The Day I Turned 30

Thank you to friends and families for your prayers and well wishes upon my turning 30 last Friday. Remember kids, age is just a number. 30 or 29 are just the same if you don’t improve yourself. Be wiser as you grow older, OK? Chewah so zen and mature.

So, stories. Pipi baked me some coconut rainbow cupcakes that I have requested since forever. Her coconut cake is the best! Brought some to the office to share with my lunch mates.

Hee hee.. Zufri surprised me with a bouquet of roses and lilies sent to the office.

I was totally surprised because I could usually read his face and his face never betrayed a thing! Turns out he came up with the idea on Friday morning. Hah! No wonder I saw nothing. Anyway, the lobby was full of people coming back from lunch at that time, so that was fun. Everyone was really excited haha more so than me.

Then at night he took us out for dinner at an “undisclosed location”. Surprise katanya. What he doesn’t know was that I already know where we were going, and who else were going to be there. Hee hee. Not because I could ‘read his face’ but because Shikin actually called me up to ask me out but I was afraid that Zufri might not want to go because to drive up to KL on Friday night.. it might rain, the roads might be jammed, Aisha could be so cranky that nobody would have a good time. . the list goes on. So I told her to directly call Zufri and say that she’s planning a surprise party for me, muahaha. Turns out yeah, Zufri agreed.

His surprises are usually so borderline lame. Like this one time we were driving in my beloved kelisa weezer in UM, tiba-tiba dia berhenti tepi jalan kata eh botol dalam bonet tu bergerak-gerak lah, tolong susun sekejap. Hahaha, di situ aje aku dah suspect. Kenapa aku pula yang kena susun botol tu? Then the other time also was hidden in the car, on the floor underneath some papers or something. That was also gagal pasal aku tak perasan. Haha. So I suppose he thought there was no way I could figure this out.

I was toying with the idea of springing a Gotcha moment on Zufri when we got to the restaurant, but decided to just go with the flow and see how it goes. But Zufri was very very keen on surprising me so I was leaning more towards acting surprised. Dalam kepala asyik terfikir apakah cara terbaik untuk berlagak surprised? Menjerit? Melompat?

Kemudian kita sampai ke restoran itu. We lingered at the lobby, looking at some Aprilia motors on display. I was really hungry by then, also very anxious and excited and nervous. Would I be able to pull this off? Will my face betray my emotions? Chewah. Then as we entered the restaurant, I saw Shikin and Anies waving our way.

I turned back to look at Zufri.

I smiled.

And then I cried.

I mean sheesh! I already know they were gonna be there! It's not really a surprise! Motif nak menangis?! MOTIF?!!?

But I love it. Good food, good company, good music. The live 4 piece band came by to sing me a birthday song and presented me with a complimentary birthday cake. Lepas tu depa menyanyi lagu Awan Nano pulak. Hahaha. But they sounded so good! Terngiang-ngiang sampai sekarang. Ketika itu terasa seperti dalam video klip Awan Nano pulak. And now I'm playing that song on repeat.

Now that was one helluva surprise.