The Baju That Didn't Happen

Started sewing littla baby's baju kurung last night. Potong kainnya dah lama, tapi minggu ni asyik memasak je, hehe, lantas jadi penat dan tiada masa. Since last night only made Prego's cheese and herb kuah, so dinner was done at 830, plus Zufri wanted to watch the match so I couldn't watch Fox.

So anyway, started the washing machine and figured 1 had an hour to sew whatever I could. Ingatkan sempatla siap, pasal baju kurung kecik je, berapa banyak sangatla nak kena jahit kan?

Mula mula jahit, aturan dah salah. Kena tetas balik. Lepas tu jahit je benang tercabut lah, jarum patah la, Emma kacau main benang lah. Ya Allah, stress gila. Tapi aku gunakan pendekatan zen chewah, dan remained calm at least on the outside.

So finally when the laundry was done, I had managed to complete one part of the pesak and the sleeves. I proudly showrd Zufri what I had done, and he went on to say the sleeves have to be bigger, don't think the baby will be comfortable in that.

Kecilnya hatiku, dan sambil protes aku kata yang aku amek dari sample baju Emma la, sambil mengambil baju itu. Turns out yeah, it was a whole lot smaller than the sample!! Kenapa??!!! Measurement aku salah ke??!! Tension gila!

Nasib baik aku buat draf je, not using the original kain baju raya dia. Now no more confidence already to make the girls' baju raya. Shoot.


Happy Father's Day

Zuf doesn't really celebrate any special 'day', except for birthdays. And the only reason he celebrates birthdays nowadays is because my family is big on birthdays.

He never wished me a happy mother's day ka, happy valentine's day ka, and I have grown tired of expecting one. I'm sure he's not expecting one from me, so no pressure there, hehe.

Instead of 'worshipping' him today, he spent the day doing his fatherly duties, which I assure doesn't happen that often. He cleaned up the middle room, which has been turned into Emma and the new baby's room, and even committed himself to training Emma to sleep by herself in her room before the baby comes (which I think is quite impossible), but hey he has my support.

He doesn't read my blog anyways. So happy father's day to daddies who are reading.


I'm Pregnant And Is Super Emotional

Papa called just now, asking why he was charged for using unifi at my place on his phone when it should have been free, according to me. So I said I don't know, but maybe he didn't really use a unifi connection but celcom's gprs instead, because those things are really expensive and I think he was charged about RM74 just for that.

Then he started yelling, "then who's gonna pay for this?!" over and over again, so I said yeah, I'll pay, whatever. I wasn't sure, I thought he was just yelling in jest, but then again he sounded so serious, I got I dunno, scared I think, and suddenly burst into tears! Silently of course.

Then I suppose he figured something was wrong so he started chuckling and said that if I didn't have any money its OK, he was gonna pay anyway.

Aku senyaaaap aje. I was afraid I might cry louder if I started talking. I finally hung up. Siot je. Then when Papa called back I didn't answer.

Nanti kang malamlah baru aku telefon balik. Kecik hati I.