Kembali Berbelog

Today ends my month long time off from blogging.

So anyway, nothing much has happened the past month. Haven’t gone out much since I started cooking (yay!). Weekends are well spent. Been going to the park after work for some exercise time with Emma (which consists of me chasing her around) which is God sent because she sleeps better at night!

She’s 10.6 kilos now. Alhamdulillah, surprisingly her booster jab didn’t cause her to have any fever. I give her Scott’s emulsion everyday now, that’s the only supplement she takes. Don’t know if it’s sufficient but as long as she’s eating fruits, vegetables and still breastfeeds, she should be okay, right?

Her favourite animal is the dog, because our neighbourhood’s just crawling with them. She calls everything ‘dog’, even cats. She has her own stroller now, with which she pushes my teddy bear Tommy around like her own baby. Gets stuck at drops all the time. Doesn’t seem to enjoy bath time as much lately, but still loves playing with water. She feeds herself with a spoon, but not as much with her hands. Maybe because I still give her porridge (she rarely eats adult rice).

And OMG! Emma absolutely loves cam-whoring. She’d hold my phone at an arm’s length from her face and make faces at the camera! A smile would be scrunching her nose and pouting her lips, haha. She can’t string two words together yet, but says ‘shu shu’ when she wants milk, complete with raising up my top. She babbles a lot, not much is intelligible though.

She’d say shoes when she sees me getting ready to go out, habis when something’s finished, air for water, oyo for oreos, cantik when she’s all groomed, andi when she’s taking her bath (she loves singing in her own language while walking to the shower with her towel draped at her neck), mummy, bapak, tok ah for tok we our neighbour, papa for opah, dam for adam, cih for thank you, “tu, er, ah!” then ‘jumps’ off something (konon-konon satu dua tiga kot) but not much more. Like I said before, her vocab’s still limited. Maybe because I myself am not such a big talker. I should talk to her more, kan baru dia bercakap balik.

She’s almost adept in wearing her own shoes, but taking ‘em off like a pro. Her latest favourite snack is oreos. Dang myself for introducing it to the household. And she seems to love eggs.

Nowadays after her bath, I’d wrap her with her towel like a swaddle and just swing her around, shushing her to sleep, hehe. Feels like she’s growing up too fast! Getting her to wear her clothes is a race. As soon as I put her down, she’ll scramble to her feet an start running around naked, hahaha, sneaking glances at me to see how close I’ve gotten. She’ll snuggle up to an accomplice, usually Zufri, and start screaming. Hahaha sabar je lah. Well at least I’m getting some much-needed exercise.

Every night before sleep, we have this new routine which Zufri doesn’t really approve hehe. She’d look at videos of her in action, and laugh and communicate with herself until the whole video sequence ends. Ada la dekat 15 minit. At least she’s enjoying herself, and gives me some time to catch up on my reading. Hehe. 15 minit pun jadi lah. Maybe I should download some educational videos into my handphone. Don’t know if its possible though.

She’s been eyeing the big bikes at the park. Her small little Stride To Ride Walker is no longer sufficient. Sheesh. I don’t think she can ride a tricycle yet, but maybe she can give it a try at one of the shops. Di Giant sekarang dah tak boleh cuba basikalnya, dia rantaikan tayarnya. Bagus. Hahaha.

Last Sunday us sisters had a picnic at the garden in KLCC (which deserves a post on its own). We’ve always had picnics as children, particularly because Mummy’s not so fond of eating out. We’ve had picnics at all kinds of places, the strangest being the (open) car park at Haw Par Villa in Singapore. Hahaha. As far as I can remember, we’ve always had home cooked food. And she’s a marvelous cook, something I’m trying to emulate.

Wah wah, macam-macam aku nak cerita ya. Macam semua update pasal Emma saja. Hahaha apa nak buat, kehidupan, hati dan minda aku penuh dengan Emma. Hehe. Later when I get my groove back, I’ll blog about something else ya.
But for now, happy 18th month birthday, baby!

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dbalkis said...

wah..syoknye emma dah pandai cakap mcm2..anak aku sengih je memanjang..cakapnye tak jugak..