The Case Of Food Poisoning

I had a crazy case of food poisoning last week. I think it was the lala we had at Oyster King at Paradigm Mall. Inilah balasan Tuhan kerana makan di tempat yang tidak diketahui status halalnya huhu. Tak check pun, pakai redah je. Ingat kawan-kawan. Had them on Wednesday night. Zufri, Aisha and I had some, Emma had none, thank God. Tapi kasihan kat Aisha. Early Thursday morning she threw up a little. Then at around 6-ish she threw up a little bit more. I swear it was just a little bit of puke. So I sent the kids to Opah and went to work.

So at work, I was feeling a little queasy. I thought nothing of it since you know, thought it might be morning sickness and all (heh heh). The first time I threw up, out came my breakfast, roti kosong dan teh ais. But it didn’t leave a horrible after taste in my mouth. So I just sort of lepakked on the jamban. Came out, drank some water, and then back again on the jamban, vomiting again. Minum air sikit, muntah balik. Pastu cirit pulak lagi. Ya ampun. Minum lagi. Muntah lagi. Siap muntah tepi jalan (on the way nak ke klinik) dan dalam kereta Pipi lagi (mujurlah ada beg plastik hahaha)

Then Opah called. Said Aisha had thrown up twice. So I thought ah, might as well go home. So off to the clinic we went. Now this is an interesting story. Remember how Emma was admitted to Assunta when she was about 1 year +? Well we went to Klinik Kanak-Kanak Oh at SS2. I remember the nurse being very garang because she yelled at me (then) anak you demam tak bagi ubat demam? She could have a seizure in the car you know???

But I had no choice, so off we went. She asked me apa masalah anak. I said dia muntah-muntah. Dah berapa kali? 4 times since this morning. Dah 4 kali muntah baru nak jumpa doctor????? She could get dehydrated you know??? Hahahaha OMG serius over the top sungguh lah nurse ni. She reported down the necessary information, asked me how old Aisha was. So I said 1 year 4 months. Dia melihat Aisha dengan wajah yang sangat skeptik. But she’s so small!! Her birth weight is so big, why is she so small now?

For the record, Aisha weighed 7.6 kilos at 16 months old (according to her, Aisha had the weight of a 7 month old baby). Emma at the same age was almost 11 kilos. If I looked at just Aisha, I won’t notice how small she really was, only when I compare her to other kids her age, then I can see a difference in size.

The doctor was really concerned with her weight, but was fairly satisfied that she seemed like a healthy child. One of her questions was whether my breast milk was enough for her during the first year? I said well she didn’t seem to fuss and seemed satisfied and full so I gathered that I had produced enough breast milk. I have been supplementing Aisha with formula some 4 months ago, but at home and during weekends its always been direct feeding.

So the doctor told me to stop breastfeeding for a while, because whatever food poisoning virus I had in my system can be transferred to her through my milk, and that lactose causes stomach unsettling. She told me to feed her a lactose free / soy based formula and gave some oral rehydration salt.

Balik rumah, beli susu, aku pun tidur. Mintak tolong Pipi jagakan Aisha, bagi dia susu. I think she was already so tired by then that she just took the milk and fell asleep without much fuss. The moments when she was awake though, was terrible. She kept wanting to nurse and I kept refusing her. Kesian betul. But she wasn’t all that cranky. Malam nak tidur tu, Aisha tidur bilik sebelah dengan Zufri because otherwise, I’m sure she’d wanna breastfeed all night. Rasa lain macam tak tidur dengan Aisha, tapi sekejap je hahaha because I really needed the sleep. I had practically nothing since morning, I was so tired.

Alhamdulillah by Friday everybody felt a little better. I no longer threw up, tapi perasaan mual dan loya itu berterusan sehingga ke hari ini. The thing is that after a meal I’d feel nauseous so I needed to lie down, and after a short nap barulah diri terasa segar.

The only things that got me going were ice cold carbonated drinks (sprite & ginger ale). These two things really kept me going. I tried to eat asam, tapi I cannot go lah. Asam aku beli tu tak best kot. Asam betik yang halus-halus tu. Maklumlah, tak biasa beli asam. Tak masam mana pun, masin je lebih.

Kesimpulannya, jagalah pemakanan anda. Food poisoning really really sucks. Dan aku sangat bersyukur kepada Yang Maha Esa kerana tak diberi ujian morning sickness seperti kawan-kawan ibu yang lain.


Diriku terpanggil untuk mengemaskini blog. Apakah yang terkini? 3weeks ago Zufri turned 31 and we went away for the weekend to Bukit Tinggi. Wish we had stayed AT Bukit Tinggi itself, but no we stayed at Selesa Hillhomes. Pergi sana pun pasal Zufri ada 'tournament' golf haha. Air quotes adalah kerana it was organised among friends for friends haha. Then we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary 1 week later.

Didn't go anywhere fancy, just went to paradigm lepak kejap pasal Zufri lewat. Bawak Kiddos naik teksi. Emma was so excited and happy, she bragged to anyone who would listen. Dinner was at Las Vacas. Delicious food. Yummy company. The restaurant was practically empty so the kids could just run around and let us grown ups enjoy our food.

So this anniversary, Zufri bought me (or the house, rather) a sofa! Hahaha lame I know but I've been complaining for the longest time and I guess he just couldn't take it anymore. Anyway, sofas are so expensive! Rasa macam nak menangis cari sofa je. But we finally settled on this gorgeous and super comfy sofa from Ikea. Asked Emma, whaT did she think of it?

Sekejap eh mummy.

Dia pergi dekat arm rest tu, panjat dan slid down to the seat. Smiled and then said best.

A-ha! Macam tu rupanya cara pilih sofa!

One anniversary he gave us a water heater haha. Oh dear my husband is so practical.

Malam ni asyik hujan kan? Selesanya tidur berselubung comforter. See you guys soon.


Can I just post photos of things that make me happy?

Tengok tu masa berlalu dengan sangat pantas that Aisha's just a blurry vision! Photo taken during Raya Haji di Restoran Hamideeyah, Campbell Street, Penang. We parked at theparking area opposite Line Clear. Ya Allah. Dah keluar baru perasan sejam RM4! Habis RM16!

Lepas tu balik SP naik feri. Semuaorang enjoy, Emma and I especially. Heee.

This is a photo of Emma playing with her cousin Hani Nur Khadeeja. Umur Hani Nur setahun lagi tua dari Emma, but Emme is a bit taller. Si kecik bontot tonggek pasal pakai cloth diaper.

Eh I have to say, I truly support cloth diapering. Its lighter on your wallet especially if you're planning on having more than 1 child. And although the cheaper brands are okay, both my Lunatots have tears in their waterproof lining. And the same with Bouncy Baby. A good, cheap brand of CD is Sentuhan Bayu. Check out senuhanbayu.biz. RM19.99 je satu set. Aisha has 3. Two more are on their way hehe.

Nah gambar Aisha baru bangun tidur. I've introduced her to formula about 3 weeks ago. Aku pun dah start tak rajin nak mengepam 3 kali sehari. Kadang kadang aku pam 2 kali but most days its only during lunch. She's now coughing, with phlegm. Hoping that Insha Allah, everything will be fine.

Another of Aisha. Dahi dia jendul okay!

Okay mengantuk. Good night!


Butterfly Wings

This is a crazily backdated post, which I think happened in May 2012. Sila.

Emma’s been bugging me to buy her a pair of butterfly wings from Cotton On at Paradigm Mall. Ewah nak selitkan yang akak dah pergi ke sana, ada a lot of comments on the place. Nanti aku komen. So last night on a whim ewah on a whim (jakun oi) kami pun pergilah ke sana. Zufri tiada kerana dia kan Belia 1Malaysia.

Nak dijadikan kisahnya, kami beli 2 benda. Butterfly wings dan sehelai tshirt untuk Emma. Cashier tu kata semuanya RM63.00. Eh? RM63.00? Kenapa pulak sedangkan harga butterfly wings tu hanya RM29.00 dan tshirt hanya RM19.00? Kenapa kenapa kenapaaaaa???? Kau ingat aku tak reti kira?! Katanya harga butterfly wings tu RM44.00. Kataku no, written on the price tag is RM29.00. Katanya sekejap ye kak.

Manager dia pun datang, called HQ, ding dong ding dong bla bla bla about 3-4 minutes, probably even 5, dan katanya ye kak, harganya RM44.00.

I was conflicted, because Emma really wanted those wings, but I hated that they did a mistake like that and cheated the customers. I mean what if I bought a shit load of things and didn’t check every single item, like in Giant? (Well Giant has made their fair share of over charging customers themselves) Then how? 1 customer dah RM16.00, sehari 10 customer beli dah RM160.00. sebulan dah RM4,800.00! Tak ke rip off tu namanya??

Memang semua wings tu RM44.00 atau ada yang RM28.00, tanyaku. I mean there were other designs; they could have priced them wrongly. No, said the manager. They are all RM44.00.

Hmm.. Think think think.

Sekali budak tu tanya “so akak nak ke tak?”

What the effffff la weyyyyyyy?????

I mean wow. Seriously? Of course I said no. And on hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have taken the t-shirt either. And probably should have voiced out my dissatisfaction with the way he handled the manner. And the manager too. And created a scene. With placards and all, pusing-pusing depan Cotton On chanting “Cotton On Penipu! Cotton On Penipu!”

I guess I was expecting some sort of apology for inconveniencing me. What if I went there with only RM28.00, came to Paradigm Mall solely for the purpose of buying those wings, with a baby in the carrier and a 4 year old melalak nak jugak wings tu? Or just honour the price shown on the price tag. RM16.00 is not a lot for a place like Cotton On.

Nasib baik aku bukan celebrity blogger tau.

Bangang punya customer service.

Jalan-jalan kat Toys R Us, tengok tengok ada satu butterfly wings tu, lengkap dengan magic wand, at only RM33.00. Lagi berbaloi.

Haven’t stepped foot in another Cotton On store ever since.


Finally an update

Amagad I really need to update this blog more often. Every time I read other people’s blog I feel so inspired to update mine. Inspirations that are short lived pasal aku tak update-update juga. Its been a busy few months. Busy idling. Hehe. Busy being lazy. Ooohh that sounds better. Oh! Oh! Or busy living life. Yeah I could go on for hours (thinking of things to write and end up not writing anything at all)

OK. Sooo….

August is a month of many occasions; both my girls are August babes. On Emma’s birthday, I made her a birthday tiara made of foam. The best would of course be using felt paper, but Zufri just couldn’t be bothered to go to OU (Daiso sells them in lots of colours!). Foam is also acceptable, but it’s a bit warm. Mak Su made Emma some red velvet cupcakes because those are her favourite, and we drew some Hello Kitty on the icing. Yummy and pretty.

Aisha’s birthday pulak was on the 2nd day of raya. That was fun because everyone was around for cakes and bunga api. In true Hamzah family tradition, we didn’t have any round, huge cakes, but instead we bought cake slices from Secret Recipe. The kids then promptly started playing under the table. Seems that kids will always choose friends and company over sweet delicious cakes.

Raya this year was pretty calm and organized, we amazed ourselves! Usually malam raya tu masih lagi mengemas-ngemas rumah, jemur ketupat, keringkan rendang dan sebagainya. But this year, malam raya tu aku keluar pergi cuci rambut, OK. Cuci rambut! Amagad. Memang superb raya tahun ni. Brought only Aisha because Emma was too busy playing with her cousins. Emma tak nak ikut tau mummy, Emma nak duduk dengan Mak Yen. Okay, Princess. (She makes me call her Princess nowadays. Ikat kain kat pinggang sebagai skirt yang sangat panjang dan kembang, letak selendang atas kepala sebagai rambut yang panjang. Seperti Princess Rapunzel.)

Wish I had photos to share with you guys. Maybe later when I update on Emma and Aisha. Gotta get back to work.


What A June!

Or to be exact what an end to June!

First the great news. Anies gave birth to a chubby looking and indeed-o chubby at 3.2 kilos this early morning at 4.20 am. Alhamdulillah, congrats to Anies dan Shafik. so happy for them! Air ketuban pecah di restoran ye, drama sangat. Haven't had the chance to go visiting yet because..

Great news number two: I'm in JB to attend my cousin's wedding! Alhamdulillah, congrats to cousin Zaki and his wife Azila. Beautiful wedding. Besok turn wedding di Singapore pula dan Papa wants to leave at 8:00 am. Good luck.

Anywayyyy, after the bride's sanding tadi (Zaki married a Johorean because we Johoreans are so cool and much sought after) the groom's rombongan lepak our house sekejap to regroup. While everyone was inside, somebody smashed the window of an auntie's Alza and took a cousin's handbag.

There were two passports in the bags. Australian passports. Jadi sekarang semua orang lain nak ke singapore untuk wedding esok. Yang seorang (Raidah) nak balik KL pasal suami dia kata (depa baru kahwin 2 minggu lepas) suruh balik KL, settle kat KL. Lagi sorang (Khadeeja) nak cuba masuk singapore tanpa pasport, menggunakan report polis.

Seorang pakcik, bateri kereta dia mati. Semua orang struggle pasal tak tau mana letaknya bateri kereta dia. Bengkel banyak tutup pasal malam sabtu. Kalau bukak pun, xde jual bateri bersesuaian. 4 bengkel kemudian baru jumpa mekanik. Tu pun bateri dia kecik gila.

Pakcik makcik dan cousin cousin dah bergelimpangan kat depan. Dramatik sungguh our end of June.

At least the whole family's together :)


Instant Gratification

So my new year's resolution was a bust. Hampas sungguh resolusi itu untuk membelog setiap minggu. What's new. Hey you know, I thought I wrote somewhere about what my ideal weight was, but I couldn't find it. Before I got pregnant with Aisha, I was what 65, 66 kilos? Yeah, a bit overweight, but was still in a suitable BMI range as borderline as it was. My maximum weight, days before I gave birth was 80 kilos, and 40 days postpartum I'd gone back to 65, 66 kilos.

My weight happily stayed there. I jogged, I exercised, I tried to diet. A few weeks ago I noticed that my work slacks were a bit loose that I had to wear a belt. At lunch I ate half a portion of rice, focusing more on vegetables and protein. I drank lots of air kosong, especially before lunch time, because I'm still pumping milk. Aku berpendapat bahawa badan aku harus biasakan diri menghasilkan susu dengan kadar makanan separuh yang aku makan, agar kelak tiada masalah penghasilan susu jika aku tetiba nak diet. Panjang inner conflict aku ni, ni summary saja.

So today I decided to weigh myself. Lama dah tak timbang berat, kerana balik-balik melihat angka yang sama, diri menjadi sedikit bosan dan stress. Hee hee berat aku kini 61 kilo. I lost 4 kilos tanpa disedari dan ini membuat aku terasa sangat best. Yeah 61 is still heavy, but a loss is still a loss no matter how little it is, so mari memotivasikan diri sendiri! Nak turun ke 55 kilo boleh tak? Tapi pasal terasa diri dah kurus, terus aku minum coke hampir habis sebotol besar. Instant gratification sungguh. Tiada disiplin. Semoga aku insaf dan sambung makan yang sihat sihat saja sehingga selamanya.

Oh God, teruk betul bahasa dan isi post ini. I wanted to do some work but found out I couldn't. I should go to sleep now because I feel delirious. Minum coke dulu segelas hee hee.


Testing from bloggeroid



Enjoying my view from here.


A family portrait

L-r : Aisha, Emma (the small red one), Bapak & Mummy

Thanks Emma for acknowledging my ample bosom. Sheesh. And why lah am I the biggest??! Everybody knows Zufri is bigger, hehe.

I've never taught Emma how to draw, so this definitely came as a surprise. Rasa macam nak frame aje papan hitam ni muahaha.


The Day I Turned 30

Thank you to friends and families for your prayers and well wishes upon my turning 30 last Friday. Remember kids, age is just a number. 30 or 29 are just the same if you don’t improve yourself. Be wiser as you grow older, OK? Chewah so zen and mature.

So, stories. Pipi baked me some coconut rainbow cupcakes that I have requested since forever. Her coconut cake is the best! Brought some to the office to share with my lunch mates.

Hee hee.. Zufri surprised me with a bouquet of roses and lilies sent to the office.

I was totally surprised because I could usually read his face and his face never betrayed a thing! Turns out he came up with the idea on Friday morning. Hah! No wonder I saw nothing. Anyway, the lobby was full of people coming back from lunch at that time, so that was fun. Everyone was really excited haha more so than me.

Then at night he took us out for dinner at an “undisclosed location”. Surprise katanya. What he doesn’t know was that I already know where we were going, and who else were going to be there. Hee hee. Not because I could ‘read his face’ but because Shikin actually called me up to ask me out but I was afraid that Zufri might not want to go because to drive up to KL on Friday night.. it might rain, the roads might be jammed, Aisha could be so cranky that nobody would have a good time. . the list goes on. So I told her to directly call Zufri and say that she’s planning a surprise party for me, muahaha. Turns out yeah, Zufri agreed.

His surprises are usually so borderline lame. Like this one time we were driving in my beloved kelisa weezer in UM, tiba-tiba dia berhenti tepi jalan kata eh botol dalam bonet tu bergerak-gerak lah, tolong susun sekejap. Hahaha, di situ aje aku dah suspect. Kenapa aku pula yang kena susun botol tu? Then the other time also was hidden in the car, on the floor underneath some papers or something. That was also gagal pasal aku tak perasan. Haha. So I suppose he thought there was no way I could figure this out.

I was toying with the idea of springing a Gotcha moment on Zufri when we got to the restaurant, but decided to just go with the flow and see how it goes. But Zufri was very very keen on surprising me so I was leaning more towards acting surprised. Dalam kepala asyik terfikir apakah cara terbaik untuk berlagak surprised? Menjerit? Melompat?

Kemudian kita sampai ke restoran itu. We lingered at the lobby, looking at some Aprilia motors on display. I was really hungry by then, also very anxious and excited and nervous. Would I be able to pull this off? Will my face betray my emotions? Chewah. Then as we entered the restaurant, I saw Shikin and Anies waving our way.

I turned back to look at Zufri.

I smiled.

And then I cried.

I mean sheesh! I already know they were gonna be there! It's not really a surprise! Motif nak menangis?! MOTIF?!!?

But I love it. Good food, good company, good music. The live 4 piece band came by to sing me a birthday song and presented me with a complimentary birthday cake. Lepas tu depa menyanyi lagu Awan Nano pulak. Hahaha. But they sounded so good! Terngiang-ngiang sampai sekarang. Ketika itu terasa seperti dalam video klip Awan Nano pulak. And now I'm playing that song on repeat.

Now that was one helluva surprise.


Sleep Baby, Sleep

The past few days the kids and I mean both of them if you’d believe slept from 8 all the way till the morning, but last night they decided to spring one on me and stayed up until 12 am last night! I had gotten so used to having free nights! After a whole week of staying up by choice, on the one night that I need to sleep early, I had no choice but to sleep late. Sheeeesssssss.

Kalau berjaga tapi tak gaduh takpe, ni tak boleh ditinggalkan. Masuk blik at 8pm, then tak nak tidur jugak so I got out and cooked dinner sekejap (the most delicious sup tulang berempah ewah dicicah dengan cili kicap yummyyyy), sempat lagi makan malam, kemas dapur bagai, pun Aisha tak mahu tidur. Masuk balik bilik, golek golek, tonggeng tonggeng (she got on all fours, rocked her body a few times, kemudian tersembam ke depan. Lepas tu buat balik).

Susu tak nak, masukkan EBM dalam botol susu pun tak nak. Now I understand why some mothers decide to formula feed their child. I seriously thought I had run out of milk, and in my hands was a baby, crying with all her might. So I passed the baton, or rather the baby, to Zuf (since he was staying up to watch the Arsenal game anyway) and put Emma to bed pulak. A few minutes later, I was already asleep and voila! So was Aisha. Congrats to Zuf!

Kesannya? Hari ni bangun pagi pukul 8.


Of Walking And Breastfeeding

Minggu lepas ada kenduri di rumah sepupu Zuf. Sedang aku duduk di lantai bersantai mendukung Aisha, datang seorang anak buah jauh Zuf, juga mendukung adiknya yang aku kira agak muda iaitu agak-agak 2 years old
ABZ : Umur dia berapa tahun kak?
AKU : Baru masuk 5 bulan.
ABZ : Dia dah boleh cakap dah?
AKU : (Kau dah kenapa budak 5 bulan dah boleh bercakap?!) Err.. tak boleh lagi lah.
ABZ : Mukhriz (adiknya itu) jalan cepat, cakap lambat. Orang kata jalan cepat, cakap lambat.
AKU : (Eh ada aku tanya?) Oh ye ke.. bila dia start jalan?
ABZ : Tujuh bulan dah jalan!
AKU : (Hek eleh budak darjah satu ni. Jalan meniti kot. Hebat betul adik ko?! Sentap ni!!)
Heh? (Terus pandang tempat lain)
Aku skeptik dengan ayat itu kerana Emma dahlah jalan lambat, cakap lagilah lambat. Don't think there is such a thing, or is a scientically proven thing. Skeptik tahu tak, skeptik!
OK sekarang Aisha's updates.
Sedang menonton televisyen. Sangat khusyuk.
Hmm.. biasa saja. Kadang-kadang dia berpusing-pusing. She also gets up on all fours and rocks herself. Tang tido tu memang dahsyat repositioning dia. Biasa dia tidur jam 8, dan bangun balik menyusu jam 4. (Biasa menyusu sambil baring, bila aku nak tidur aku angkat dia masuk babycot. Jam 4 menyusu aku angkat atas katil). So far so good.
Menyusu pulak Alhamdulillah masih menyusu badan. Stok susu dalam fridge pun OKlah, not bad at all. Time Emma dulu memang kais pagi makan pagi, Aisha ni ada lagi stok so pumping schedule tak begitu rigid. The other day after a meeting that went on and on, I double pumped while driving back to the office. Freestyle FTW! Kadang-kadang sesi mengepam dibuat sambil menggosok baju, mengemas beg, mencuci botol, menaip di pejabat ewah. Cumanya masa mengepam kat meja office tu, janganlah menyuruh aku bangun kerana walaupun ia boleh dilakukan, aku akan kelihatan seperti seorang wanita with super boobies.
Emma breastfeeding her baby, also named Aisha Zoeya sheesh.
Saiz badan, hehehe, is average. Not as Sin Chan as Emma. Much slimmer. And lighter. And dare I say shorter. Sigh.
So far, Emma has been nothing but a good and loving sister. Dia bangun pagi kalau Aisha dah bangun lepak dengan aku kat depan, dia menangis cari Aisha. Kalau Aisha terjaga dari tidur, dia dodoikan Aisha. Of course Aisha never falls back asleep, but at least she keeps her entertained. Kalau Aisha tarik rambut Emma (which she always does), aku marah Aisha, aku kena marah balik dengan Emma.
A photo I uploaded on facebook the other day.
Seems like Emma and I are the ones who have to fight for Aisha's affection. Bukan Aisha dan Emma yang fight for mine.



Okay so Blogaway sucked. Couldn't upload photos. Or maybe I didn't know how. Mari eksperimen!



Keeping to my resolution, so far. So I'm trying out this new blogging app, let's see if it's any good.

We had Shaqeel for the weekend while K Chy went outstation. It was nice to see Emma and Shaq and even Aisha bonding. Once I was at the kitchen, leaving the kids alone in the kids' room, then Aisha sorta cried. I yelled "Emma! Main dengan Aisha!". Usually she'd just follow my order. Today I heard her yell "Shaqeel! Main dengan Aisha!". Lepas tu dengar suara Shaqeel cakap-cakap dengan "Esha". Hehe the heirarchy has changed.

Haha really quick update. Happy Monday morning, everyone!


Happy 2012 people! Haven't seen you guys for quite some time. I'm in a meeting right now, but aku sedang duduk tersandar sambil mengupdate blog muahahaha. Bergaduhlah you all. I'm doing this because of my resolution. Heh heh. I resolve to update my blog at least once a week, more frequently if time permits. Like today hahaha. Susah nak update because android app takde blogpress. Hehehe alasan. Among other resolutions are:- To spend less time indoors, watching TV and to spend more time appreciating nature chewah. Implemented last weekend whereby Aisha terbaring baring atas tilam kat luar rumah while aku jemur baju dan bercucuk tanam dan Emma bermain pasir. Lagi resolusi :- To run the half marathon in this year's KL Marathon. Berusahalah! Haven't started training yet.. Hmm.. Cook more often. With four mouths to feed, eating out everyday is not a viable option. Plus its healthier. Cooked in bulk on Monday and froze some. To be more patient. Especially with Emma. God, akal budak ni nowadays. I've had meltdowns I'm not proud of *cries* Final resolution :- submit my application to ISM. Muahahaha. 7 years gone. Major procastinator (sp). Fuih banyak juga azam tahun 2012. Marilah berusaha menjayakannya! Happy 2012 everyone!