Diet Wise?

Last week was terrible for me. Diet wise. Tuesday I had filet mignon, Wednesday was Dominos and rendang daging and lodeh, Thursday had home grilled ribs daging korban, Friday sambal daging korban pulak, Saturday chilli crabs and finally on Sunday had McDonalds. Complete with ayaq gas. Malam aku insaf dan makan tauhu bakaq je. Hehehe. Sekali belasah Cornetto sebijik. And 3 Kinder Buenos since Tuesday. And to make things worse a colleague brought back packs of chocolate from Langkawi and they are just within an arm's reach.

Argh aku sangat lemah!

But it was my anniversary dinner y'know. Then hari raya haji pulak, takkan nak makan rolled oats kot na? And of course daging korban you have to finish up right? As for the crabs, Zufri yang mengidam nak makan kerang, sekali pergi pasar malam found crabs instead. Recipe pulak follow Masterchef. Pergh. Harus lazat. And the Kinder Buenos? Well, I haven't had chocolates for almost two weeks, SO CUT ME SOME SLACK, OK??! Tee hee defensive pulak.

So yesterday for breakfast I had two pieces of toast. With cheese and egg. Then topped it all up with four slices of toast with butter and sugar. Finished it all up with a glass of cold milk. Full cream. Sigh. I'm a sucker for buttered toast.

But at least I took a power walk Saturday morning, so that has to count for something, right? Right, who am I kidding ey. Kalau lari 5 km 3 times a week didn't help me lose any weight, why would a 3 km power walk, right?

Sudah, sudah. This is so depressing. I hope Anies doesn't read this post.



So yesterday we finally took Emma to the movies. Yay! Watched Megamind at Cathay Cineleisure since that was the only cartoon showing.

Mula-mula she was so excited to go into the cinema, but when it started, with the loud noises and all (she didn't seem to mind the dark), she crawled straight to my lap and sat there glued to my neck throughout the whole movie! Thank god for the wide and spacious seat.

I thought the movie was fun, although might not be suited for children Emma's age. Something like Toy Story or Finding Nemo might be up her alley. Oh well. No thanks to someone who's golf game ended late.

Jalan-jalan di The Curve sampai lewat mala, finally had dinner at Bumbu Desa. Quite nice, but since I'm on a diet, just had their ayam goreng. Cheh. Sangat tak diet makan ayam goreng.

Then yesterday took Emma swimming at Dayang's place. Wan Rose was there as well. Baby dia, Maya namanya, kelihatan persis abangnya Nabil. Hehe. Sangat comel. Sangat halus. Huhu. Masa tengah mandi manda tu, ada orang buat shooting la. I was OK I think because I was half submerged in the water. Dayang dengan Mar tu ha, duduk berjemur tepi pool. Hohoho.

Dunno where Zufri's taking me to our anniversary dinner tomorrow. Hehehe. Will my babysitter arrive in time? Hahahaha. Banyak sangat problem thesis.

Antara satu paragraph dengan the other macam tak ada korelasi, kan? Belasah je tukar-tukar cerita.

Selamat Hari Raya Qurban everyone!

I miss blogging.