Hek eleh..

Aku baru kena 'sound' dengan Lau. Ala-ala sound la. Rupa-rupanya komputer aku ni patut tak boleh pakai internet. Aku kan selalu multi-task, masa buat keja check e-mail lah, update blog lah dan segalanya. Sekali time team leader aku, Lennie datang meja aku nak bertanyakan sesuatu, dia ternampaklah internet yang telah diminimisekan. Kenapa yang dia bengkek sangat aku tak taulah, tapi dia kecohla bercerita dengan semua orang. PC dia takde internet rupanya.

Alah...so what lah kan. If no one should have, then how come my PC has it? And so what if I have access to the internet? Kalau dah dengki sangat, buanglah internet ni dari PC aku. Kecoh mende.

Budus. Orang-orang ofis ni memang budus. Nasib baik aku ni jenis yang tak peduli sangat nak bersosial dengan budak-budak ofis.

Internet pun kecoh. Sangat babi. Hahaha.

People ain't dangerous..

When I look back on my life, I feel I've been pretty lucky thus far. I've had my fair share of brushes with danger.

One afternoon while walking back from class during my second year, I was stopped by this aged guy driving a Wira asking for directions to the Law Faculty. He didn't quite get what I was saying, so he offered me a ride there and then he'll send me to my college.

But then he suggested that we go out for drinks. Merely a suggestion. No persuasion whatsoever. Amazingly, I said yes.

So we went to BSC and had drinks somewhere. There he told me all about himself, how he's married and his wife left him, and his dreams and ambitions dan banyak lagi for I think almost two hours. Then he sent me back, gave me his number and asked me to call him whenever.

When I told Syat (my then roomate) about him, it turned out that Syat was one conned by the man as well, again looking for the Law Faculty. Takkanlah tak jumpa-jumpa kan? Boy, did I felt used! At least Syat declined his offer to go out for drinks. Yang aku ni? Hahha bangang sungguh. What if he was a rapist or a murderer or something?

Then after two months or so, this same guy stopped me. Again looking for tha Law Faculty! Boleh? But this time of course lah I told him to fuck off, although not with those words. Geez, can you at least remember the faces of your victims?

So what I'm saying is, despite all that have happened, I still believe in the good in mankind. Because if that incident were to happen today, I'd still say yes and go out with the man.

Ada lagi satu cerita tentang betapa naive nya aku ni, but let's save that for another day.

Till then, be nice.

And stay safe.

And don't be accepting rides from men driving white Wiras.

New Found Glory

I've had two mugs of Nescafe 'O' since this morning, and I think I'm getting high on caffeine. I should really cut back on coffee, but now I'm even bringing my own tumbler to give to the Pak Cik at the restaurant downstairs to fill up with coffee. That way, I get to save the earth (by using less plastic).

Seriously. Macam terhuyung-hayang saja..

I think I'm gonna be sick.


Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone?

I'm working overtime today. In fact, I've done so the past one week less the weekend. I find that I work faster at nights. In fact, I've known that..err..fact years ago when I started cramming during university days. I like driving back to JB late at night. I like to lepak at mamak late at night. I like baking late at night.

Or maybe I'm just a procrastinator who thrives on doing things at the very last of last minutes just for the heck of it. And end up forgetting something. Or some things. I keep forgetting things. Maybe it's an early sign for senility. Maybe I'm senile already.

Reminds me of my (late) senile grandma, Mama. Taking care of her was a constant struggle. She kept asking the same things over, and over, and over again. Dapat pulak aku tidur satu bilik dengan Mama, so I was the Information Counter lah. If you don't have my patience, you'll just crumble and perhaps snap at the old woman. Hell, I snapped at her countless times. Aku ni taklah penyabar sangat orangnya. But now when she's gone..biasalah manusia ni. You never know what you've got until it's gone.

So let's appreciate what we have right now. Be thankful for what you have, for the people around you who love you, for the people you love. Haha tengah psycho diri sendiri untuk menghadapi status sebagai isteri orang.

Haha psycho psycho. Did you know that Zufri is my first and only boyfriend? Haha, I guess I'll never know what I'm missing. Wakakaka.


My Condolences.

Let us take a moment to say a prayer to Wan Rose's father who passed away on Saturday.


Pop Quiz : Najis ada berapa jenis?

Musykillah aku. Boleh tak Tok Imam tu tanya aku ada berapa jenis air? What a long looooong interview. I thought you were only supposed to recite the Fatihah and Doa Qunut jek? Memula dia tanya apa itu 'Toharrah'? Nasib baik aku tak jawab itu satu kitab yang diturunkan (Torah @ Taurat).
So I emmmmed and ahhhhhhed until he explained yang "Toharrah tu adalah bersuci".
"Awak mandi wajib guna air apa?"
"Emmmmm air....uhhhh....air bersih?"
"Air mutlak..."
"Air mutlak tu air apa?"
"Uhhhh...air bersih (boleh tak jawapan yang sama dua kali?)"
"Bukan. Air yang suci lagi menyucikan".
"Air ada berapa jenis?"
"Bukan, tu jenis air mutlak. Air ada 3 jenis. Air mutlak, air mutannajis dan air mustaqmal. Air mustaqmal tu air apa?"

At this point I resigned myself to failing the test and not getting married this year. Seriously.

Sebenrnya awal-awal lagi dia tanya sekolah agama sampai darjah berapa dan aku jawab darjah enam. "Ohh..boleh tahan". Sekali dalam hati last-last dia kata bongoknya anak Encik Hamzah ni. Darjah enam konon. Bangang gila, sampai rukun mandi wajib pun tak tau!

Oh tidak..nasib baik finally lulus. Kui kui kui. Jadik jugakla aku kawin bulan depan.

Oh, and by the way the interview was conducted at 10.30 p.m last nite and I reached KL only at 4:30 in the morning. Power tak?


Yay to the weekend! Ho-hum..

If you've always wanted to learn about diamonds, check this out!

In the meantime, kerja aku di ofis teramat sangatlah banyaknya. Unfortunately, aku kena balik JB weekend ini pasal aku ada interview (jangan salah faham, interview nikah saja) dengan Imam Jurunikah pada hari Ahad. Which means, aku tidak dapat menonton Cobra's Rugby 10 Nations this weekend (kerugian keseronokan menonton perlawanan 'live'), aku tidak dapat menyiapkan kerja-kerja yang terbengkalai lantas membuat duit (claim OT), aku akan membazirkan duit (duit tol & minyak), aku akan kepenatan (memandu kereta merentas semenanjung malaysia) dan aku akan miss perkahwinan Azah (oh, Kelab Darul Ehsan).

This is all gonna happen because I'm getting married. Nampak tak macam cons dia lagi banyak dari pros dia. Oh wait a minute, did I just say pros? What pros?

Oh well, at least I get to go see my saudara mara in Singapore and probably be RM100 richer! But compared with what I'm gonna spend.. sigh. Oh well.


Biar Bebenar...

Check out my true friends test results! Zufri came in last! And I'm getting married to him in three weeks! He even got my favourite colour wrong! Everybody else got it right...


My Hari Raya Pictures

Spent last weekend distributing wedding invites to Papa's friends. Super tiring. Anyhow, here are some pictures from raya.

Buka puasa session with classmates at Rebung. Alamak, gambar Anies takdelah..

The 5000 or so taugehs I had to kopek.
The fire I started and maintained and the periuk of ketupat pulut filled with santan that I cooked and spilled. Goooooooo Riri!

Papa doing his thang.

Kak Peachy a.k.a Chef of the day a.k.a Mamabebel. Wakakakaka

A clean plate of Laksa Johor. Sodap.

Selamat hari raya kawan-kawan!


Think You Know Me?

Check this out!

Create your own Friend Test here

Thanks for taking part.

My Notebook.

Went looking for a notebook for work yesterday. Akak organized skarang OK. Harus simpan rekod kerja-kerja akak agar tidak menyesal di kemudian hari. And I suppose it'sw working, because I'm so much more efficient today haha. Sebenarya, aku nak cerita pasal proses aku mencari notebook ni je. Aku initially nak sesuatu yang agak mahal lagi branded, pasal tau jeklah aku dengan stationeries aku ni. Harus yang berkualiti, maka haruslah agak mahal. Kemudian haruslah hilang sekerat jalan, be it hilang minat atau hilang dari pandangan.

Of all places, I decided to go look in Giant KJ instead of Kinokuniya ke or at least MPH. I went in ready to spend a minimum of RM20.00.

Lo and behold, there she was.

Red, black and white.

A lethal combination of my favourite colours.

With a design very much like my lovely wedding invitation cards.

At the low low low price of RM3.99! Jer!

Syabas Riri, for being a savvy shopper.

Oh, finished The History of Love early this morning. A very good read. Quite confusing at times. Plot sangat menarik. A bit disappointed that they didn't get to live happily ever after. Haha.

p/s:Aku makan sambal time lunch tadi. Bila aku sendawa habis tempat aku dan jiran aku (aku tau dah, nama dia Lau bukan Juju) penuh dengan aroma perut aku. Maklumlah, sendawa bukak mulut. Must close mouth next time.


Why oh why, woe is me.

What, do I have to gulp down one whole bottle in one shot?

Tired of walking to the toilet to pee every half an hour.

Geez, I sound like an old man with a bladder infection.

Or worse, a pregnant woman.

I can't be pregnant now, can I?

Kak Siantan, can I be pregnant just by talking about sex?

Wakakakaka. I told you I can blog about sex now.

p/s: I know lah I'm not pregnant. Kak Peachy gave me the low down on when to "main" <----- in her own words (ewww..macam rempit jek)


I actually said 'bullshit' in front of Papa the other day.

One majalah Pesona Pengantin : RM9.50
One sprint back to KFC where I left Pesona Pengantin : 100 calories
The look on Papa's face when I said 'bullshit' : priceless (with a whole shitload of crap stuffed into my ears)

So anyways y'all, I'm just tired of taking off. I had to fill in a Query List for the Engineer tadi, and then only did I realize that my work is only at best 30% completed! And it's due this Monday! (and yet I'm still blogging away....)

And Kak Lina, my shoes didn't come in time lah. I had to beraya without my blue wedges. Tapi takpelah. Since it's so cheap, hehe.

I bought Nicole Kraus' The History of Love on Sunday. Somehow, I'm still not done reading it. Gila tak? When have I had a problem finishing a good book in a day? I get sleepy easily lah nowadays. Yesterday I even slept at 8:00 p.m and woke up only at 7:00 a.m! I mean that's my routine when I'm having my period. Takkan nak period dah kot. Wait.. Oh ye lah..

I'm now keeping track of my period, pasal bak kata Kak Linda dan Kak Zah, now that I'm getting married I should know when to have protected sex and when not to (wear a condom). Haha, now I can blog about sex, wakakakaka. I mean, ewwwwww.

I sent out invites already, know. And another update, I saw pelakon 'Jelatang' (yang jadik bapak tiri Suria) at Diana's open house the other day. Turns out he's Maria's boyfriend. I wanted to take pictures with him, but I had no cameralah. Hahhahaha. Sekali jek aku tengok 'Jelatang' tu, but I hate him to the core (his character je kot). Muka sangat jiwang. Oh Maria.. wakaka. Eh, am I allowed to blog about this ke?

Haha, back to work now. Oh, and I already peed close to 20 times up till now. Something's wrong with my bladder. Maybe I should go check.


My Long Hari Raya Story.

Assalamualaikum kawan-kawan. Hope you had a joyous hari raya. Aku? Well, where do I start yeah?

On the eve of hari raya, we went to Singapore to our Grandparents' graves and buka puasa at some tomyam restaurant in Larkin Perdana.

Then at night, we started cooking Laksa Johor. Well actually Kak Peachy cooked, we just prepared everything for her. And I, the firestarter, well started the fire nak masak ketupat. We make killer ketupat pulut, OK. KILLER! Untuk merebus ketupat pulut, air rebusan itu hendaklah berisi santan. Masa aku tengah sibuk memastikan yang api tu stays on marak, sekali periuk tu terbalik daaa. Frust gua melihat santan yang membasahi dapur. Gila berminyak jadiknya dapur tu. Dan aku jugakla yang kena bersihkan dapur tu. Oh, dan pada masa yang sama juga aku ditugaskan untuk membuang ekor tauge. Yes..all 5000 biji tauge. (Pictures to come later)

Oh well, alls well that ends well. (Betul ke ayat tersebut?) Then on Saturday morning, I went to get some ice with Pipi but with Kak Yen's car. She failed to mention that there's an immobiliser in her car that I have to swith off when the alarm goes out. Aku ngan Pipi buat bodo jek bila lampu merah tu menyala-nyala. Sekali bila dah turun bukit tu enjin dia mati daa.. Nasib baik lalu jalan dalam. Buatnya aku lalu roundabout luar tu, tak ke naya.

Then we had makan pagi raya, took pictures, bersalam-salaman dan bermaaf-maafan, menziarahi kubur mummy and then shot to Singapore. Lewat dah time tu, almost 12. Jam dia ya ampun, dari Komtar sampailah ke Singapore customs tu. Dahlah ada satu bas yang maha besar ni (the usual sized bus, hehe) dia langgar keta abang ipar aku! We were scared shitless, I tell you because the car was spanking new. Nasib baik side mirror dia bukan setakat boleh lipat, boleh pusing2 lagi. Cayalah.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I had a sore throat on Friday. Boleh tak start je cuti terus sakit tekak. Suara aku garau ok, macam Anies punya ex- soulmate-who's-now-somebody-else's-soulmate. Wakakaka.

On the second day of raya, kitorang pegi tengok wayang kat City square OK. Pipi belanja. Chuck & Larry. So inappropriate to watch with your father sitting next to you. Mana boleh gelak kat lawak-lawak kotor dia, karang bapak aku kata aku gatal pulak. Mana boleh buat-buat innocent pasal mesti dia tak percaya punyalah. Jadik, aku pun gelak tak keluar suara kebanyakan masanya. Oh, and saw the trailer for 'Enchanted'. Oooohhh..nampak macam sangat teruja. Tak sabar rasanya.

Empat hari lamanya OK aku makan Laksa Johor. Sangat gian, pasal masa carik dekat bazar ramadan jarang ada. Hari ni ada, besok takde. Kawan-kawan Pipi kata sangat sedap. Aku pulak rasa OKlah sedap. Anyway, resipi mak aku pun hehe.

So what else. Hari ni masuk keja awal siot. 8:20 dah terpacak depan PC OK. So hari ni taklah segan sangat nak balik awal. Aku nak pegi jogging hari ni. Si Syahirah ajak join 2nd Link Marathon pulak. Boleh? The weekend before my wedding. Tapi dia ajak lari 10K jek lah. Hari tu gi jogging ngan Papa. Dah warm up baik, sekali rasa macam nak terkencing. So we had to go look for a public toilet, which we eventually found in Shell depan Convent.

Papa kata asyik haus dan asyik nak kencing adalah simptom untuk kencing manis, so that night we went and buy some glucose strips to check my glucose level. Please bear in mind that on Monday, Adamdam (whom Kak Peachy calls Dam Dam Dum as in bunyik mercun (I know. wtf?) haha) turned 2 and we had cake. Actually I ate almost half of the cake. Sangat sedap OK. The average glucose level in a person's blood is 6. The night of Adam's birthday, I tested at 4.8! Less than average eh.

Papa said he was shocked! To which I replied, I'm even more surprised! Oh well, the mysteries of life.

And today, at 2:19 p.m, I've already gone pee almost a dozen times. And now I feel the need to go again.

Aku rasa pundi kencing aku dah manja lah. Kena dengar jek cakap dia. Dulu dia tak macam ni. OK jek aku tahan kencing lama-lama.



Lusa Raya!

Kak Yen dah balik kampung dah. Hairannya yang aku ni balik raya lambat sangat. Serious hairan. Biasanya akulah yang paling awal sampai JB. Tapi takpe. At least tahun ni sume orang beraya first day kat JB. Lepas tu first day kitorang nak pegi Singapore awal-awal sangat, so sempat jumpe sume orang dan sempat kumpul duit raya. Walaupun aku ni dah suku abad, tapi memandangkan aku tak kawin lagi, maka aku masih layak untuk menerima duit raya. Sob sob ni lah kali terakhir aku beraya solo. Tahun depan dah jadik berdouble. Ewww....Mudanya dah nak kawin. Macam tak sesuai jek.

Anywayssss.. kepada Anies, kad raya hang aku dah tulis tapi bilalah nak bagi kat kau? Time Kak Azah punya wedding boleh?

To Kak Peachy, gua gi rumah lu lewat sket eh. Gua buka ngan Zufri dulu, then gua membeli belah last minit sket, then gua kemas rumah + beg, lepas tu baru gua gerak pegi rumah lu eh. Gerak lepas sahur, kan? Gua sampai time sahur jeklah. Lu sahur pukul berapa?

To Wan Rose, nasib baik kau ada. Kalau tak kebulur harimau ku, hehe. Kau balik mana dulu? Kelantan?

To Shikin, apasal tahun ni takde buka sesama pun?

To Alif, buat kek pun pakai apron ke? Mengadesss.

Haha..to all my FIVE readers, selamat menyambut hari raya aidilfitri bersama keluarga tercinta. Minta maaf dari hujung rambut-kerinting-kini-original hingga ke hujung kaki-yang-sangat-susah-mencari-kasut ini. Semoga bertemu lagi pada Ramadan hadapan.

Kepada para pembaca lain, kot-kot aku ada silent readers ke hehe, selamat hari raya aidilfitri.

p/s: Semalam kami pegi SACC Mall, carik kasut raya. Last-last si Kak Yen pulak yang beli kasut. Tension ni. Takde kasut raya!!

p/s2: Korang ada mood lagi ke nak keja ni wei? Kejila keja ofis melayu ada 3 orang je. Minoriti betul.


I'm going back with my sister & bro-in-law for Hari Raya! Yay! Free ride! Wakakaka

Dah pegi amek baju raya hari tu, tapi lengan dia macam besar sangat, jadik kena alter. Malam ni baru amek balik. Banyak gak. Aku tiga, kakak aku 3.

Duduk kat ofis baru ni, aku dengar radio melayu, mostly Era dan aku sangat suka lagu Anuar Zain baru tu Lelaki Ini, Ungu's Kekasih Gelapku dan Dewa's Kasihku di Malaysia (or something like that). I totally hate Adam's song (Hi, siapa nama, duduk kat mana, dengan siapa, ada handphone tak dsbnya. Macam gampang) and Ezlynn's latest single. Suara dia mengada-ngada. Rugi jek, pasal aku suka Ezlyn sebelum ni.

Kuih raya pun sume dah deliver (awal gila siap tahun ni. Order tak banyak kot)

Sebenarnya, motif post ni ialah untuk aku mengatakan
I can't wait for Hari Raya to come!


Anies and Her Lab Coat

Friday was a blast! Had iftar at Madam Kwan's at MidValley (ayam goreng dia sangat lazat, especially kulit dia!) with fellow married friends, soon-to-be-married friends, wedding-planner friend and a never-to-get-married friend. Then we played bowling where I played my best game yet! Total pin drops : 109+57 (second game tu letih gila lah)=166. Wakakaka.

Then on Sunday, again bukak puasa dengan kawan-kawan at Rebung. Mate, Nik, Nad & Anies. God. I haven't had such fun over the weekend since God knows when!

Took pictures with AngkasaOne('s pictures). Did you know that Rebung is co-ownered by AngkasaOne and Chef Ismail? Kesian Chef Ismail. Kitorang tengah bergembira-bira kan, sekali masa dia datang meja kitorang nak beramah mesra, sume orang senyap tengok dia. wakaka..dia pun boring dan blah.

p/s:Nik lost some much weight and looks kacak, hehe. And he's an MAS pilot. Mate drives a Honda City. Aku bawak Kelisa lagi ke? Bila nak upgrade ni?

p/s2:ps2? wakakaka. Anies nak pakai lab coat untuk baju raya. Wakakaka. Ada jual kat Jusco.


Semalam kitorang pasang lampu lip-lap depan rumah dan juga 4 batang pelita, tapi takde minyak tanah la pulak, so tak dapatlah nak pasal apinya.

Tapi lampu tu sangat cantik. Al maklumlah, jiran jemiran kitorang bukannya sambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri pun. Most of them, and I mean close to 80% of them celebrate Deepavali.

Tapi takpe, baru standout sikit rumah tu. Nanti bila dah pasang pelita, boleh main bunga api dengan Adam. Kalau dia ada kawan dekat area situ-situ lagi bagus.

On Sunday there's a buka puasa celebration (cewah celebration) with the old posse from FAB, and that's the fabulous Fakulti Alam Bina for those ignoramus wakaka. Our small group consists of akulah, Nad Mon, Mate, Nik (whose name is Nik Khalis but our lecturer called him Nik Waterproofing wakaka) and Lennywenkins. But Lenny's in Sabah so she won't be joining us. Everybody's bringing a partner, but Zufri doesn't want to join us (I expected that) so I'm bringing Anies, whose almost part of the pack anyway.

But yesterday Anies said that she might have to go to Kelantan lah pulak this weekend. How lah?

Ada sesiapa nak join tak? Buka puasa dekat Rebung.

p/s: Bangun sahur pukul 5:30 pagi tadi. Boleh?


Mm mmm, delicious Trifle

Today's better than yesterday. At least I'm getting more work done because I finally know how to work the software. But my chair still sucks and its hurting my neck because I have to look up to face my monitor.

On another note, going home is a breeze nowadays. The plan is: Kak Yen takes the bus to pick Adam up, then she walks to my office (approximately 3 minutes) and we drive to Bazar Ramadan Kelana Jaya. There, I will definitely get the most amazingly and sinfully delicious 'Trifle' from gerai Kak Norella (if I'm not istaken). Dia kedai no 3/4 dari depan, sebelah kiri. Right next to lagi satu gerai yang harus dilawati, gerai karipap sardin super lazat.

Cumanya, trifle akak ni sangat mahal. RM5 satu. Tapi sangat lazat.

Semalam aku tidur pukul 8 malam. Wakakaka. Nak pegi Terawikh konon. Tak guna betul. Mesti pegi malam ni!


Not bad. But not good.

Today was better than yesterday. Not bad. But not too good either. This alleged Team Leader of mine (I've yet to be assigned under a spesific Team Leader) kept giving me sheets and sheets of drawings. Thank God they're just external works, which are relatively easier than the building works, but I feel that there'll always be a grey area (with the external works). Whatever lah.

My mp3 player ran out of battery after lunch, so instead of working I surfed the internet. The whole afternoon. My neighbour, whom I shall name Juju (because I forgot her name along with 90% of the workforce here) must be feeling pretty pissed at me for falling asleep once or twice. Wakakaka. I should be doing some money collecting overtime, tapi kan dan masuk 10 malam terakhir puasa. Kot-kot dapat malam Lailatul Qadar ke..kan seronok.

Ni sekejap lagi nak balik ni. Dekat sini, dah 5:30 pun macam baru pukul 3:00. Takde sapa pun yang bangun dan balik. Aku sorang je balik awal. Gila apa nak buat overtime pada hari pertama bekerja, ye tak? Kerja pun tak urgent. Kang habis cepat kang banyak pulak keja lain nak kena buat. Gila materialistik diorang ni, hehe. Baguslah. Lepas raya nanti pun aku nak materialistik gak. Hari-hari nak balik pukul 10:00. Baru kaya akak.


My First Time

My first day here was OK, but my workstation sucks! And my PC sucks (Windows 98 with an ancient 14" monitor)! Mouse dia jenis ada bola OK. Even my chair sucks! Kerusi tu kan bila kita naikkan dia, lepas 5 minit dia melendut balik ke bawah. Stress siot macam gampang. Banyak pulak tu keja. Sigh.

Here's to a better tomorrow..