi kekeke.

Baru nak bertenang, satu lagi tool box jatuh. Yang ni tak tau apasal, tak sempat tempis jadi aku cover Emma dengan badan aku because I was already down there checking on her from the first accident. Nasib baik tool box itu plastic ya.

Hampas okay carrefour. A staff apologized profusely and looked very sorry, and sesal and also angry for having let the incident happen that I just shrugged it off. I am a push over, like that. Sigh.

Tapi all is well, alhamdulillah nothing unwanted happened.



So I'm posting via Blogpress today.

Now to put in some photos

Hohoho success! Pretty easy this Blogpress. Gambar di atas diambil petang semalam otw back dari rumah Opah. She insisted on wearing my baju as a hoodie. Sangat individual sense of style chewah puji anak sendiri.


blog test

Testing blogging from my phone. Mcm xleh add gambar je


Short Notes

Just the two of us at home tonite, Emma and I. Zufri went out training for golf and Pipi's off to stay at Kak Peachy's. Hehe did you hear what happened to her maid? Kerana melawan kata, dia dipecat on the spot. Moralnya jangan cari pasal dengan Kak Peachy. Hehe.
We had a few makan sessions last weekend. Pipi's macarons didn't quite turn out so we had Wondermilk cupcakes instead. The kids loved them. The kids' mothers loved them as well. Love them.
Some people just need to chill out. Downloaded 4 pregnancy apps on my phone.


A Recap

First post as a 29 year old, huhu. So maybe my posts should sound more mature but not to prissy chewah. Thank you babes for the birthday wishes. Pipi made me lamb stew for dinner last night as a pre-birthday dinner. Then we had dinner at Swensen's, I had the salad because I was making room for ice cream. Hehe. Not the earthquake because I wanted something traditional, with almonds and whipped cream and love letters et al. Quite satisfying. Not the same case with their main courses however. My salad was OK, becuase how the heck can you screw up a salad dish?
So anyway, requested for a birthday present from Zufri this year, hehe. Tapi hadiah belum sampai. Mula-mula ingat nak fridge 2 pintu, hahaha. Gila domesticated. Terfikir mana nak simpan stok EBM nanti? Itu nantilah, dekat-dekat nak bersalin kang nak buat request number 2. Maybe I can surprise HIM with a fridge on HIS birthday, muahahaha. Tu barulah surprise namanya.
Shikin is having a makan-makan session this Saturday to half celebrate my birthday, half her house warming. I'm having a makan-makan this Sunday. Thinking of cooking Singapore style chilli crab. Yummy. And maybe cajun shrimp ala Bubba Gump. Pipi kata nak buat macaroons. The one she got from Whisk was quite delicious, although a bit too sweet for my sweet tooth. Yes, begitu manis.
Wah satu paragraph satu story mory doo.
Papa is on board the Ekspress Senandung Malam, transit di KL Sentral on their way to Penang, also by train tomorrow morning. Seronok, kan travel naik train, especially when you get a cabin, and because its free. Auntie Rani won an essay writing contest, dapatlah cuti-cuti malaysia sekejap.
Kami pun cuti-cuti malaysia gak cuti cny hari tu. Kelas mak jadi organizer, tip top sangat, kekekeke. Especially rumah Encik Abrar tu. Semi-D 3 tingkat, roof patio yang besar, semua bilik ada air-cond, ada boiler (hot water), ada washing machine, ada pak guard. Superb la kira rumah itu. Siap bagi grill lagi jika nak berbarbeque. Tapi tak sempatla. Sampai Ipoh je dah pukul 12! Breakfast sekejap kat R&R Jejantas Sungai Buloh, aku masak nasi lemak lazat dan sambal daging superb tapi termasin sikit, hehehe. They all bawak telur je, hehehe, tak mencabars. Oh ngan ayam goreng. Yawn. Sampai Ipoh, touch up2 sikit, lepak-lepak, then we had lunch at McDonalds what?! Jalan jauh-jauh makan McD? Hampas.
Sampai Tambun at 2+ kot. OKlah Lost World Of Tambun itu. Yang hebatnya pasal dia ada hot water spring tu. Ya Allah serius panas. The coolest hot spring there was at 38 degrees kot, the warmest at a whopping 43 degrees! Not recommended por pregnant ladies, so I just sort of dipped my legs there. Papa pun tak tahan. Then we went down dan lepak at a much cooler 40 degrees. Not bad. Really relaxing.
The petting zoo was quite small., but you can touch everything. Ada seorang tukang bersih tu, when I wanted to touch the guinea pig, he said cannot touch. Sheesh. Its not actually a pig, you know. Like why would they put a pig in a petting zoo? Kenapa? Then we went to feed the sheep. Agak jakun di situ. Penjaga kambing tu tanya aku, akak nak rasa dikerumuni kambing tak? Mula-mula tak nak, tapi apa motif pergi petting zoo kalau tak nak pegang haiwan? Jadi dia bagi aku some seeds, tadah tangan dan kambing-kambing pun meluru ke arah aku, menjilat-jilat tangan aku. Mula-mula agak ewwwwwwwww, maklumlah, ewwwwww. Depa macam takdak gigi kot. Lama-lama I ok je posing dengan kambing, hehe. Ada seorang budak tu darjah 6 kot, menangis-nangis kena kejar dengan kambing (padahal pakai t-shirt WWF ganas abes, kekeke)
Lepak-lepak, swimming-swimming, pukul 630 kami cabut, balik lepak-lepak, keluar dinner kat Restoran Nasi Padang Simpang Tiga. Again, what?! Nasi padang?! Aku sangat suka lauk-pauk dia, not everyone agreed. Takpelah, lain orang lain selera.
So for lunch the next day, papa wanted to have some nasi kandaq perak. There's this one place named Kedai Rahamath near a mosque in town. Kami pun dok carikla, and this one man said maybe its in the medan selera. Masuk-masuk nasi kandaq Hussein, papa pun dah lapaq kot time tu, so kami pun digged in. OK je la makanan dia, but not to my taste lah actually. Zufri said that's how the real nasi kandaq tastes like, where they put some peanut gravy on your rice. I'd take Pelita over Hussein anytime.
So after lunch, on our walk back to the car, lo and behold! Terselit di sebalik bukit adalah Kedai Rahamath yang glamourous itu dang it! Oh mujurlah ia tutup for Friday prayers. Tapi tetap rasa kerugian. Lain kali on the way back to Penang harus stop by Ipoh kejap hehe.
Wow panjangnya post kali ini. Making up for lost time. Penatlah lately asyik overtime aje nasib baik Mak Su jarang keluar dating pasal save budget nak kawin kekekeke.
Then we went to Kellies Castle in Batu Gajah. Mak aih, jauh benar tempat itu. Siap pusing-pusing Batu Gajah lagi. Tiba-tiba berhenti depan sebuah rumah misteri. Kemudian telefon papa berbunyi... Oh rupa-rupanya Kak Peachy, calling to say that it was Emil's grandpa's house. Hohoho bawak pusing-pusing kampung halaman rupanya. Oh Kellies Castle. Cantik castle tersebut. Not quite finished, because according to Papa Kellie (haha agaknyalah nama dia Kellie. Tak ingat lah) built the castle for his wife, but stopped halfway because his wife divorced him. Of course that's all bull, because he actually died of pneumonia. Sheesh. Begitu jaded nya pemikiran papa ini.
So then we left for KL, but not without stopping at Tapah first. Pergh so many stops in such a short journey? I like. Very cuti-cuti malaysia.
And there you have it. Practically a recap of my life since my last update. Had so much fun during the trip to Ipoh. I love February. Apart from my birth month, it is also the month I get my bonus and my increment. Also this year ada quite a few public holidays. And the month is so short, before you know it, its the 28th and its pay day again!
So yay for February!


Lost World

Opah half day hari ni, so kalau ikutkan aku pun nak half day juga. Sekali cuti kena cancel di atas alasan kerja, so Zufri bawak Emma ke Teacher Zulaikha kat nursery kat bangunan MITI tu. Emma loves Teacher Zulaikha. Sikit-sikit teacher, sikit-sikit teacher. Yang menjadi cerita adalah setelah penat lelah mengemas beg Emma (kena bawak susu, botol, bantal, toto, toiletries, diapers, selimut, Woody, Jessie dan Bullseye), masa aku nak berjalan ke tempat kerja, nampak beg tu kat atas meja makan! Terpaksa Zufri patah balik during lunch dan hantar Emma ke rumah Opah.
Sekali Opah kata, oh budak-budak lain semua tak ada, Emma sorang je datang. Hahahaha. Ada aku rasa bersalah? Ada? Oh, Emma kena main sorang-sorang la nanti. Bye Emma, mummy pergi kerja. See you at 5:30. Dan aku pun cabut.
Hahaha. Kesian Opah.
Kami tak jadi ke Tree Top Walk, mahupun ke PD. We are going to the Lost World Of Tambun! Yay! Tak sabarnya menunggu minggu depan. And I also made myself a pair of maternity jeans, altered from an old existing pair i had. Quite good handiwork. Hehehe. Also quite tight, worried that it might not stretch when the stretch is really needed.
Dan aku sedang menonton The Walking Dead. Pipi says its stupid. I think its scary. Memang ada satu part tu semalam aku sangat takut, Emma peluk dan cover mata aku dan berkata dah dah dah mummy. Jangan takut.
Yeah rite, kiddo.
Happy Chinese New Year and happy holidays! Yay!


Tree Top Walk

So I suggested to Zufri that maybe we should go to PD. Dia kata tak nak PD, ramai orang. Aku suggest Cherating. Tak nak, pantai timur tengah monsun timur laut. Aku ajak pegi Hutan Belum pasal hari tu tengok dalam paper adalah sangat cantik resort itu. Tak nak, kena hiking. Which I think is not true. Then kita pi Genting lah. Also don't want for some reason. I must've tuned out by this time pasal malas nak layan. Jangan dia ajak pergi Royale Bintang Damansara sudah. Hahahaha. Boleh tengok Bukit Sungai Penchala.
Turns out he wants to go to Sungai Sedim in Kulim, his friend has this resort that has the tallest tree top walk is Asia, I think. I'm not sure.
Oklah babe, Kulim pun Kulim daa.
Harus singgah Taiping Night Safari.


2 Weddings and 2 Birthdays

2010 has been a year of sad endings and happy beginnings. Let's hope for a happier and cheerier 2011, yeah?
2 important weddings took place within the last month. Anies in Perlis and Shikin in KL. Saya pergi pernikahan Anies kat Perlis, tapi tak stay untuk kenduri besok harinya. I wish I had stayed darn it. And I didn't go to Shikin's nikah, but went instead to her reception dinner. Both weddings were gorgeous. I especially loved Shikin's wedding soundtrack, very Shikin. And very me also, I think. Thanks you for having the guts to play Radiohead's Creep (Scala Version, tak sempat carik lagi). Your live singer is also very, very good! And I loved the food Anies served at her nikah night! Dengan suasana kampungnya, makan lauk pauk yang unconventional.. Mak tambah nasik 3 kali OK! These two are my bestfriends, and I love them very much (and they both have become bestfriends too, selalu pinggirkan aku. Mentang-mentangla I tak pakai Blackberry. Huh benci)
So congratulations and have a great life ahead, Insya Allah!
Then today we went swimmin at The Club after dropping Zufri off for a game of golf. Sejuk OK swimming pukul 8 pagi, tapi Emma sampai-sampai je terus bukak baju and her jeans (dalam dah pakai her swimming costume). Kalau tak kat rumah macam nak pengsan tunggu dia bukak baju sendiri. Yesterday Zufri even said she took her clothes off in her sleep. Hahaha. Dunno lah she, she likes sleeping with only with her diapers on. During the day pulak she naps diaperless.
Then we went to The Curve to get birthday presents for Dhani and Iskandar, picked Zufri up, dropped him off (main golf without breakfast, akhirnya migraine dan harus stay out of the sun, baah!) and headed out to the KFC at Shah Alam Extreme Park. I thought it'd be like an outdoorsy thing, because its in the Extreme Park. Tak tahu pulak Extreme Park tu tempat orang rock climb and skate and what not, hehe.
I'd say that Emma had an OK of a time at the party, pasal Mummy dia wasn't so much fun today, hehe. Masa treasure hunt tu, aku ngan Emma duduk je tengok orang berkocoh-kocoh kumpul barang. Wan Rose and Sazrin gave us some of Nabil's collection, hehe. Then Chicky came out, and the kids (birthday boy included!) started crying for dear life! Kesian gila tengok Chicky, macam not appreciated gitu, huhu. Mula-mula Emma OK, tapi bila aku amek tangan dia suruh usap-usap Chicky tu terus menjerit menangis. Hahahaha. Rugi je. Sekali KFC black-out.
Hahahahahaha hampassss sungguh la KFC! Nasib baik games dah habis. Keji je tau berparty dalam gelap. Nasib baik kat luar ada playground.
Happy birthday Dhani and Iskandar!
Sampai rumah, tengok Nat Geo's In The Womb about twins, triplets and quadruplets. Bagusnya kalau dapat kembar, boleh berhenti kerja. Hahaha relevannya statement itu. Terus tertidur, dekat pukul 12 baru bangun. Saya juga kagum, macam mana saya boleh tidur begitu lama dan tenang. Rupa-rupanya Emma juga turut terbongkang sama. Bangun kejap, minum 2 botol susu. Sekarang dia sambung tidur. Ahh penantnya lah Cik Emma berenang dan bermain hari ni.
Sekali sekala update blog best juga. Next update : cuti CNY nak ke mana?