Oh, The Drama

Yesterday (this is a delayed post, happened on 20/07/2011) as some of you might know, I was at Hospital Putrajaya regarding my pregnancy. During my biweekly appointment at Klinik Kerajaan Kelana Jaya that morning, they discovered a few things. I had protein in my urine and slightly elevated blood pressure (signs of pre-eclampsia), my glucose level was at 2+ (impending sign of gestational diabetes for which I had to repeat my MGTT this morning), and that my baby’s heart beat according to the Doppler is 174 bpm (normal being 160, and hers had always been between 140 and 150). The nurse made me lie down and rest and then took several reading at 5 minutes intervals. Her heartbeat never came down.

When I saw the doctor, she said that she’s referring me to the hospital and I started crying. Emma was with me, sedang melayan Hutos (thanks to Nannoor’s tweet! Sangat comel) jadi dia tak perasan mummynya sedang menangis. Doktor kata la, saya refer hospital untuk check je, kalau takde apa-apa dia tak tahan u. And I replied in between sobs saya tak nak kena induuuuccceee!! Huk huk sedihnya. I really really wanted a non medicated natural birth this time around. Doktor kata kalau kena induce pun takpe what, you dah 36 minggu, baby berat dah lebih 2 kg, everything will be fine. Which is actually correctlah sebenarnya, better she thrive outside rather than suffer inside kan.

So I called Zufri who was in a meeting in Putrajaya and he picked me up, dropped Emma at Kak Yen’s (Opah pun pergi hospital, ingat belum sampai rumah, rupa-rupanya pukul 10 dah sampai), singgah rumah ambil my hospital bag and drove to Putrajaya. Fully prepared in case I have to give birth that day.

Upon registration and checking in at the counter, the nurse said ‘pergi ke wad bersalin sekarang!’ in what I thought was a serious tone. So again I cried, kerana terperanjat of the severity of my case. I know, lemah gila. Hormonal sungguh. Especially because Zufri was somewhere else, getting me something to eat. Then off we went to the labour ward. Masuk-masuk je ada notice mengatakan we are full, all patients will be checked and referred to Hospital Kajang. Zufri panicked, he didn’t want the hassle to be moving here and there, so he booked me on the hospital’s FPP scheme, hehe. Will update about that later.

They took me in to the examination room, hooked me on to an external fetal monitor and I heard the word tachy repeatedly. Now I don’t think the nurses were calling me tacky and I’ve watched countless medical shows to know that they were talking about tachycardia, which is high heart beat count. But I didn’t have my phone with me so I couldn’t Google it. Then the doctors came, all 4 of them sheesh, started asking me this and that. At one point the male doc started asking me things about medication, how I miscarried my second one, what happened, family planning lah, IUD lah, do I have a fever or no, do I have thyroid problemlah, was I leaking lah, bla bla bla all the while shooting nervous glances at my EFM reading, so of course I panicked. Lagi nak tanya Puan nervous ke puan? Of course I’m freaking out! You’re asking me all sorts of questions, of course I get nervous. Is there something wrong with my baby?! I mean shut up already!

But whatever. So he called his superior, a Dr. Lam who seems to have a worried look plastered on his face all the time and said ya puan, nampak anak you punya heart beat ada sedikit tinggi, we will hydrate you and see how things go. So off he went and the male doctor gave me a heplock for the fluid. Salah cocok pulak tu. Makin lah gua stress. Sakit gila dia cocok. Lepas tu dipasangya di pergelangan tangan kiriku.

After half an hour of EFM and fluids, nothing changed. Dr. Lam said puan puasa ya sekarang, jangan makan minum apa-apa. Eyebrows furrowed. I thought having to fast means I’d have a caesarian section! At least that is what I thought. I never asked him and he never explained. Mak panik sekejap, tapi serius mak pasrah dah masa tu. Kedengaran pulak di background nurse tu tanya doctor tu wad mana doctor nak bagi pasal memag dah takde bilik dah.

I drowsed in and out of sleep, and finally Dr.Lam said OK, your EFM reading is much better now, averaging at 150 bpm. Alhamdulillah! Everything’s fine! I get to go home! So he did an ultrasound, her size is according to her gestational age (well maybe a week late, I’m supposed to be 36w + 4d as of yesterday, but according to the scan its 35w + 5d and my edd instead of 15/08 was 21/08. At one week apart it didn’t really matter, plus my period cycle is 35 days compared to the normal 28 days) and her efw is 2.70kg saja! Quite light, but Alhamdulillah that she’s fine.

So segala-galanya OK, MGTT results came out OK, blood pressure still slightly elevated, haven’t done a urine test since the above happened. Hai, macam-macam problemo lah. I really thought I did a very good job carrying the baby this time around, tapi nampaknya Allah lebih mengetahui. So today (27/07/2011) I have an appointment with the gynae at Hospital Putrajaya at 2pm. Tak dapat any of the female docs, dapatlah Dr.Azmi. Takpelah, at least I will be closely monitored.

Will update as and when possible.

P/s : Semalam berjaya menyiapkan penjahitan quilt / mini toto for the baby. Gambar nanti saya update. Satu weekend kumpul kain, satu weekend gunting kain dan susun, satu weekend jahit atas, rest beberapa weekend hahaha semalam siapkan dengan kain alas belakang. Siapa tahu, the baby might be coming soon. She deserves something lovingly home made by her mummy. Hehe.

Now back to work!