Visiting Baby Armand

Semalam hari membeli-belah di Gulati's USJ. Diskaun gila-gila you! Memang murah, tapi rasa stok last year kot pasal nak raya mesti nak masuk stok baru, kan? Banyak orang kawin bulan 6 ni, harus ada banyak baju.

Lebih enjoy dari ke Jakel tahun lepas pasal Gulati's tak ramai orang, so semua salesgirl busy layan Emma, Zuf busy layan handphone, aku dan Pipi busy shopping. Kenapa Gulati's USJ? Pasal kami baru balik dari melawat baby Megat Armand Firdaus, dan wedding yang aku sangkakan di petang Sabtu rupanya di petang Ahad.


Ooohhhh the storm has passed. Great skills in risk management, in my humble opinion. Yay time to enjoy the rest of the workday!

I have dug my grave. Now is the time to wallow in self-pity and ride the storm over. At least its Friday.



Disney On Ice

Last Saturday Emma got to see her 3rd favourite cartoon character, Mickey Mouse and friends. Her most favourite cast would be them from Toy Story (siap mengigau Woody) and second is Elmo.

The show started at 1.00 pm give or take 10 minutes, and ended around 3.00 pm. Started off with Mickey's car nreaking down, and then came the cast of Cars, which I'm not familiar with. I thought the Cars part of the show wad pretty lame, pasal takde pape pun, cuma 4 biji kereta pusing2 atas ais pastu drift sikit2. Whatever.

Lepas tu ada The Little Mermaid pulak. This was quite nice, as Emma and I could relate to the underwater creatures like the fishes lah, sea horse lah, octopus lah. Emma tak pernah tengok cerita ni lagi, and afterwards I went to Speedy to look for the DVD tapi depa takdak pulak.

After that it was time for The Lion King. Also thoroughly enjoyable, with the detailed costumes and beautiful skating. Didn't snap a lot of pictures as we were busy clapping hands, singing and gawking at the show. Kenalah excited nyanyi2 dan joget2 dengan Emma pasal kalau tak harus membazir duit duduk tegak je tengok macam tengok wayang pulak.

Then a short intermission and then came Tinkerbell. Quite boring in the beginning because I kept waiting for Peter Pan to show up, rupa-rupanya there's a show called Tinkerbell or Fairies or something. But the production was quite impressive, with a flying queen fairy.

The costumes were pretty elaborate, the sound system was great, not too loud but yet loud enough to understand, the skating routines while not Olympic grade was still spectacular and amazing!

So would I go again next year? Hehe probably no because Emma would be 3 this August dan kena beli separate ticket hehe and the baby would still be a baby to appreciate the show. However kalau ada Pixar on Ice hehe, then definitely!