My last post on giving birth

Sigh. As if FOUR nights in the hospital wasn't enough, I had to stay another THREE days last week because Emma had jaundice. Alhamdulillah everything's fine now and we're back home.
OK. So a friend of mine came visiting last weekend and get this. I was chastised by her MOTHER, commenting that "kalau duduk depan PC lama2 time pantang takut meroyan". Hmm? Meroyan is, of course, postpartum depression so I seriously do not know how spending some time on line every week will make me depressed. No offence eh Min, cuma aku perlu menyuarakan kemusykilan di minda aku.
Truth be told, I had a mild case of depression after giving birth, but that was on my 3rd day being a Mummy. Looooong time before I started surfing the web. I suddenly felt weighed down, like Emma was draining all my energy. And worrying about my stitches, and feeling uncomfortable because of the heat and all the sweating. So I just laid down and cried. For a good half an hour. Hohoho. But then everything went back to normal. I said it was mild.
Hahaha today I heard my mother in law gossiping with my next door neighbour. Dia kata dalam pantang takleh kena hujan. Then dia tanya, kuat ke meneran? D-uhh memanglah kuat meneran kan, kalau tak canne anak nak keluar tak? Tapi ibu mertuaku dengan pantasnya menjawab, tak depa kena tarik dia kluaq pasai dia takdak tenaga nak teran. Kesian.
Ibu mertua aku ni kan, suka macam tu tau. I just shook my head in disbelief (as I tend to do a lot around her) and went back inside. Dia suka cakap macam aku ni takde tenaga lah, lemah lah, kesian lah mak dah takde, kesianlah tak reti salin pampers anak, tak reti mandikan anak. What she doesn't understand is that for everything that I do not do, is the opportunity for her to do. Mengerti enggak? And where did she get the story that I had a forceps delivery? I pushed Emma out all by myself. I had all the energy.
Oh aku tak cerita, aku amek epidural hehe. Taulah, kena induce. Tiba-tiba jek contractions dah 2 minit sekali. Tak sempat nak buat persediaan, hehe. Mungkin jika aku dikurniakan anak buat kali kedua, aku tak naklah epidural. Serious tak tau bila nak teran. Tu yang lima kali teran baru keluar tu. Siap bidan tu warning kalau dah 20 minit teran tak keluar jugak, saya panggil doktor masuk dan suami puan kena keluar. Hahaha siot je. Terus keluar si Emma tu. Siap aku teran keluar uri sekali hempap anak aku. Kihkihkih.
Kaitannya cerita aku ni. Ok, ok. I promise this shall be my last entry on giving birth. Lepas ni aku cerita pasal erm whatever else I can think of.


My Baby You..

Well hello there, the one who still reads my blog. Hoho been quite some time eh? Come, let me tell you a story.

I had an antenatal checkup (my first ever there) at Putrajaya Hospital on Tuesday, 29th July. I was to be warded that afternoon and induced (paksa beranak) the next day, and if that doesn't work out then operate lah nampaknya. Now let me tell you, any inhibitions you might have just melt away when you're in the hospital for giving birth. They inserted prostin (ubat induce) into my erm tempat beranak not once, but three frickin times ok! And not just three prostins, but six! The first time was a shock, apatah lagi the procedure was done by a male doctor (tau2 je lah, tangan lelaki kan besar). The 2nd and 3rd times was better perhaps because I was used to it. When that didn't work, I was given not one, but two sweeps untuk mempercepatkan bukaan rahim. Ah, what is a sweep eh? A sweep is where they massage your uterus to make it soft. Seriously, depa masuk tangan godok2 dalam tu. Hahaha bodoh sungguh. Why lah am I telling this story..

That was on Wednesday and Thursday. Come Friday morning, they said yay! Let's break your waterbag! So diorang pecahkan air, I was wheeled into the labour room and at 12.51 little Almas Amelia was born.
Hehe Almas means Intan you know. Amelia means aspirasi. So my baby girl grows into a gem of a girl with high ambitions and hopefully the means to reach her dreams.

Here she is.

Precious, eh?