Laman sesawang aku dah bersawang, yo!

Banyak yang berlaku. I had diarrhea and lost 1 kilo! Woot! Best diet ever. Hee hee. Then I lost my appetite. Imagine, makan OR fillet burger dari KFC for lunch pun tak habis! Itu pun aku tak breakfast. For a while there I thought I might be pregnant. You know, all the (my) symptoms were there. No appetite, feeling tired all the time, dizziness, short of breath. And my period was 2 days late. Sekali third day tu mak period pulak. Cheh, false alarm je. Anyway, should have figured, since Adam The Psychic tak kata pulak dalam perut Gigi ada baby. So there.

Last Sunday we planned on going to The Club for a swim with friends from JB iaitu Syahirah and Ryan. They have the best slide ever, considering I’ve never been to Sunway Lagoon. Dulu masa kecik-kecik kitorang selalu pergi Big Splash namanya kat Singapore. Siapa ingat tempat tu? Sekarang tak taulah ada lagi ke tak.

So anyway, we woke up early and all, the night before Zufri even bought a whole new suit for swimming, I dressed Emma up, complete with swimming costume (selalu kena kutuk dengan Zufri. I’m just used to calling it a costume) and goggles, inflated her (brand new, hehe) arm floats (kalau guna yang neck float tu tak tau macamana dia nak turun slide) and all and I changed into my swimming costume (apasal banyak sangat kurungan ni?) and the zipper sort of became loose.

Faham tak? Zip kan mencengkam dua-dua side kan, ni satu side dia cengkam satu side lagi dah terkeluar. So Zufri the ‘Handyman’ tried to fix the zipper. And voila! I tried it on again, and again it became loose. Maybe it’s too tight, I dunno. Hehe. But I only got to wear it twice! Then Zufri tried to fix it again, but this time the zipper just broke into pieces. So unless I want to pin the front up, I won’t be able to wear the darned suit. Serves me right for trying to save a few bucks and buy Ogival. Should have bought Arena. Takkan mak nak pakai swimming costume sexy mak? Hahaha.


ashikin said...

haha.. nice intro!.. dah besawang eh... but swimming costume? really?... mmg kau seorg yg berprinsip la babe..

syana said...

last time i checked, big splash is still there.

nice meeting u here. :)