Office Lengang, Yo!

Read a new blog today, and found that she's really funny. Don't wanna share her link in case saya terplagiat her work. A little. Sub-conciously, of course.

No bosses are in sight today. Now i can see my colleague's true colours. I see that they're still working. Darn. Eh why this passage like so short the sentences lah? Oh, the above-mentioned blogger went to STF, hehehe. Tak boleh lari lah dari budak STF.

It hasn't rained here since the weekend, I think, and when I mentioned this to Zufri, dia kata hujan complain, panas pun complain. But... I never complain when it's raining because I love the rain! I even let Emma play in the rain! So he should check his facts before speaking next time, huh.

I have a follower on Twitter already. Hahaha. But I have yet to tweet. Malulah. I mean what do I say? "Eating nasi lemak for breakfast today, yay", everyday? Because that's what I do. Zufri says I should use my name as my username, ie Intanhamzah, but I wanted something cool and not too formal. So I thought of ririblurry, my usual y'know habis poyo nickname.

But then it sounded so childish, and felt so blur like that. Fikir dan fikir dan fikir saya pilih username jeng jeng jeng riri the third. Kekeke.

I know what you're thinking. So this name doesn't sound childish and konon cool lah tu? Eh cool apa. Aku kan cool. Zufri says it sounds like riri the nerd. And retard. Kurang asam la suami aku ni. Nasib baik aku cool tau, tak heran pun komen-komen yang tak membina tu.

So whose twitter (or is it tweet) that is worth following?


The curious incident

Yesterday at carrefour at Tropicana City Mall, we were at the aisle displaying toolslah, tool boxes lah, lights lah etc. Emma was cycling just beneath the tool boxes when suddenly the shelf gave out and one tool box came tumbling down. Tool box besi tu. Fortunately I was next to her jadi mak pun tepislah tool box tu, tapi salah angle so jari aku terseliuh sikit. Mmg berdentumlah bunyi tool box tu mencecah lantai, campur suara aku menjerit lagi kekeke.

Baru nak bertenang, satu lagi tool box jatuh. Yang ni tak tau apasal, tak sempat tempis jadi aku cover Emma dengan badan aku because I was already down there checking on her from the first accident. Nasib baik tool box itu plastic ya.

Hampas okay carrefour. A staff apologized profusely and looked very sorry, and sesal and also angry for having let the incident happen that I just shrugged it off. I am a push over, like that. Sigh.

Tapi all is well, alhamdulillah nothing unwanted happened.



So I'm posting via Blogpress today.

Now to put in some photos

Hohoho success! Pretty easy this Blogpress. Gambar di atas diambil petang semalam otw back dari rumah Opah. She insisted on wearing my baju as a hoodie. Sangat individual sense of style chewah puji anak sendiri.


blog test

Testing blogging from my phone. Mcm xleh add gambar je