A weekend well spent.

To do list for this weekend was:
1- Send oven for repairs
2- Look for material for baju raya
3- Send no.2 to new tailor
4- Train

What we did this weekend :-
1- Zufri fixed the oven himself, the handyman! While doing that, he cleaned and scrubbed the oven. And fixed the water heater and the fan. Impressive.
2- Went to Jakel Shah Alam and got myself kain material for my baju raya. The top was some cloth of Mummy's I took from JB. Hehe. For Emma I bought 2 English Cotton materials. Anies bought this gorgeous printed chiffon that I now wish I bought as well. Nanti nak ajak Zufri pergi untuk cari baju raya dia, I'm gonna selitkan my baju. Hehe.
3- Sent the cloths to a new tailor that came highly recommended by Kak Peachy. So high that Anies menempah baju nikahnya di situ. Dia kata kalau Kak Peachy recommend, dia percaya. Sheesh.
4- Haha. Seeing that race day is in a week, I should be training very, very seriously. Sigh. Ran for 30 minutes on Saturday morning. Woke up late and had breakfast with Zufri's friends on Sunday morning. I did compensate with walking non stop while carrying Emma the whole time today. Haha. Argh. Pressure.

So all in all, a weekend well spent.


Baby Shaq said...

Hopefully si Wendy nih tak memalukan nama wa huhu.. See u this weekend!

rawsktar said...

sheesh. hahah. gua pun dh promote peachy dowh kat blog.