Picnic At Lake Garden

Hye, it’s Emma again! I had such fun gathering and playing with friends last Sunday. We reached Lake Garden as early as 8:00 am. There goes my beauty sleep! Then one by one Nabil, Iskandar and Dhani came. Thank God for cousins Adam and Rizzqin to keep me company (and Mummy sane, heh heh).

For breakfast we had nasi lemak, nuggets and sandwiches. I of course had little. The call of the slides, see sew margerie daws and monkey bars is much louder than my stomach. Oh, monkey bars. I couldn’t reach that up high, so I settled for the ladders. Mummy almost had a heart attack!

Then I went for a nature walk with Mak Yen and Adam and Rizzqin. Mummy? Dia dok lepak dengan kawan-kawan dia sampai dia lupa kat cheq, na. Kecik hati cheq. Tapi cheq maintain, pasai cheq kan big girl. Yeah!

Finally left at 11:30. It was already so hot then, my cheeks turned red! I fell asleep as soon as I was safely secured in my car seat. When I woke up, we were at Tesco to get my diapers. Then we went to the Curve. Mummy bought me some hair clips (Mummy is delusional. She knows I have no hair! Tsk tsk) and a fisherman’s hat. In red! Again!

After having lunch at Anggerik Kuringan in Sunway Damansara (only I was alive and kicking. My cousins all terbongkang tidur already) we finally left for home. What a tirrrrrring day!

I learned some new words. Like ‘A’ is for (Alliga)toooor! ‘B’ is for beaaaaar! C is for (Ca)meeeeeeh(l)! Must be exaggerated like that.

Mak Yen says she wants to make this a weekly event. Mummy says yeah right. I say bring it on!
I wish Shaq can join us next time. I haven’t heard his stories on his latest adventures!

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