To A Better 2010!

Resolusi tahun 2009 adalah to live and eat healthier. I gained 1 kilo. Guess that didn’t go as planned. But I suppose I lived healthier than 2008. I cooked more and ate more fruits and vegetables.

Didn’t wanna make new resolutions for 2010, but rather to improve on 2009’s resolution. Hmm. But I think I’ll add one new one: -

Change professions.

Insya Allah.

At first Zufri didn’t seem too keen on my wanting to become a lecturer, but he’s warming up to the idea. I guess if I want it that bad, Zufri pasti akan menyokong aku dari belakang. He’s my rock, y’know.

Don’t know if I want it that bad, though.

Here’s to a brand spanking New Year.

So long.

Won’t be posting for a while. I’m tired of all the drama.



Tropic Thunder And Hanis Zalikha

Semalam tengok Tropic Thunder. Hahaha. Kelakar gila. Tapi macam mana boleh nominated for awards pun ceq tak tahu.

Weekend ni kami pegi Penang, ada wedding di Bukit Mertajam (rasanya). Oh, man. Tapi ceq redha. Zufri doesn’t want to stay at his mom’s at Sungai Petani because his parents won’t be there. But with the New Year weekend coming, hotel rates in Penang will surely double. He’s not so keen on staying with his brother in Penang, either. Don’t know yet. Let him decidelah. After all he’s paying.

Weekend lalu aku macam extra free so aku baca-baca balik post aku yang lama-lama. Hahaha. Memang betul-betul free. Kelakar jugak aku ni kan? Hahaha. Gila aku tergelak baca certain posts. Sekarang aku dah pressure to keep up the fabulous work. Hehe. Aku suka layan blog Hanis Zalikha. Kelakar sey dia. Lagi kelakar dari aku, sob sob. Juga cantik, tapi tak poyo macam some models. Hmm aku tak pernah tengok lah iklan/poster dia. Runway model kot? Famous, but very down-to-earth. Wah wah puji menggunung nampaknya. Adakah aku mengidolakan dia? Hahaha mungkin tidaklah begitu sekali.


Miss Tang cuti seminggu, yo!

Expect regular updates this week. Heh heh.

Semalam tengok cerita Twilight untuk kali pertama. Cerita cinta rupanya. Kusangkakan cerita epik vampires dan werewolves dan gollum hehe. Watsup with Bella and all the lip biting, eh? Trying to look sexy ke? Eww kay. Tapi setting yang sangat cantik. Would love to be living in Fork.

The whole long weekend kami (aku dan Emma, semestinya) melepak depan TV saja, layan one movie after another. (Zufri main golf. Ni kalau tak jadi pro ni…) Didn’t have time to clean, hehe. Sinki penuh dengan pinggan. Hahaha. Mujurlah aku tiada OCD. Hahahaha. I’m not a slob, either. I mean, I may not wash the dishes immediately after use, but I don’t pee on floors either. Forest floor mungkin. Hehe. There’s a reason the toilet bowl’s invented, y’know. A piece of decoration, it is not. Except maybe those gold plated ones.

I always try to set a good example for my kid. Mostly when I eat junk food, it’s in the office. Because when I eat in front of Emma, she surely wants a bite. And since junk food is so much tastier and is so addictive, she’ll sure want more. And if I refuse her, oh well, I can’t refuse her. So the simple solution is jangan makan depan Emma. Dan Zufri. Hahaha.

Same goes to my actions and speech. Janganlah mencarut depan anak hang. I’ve certainly narrowed down my choice of words. Partly because I hardly drive anymore. I’ve realized that I curse a lot when I’m driving. But driving with Emma is a more calm and happy time, hehe because I have to sing and entertain her while driving. Dan janganlah bertumbuk depan anak hang. Hahaha. Ada ke orang buat macam ni? Seriously, ada ke? Kang anak hang tumbuk kawan-kawan dia macam mana? Who do you blame then?

Going off tangent here, Baby Shaq is enjoying his holiday in UK and latest I heard, he’s taking pictures with the Eiffel Tower. Hohoho. So looking forward to my souvenir. I wonder how they’re coping, since they didn’t bring Shaq’s stroller. Tapi yelah, jalan-jalan dengan Emma skarang mana bawak stroller dah. Kadang-kadang hairan jugak tengok budak-budak yang dah besar tapi still duduk dalam stroller lagi.

But whatever, y’know. To each, his own.


A Day At The Zoo.

Hye! My name is Emma. Nenek said that I should start my own blog. But I think I should tumpang my Mummy's blog until I can actually think and type. Heh.

Two weeks ago we went to the Zoo! Yay! I had so much fun looking at the animals from near and far. We reached the zoo at 10:30 am and left at 5:30 pm! Yikes! 7 whole hours! Mummy said we should get our money's worth so we might as well stay until closing. Bapak really wanted to go to the Night Safari, but I guess we'll have to do that next time.

Of all the animals, I was really fascinated by the goats. They are so cute, and I did not find their smell disturbing at all. In fact, I even touched one of the goats! I'm too fast for my Mummy!

We caught the water animals show and the elephant show. They have an elephant named Intan. My Mummy's name is Intan. Hee hee.

I was so excited that I refused to eat lunch. I just had some Tiger cookies. Auumm. Heh heh. Maybe that's why I fell asleep on Mummy's shoulder while watching the elephants. I can not believe I missed their show!

Then we took a ride on the tram and on the boat across Seletar Strait.

Useless fact No. 1 : The Seletar Strait was named after orang-orang Selat.

After that, we went to their Kid's Zone. I took a ride on the carousel.

At first I was afraid, but when it started moving, I enjoyed myself. I had the ride all to myself! Bapak took videos of me on the carousel, and I loved it so much that I keep on playing the clip on the camera, again and again. Then something happened. I pressed the 'delete' button instead of the 'play' button. Hmph. I blame Mummy for allowing me to handle the camera myself. I mean, she knows pretty well I can't read!

I was really scared of the statues. Even cute little statues of otters! I thought they were real!

But then Mummy explained to me that they were just statues and that they couldn't move, let alone bite me. So I let Bapak take this picture of me. Hee hee.

This is the notorious Omar. Mummy said he ate his trainer last year. *Shudder* He looks like a giant cute cat.

Useless fact No.2 : White tigers aren't albinos. They're just white. All white tigers remaining in the world are descendants of a white tiger named Mohar.

Useless fact No. 3 : In Africa, they have lions. In Asia, we have tigers. There are no lions in Asia and vice versa.

Near the exit, we saw the orang utans. The camera had run out of batteries by this time (we didn't even get a chance to take pictures of the Savannah animals!). I especially loved watching the baby orang utan, yang asyik bergayut pada mak dia. It reminds me of, well, myself. Emma pun suka bergayut pada mummy. Maybe because she always smells so good. Hee hee.

Boy oh boy, was I tired at the end of the day! But it's okay as I slept all the way home.

Thank you Mummy and Bapak for the fun day out! I love you both.

(Hee hee perasan)

Disclaimer : Of course ini bukan Emma yang tulis okay. Don't be a smart ass and leave comments on Emma's genius mind. Heh. Tapi kalau ikhlas rasa Emma genius, mak aminkan aje. Hehe.


Sehari Di Putrajaya

Hari ni aku ikut Zufri pergi Putrajaya, since aku still ada mc sehari. Spent most of the afternoon berjalan-jalan dan bergambar di sekitar Precinct 2.
Emma looking all excited, over nothing

Rasa macam dalam scene cerita Cicakman.

Dalam CIMB, Emma tiba-tiba buat muka uh-oh macam ni.
Rupa-rupanya she was mimicking an ad posted on the wall.


Muka aku yang sangat semangat bergambar.
Emma pulak senyum poyo sambil memandang tempat lain.
Ey, why my teeth so yellow?

Then, we went to Pullman Hotel & Resort, Putrajaya. We've made reservations for 18th to 20th. Hoo-ray! We sooooo need a break. They're having a promotion, weekends are priced at RM199++ per night, including 2 breakfasts. Usual price is RM414.00 (including taxes)! Oh sungguh teruja. I love December. The hotel is sooooo lovely, the wooden wall panelling, the tempered glass steps that make me feel like walking on air, the super comfy sofas, the free breakfasts.. Hehe. What can I say. I'm a simple person.

Tengok, Emma pun dah tido kat Pullman.


Then.. And Now

I have an eye infection, courtesy of Emma. Got 2 days MC, courtesy of Dr.George. Everybody's just so courteous. Heheh. But Emma's at home with me. Tomorrow maybe I'll send her to Opah's, so I can just lepak and finish the book I'm currently reading.

Anyway, was going through old photos the other day and found these:-

Emma : Almost 2 months.
My God, look at those cheeks!
Mata sepet, bibir tebal. Hahaha. Hidung ada 'ong'.
Masa tu tak perasan bila orang cakap pipi dia tembam,
tapi sila compare dengan gambar seterusnya.

Emma : 16 months.
Ahhh.. Kelihatan seperti sangat sopan santun.
Dan ayu. Haha.

Rizzqin : Almost 2 months as well.
Sangat comel dan innocent

Rizzqin : 17 months
Hahahaha sangat cheeky.

Like he's up to some mischief.

Shaqeel : A few days old.
Very small and fragile

Shaqeel now : 4 months +
Check out those thighs. And arms. And those long fingers.
And check out the serious face.

Adam : Not sure. Probably 2 months old.
Haha. Handsome little fella.

Adam now : 4 years 2 months old
He's actually fairer in real life.
Tang telinga tu ikut mak dia ka ayah dia ka, I dunno.
Really smart little guy.

So there you go, the whole clan of cousins so far. InsyaAllah, more will be added to the clan. These children were and are still breastfed exclusively (Kak Yen & Kak Peachy still exclusive, aku dah start campur FM at 13 months). Thanks to Pops for the encouragement.

Oh today's Papa's 61st birthday! Happy birthday, Pops! Papa sangat kerek pasal hari tu dia buat checkup and found out his biological age is actually 48. Sheesh. Auntie Rani pulak she's 51, with a body older than her age. I shudder to think how old my body is. Should. Start. Exercising.

We are planning for a family holiday this CNY. Unless somebody gets engaged then. Kan, kan?