This Weekend

This weekend we bought a guitar and learned – or at least attempted to learn – how to play it. Each time I take it out and try to strum, the kids would come a-flocking and we would sing twinkle twinkle little star while they strum on the guitar like the true musicians they are. Bought second hand at the Cash Convertor and let me tell you this, that place is a treasure waiting to be discovered! Would like to look for a vacuum cleaner next.

-   This weekend we also had seafood dinner with family at Kayu Ara. Delicious (free! Thanks Kak Peachy!) food, fabulous company, mind boggling gossips.  We reached home at 11:00 and the kids promptly went to bed. Tired mom included.

-   This weekend we showered at least 5 times a day! Oh, the weather! Panas sungguh! The bedsheets were wet with the children’s sweat. Itu pun dengan kipas dan mereka tidur tak berbaju. Thankfully it rained on Sunday so last night wasn’t so bad.


The Trip To The Museum

Hari Ahad, kami lepak di Muzium Negara. Muzium dah banyak berubah, nicer now. Classier, even. I remembered the museum being a huge place as a child, and scary even. Especially the huge burung garuda they had then. But I suppose as a child everything looked big.

But what I wanted to write about is not the museum itself, but what happened just before I entered.

Masa nak masuk entrance tu (I keep calling the building the stadium instead of museum. Kuat dan banyak kali pulak tu. Cheh), ada sekumpulan wanita Arab (aku rasa), berjubah dan berpurdah. Elok dan cantik sangat aku tengok. Depa tengah duduk dekat entrance tu, berborak-borak dengan seorang lelaki mat salleh ni. Kami berempat masuk, berhenti kejap kat depan kedai cenderamata tu.

Terdengar seorang wanita memberi salam.

Assalamualaikum sister.

(Aku pun pusing) Waalaikumussalam.

Are you muslim?

(Duhh hahaha) Yes.

Dilagakan pipinya dengan pipi aku. Sambil tu dia tarik lengan baju aku turun. Hahaha. Keluar toilet tadi, aku sinsing lengan baju aku ke siku. Bila dipanjangkan lengan baju, masih tak tutup lengan aku sepenuhnya. Kira-kira 7/8 covered, just above the wrists. She gestured at her jubbah and said something like this is good, u need to cover your arms or something to that effect. Syukurlah I was wearing a loose fitting skirt or else she would have pointed at my huge ass.

I wasn’t offended. Haha. Who am I kidding.  I don’t get offended easily.

Then she looked at Emma who was wearing her tudung, bless her heart.

This is very good. Alhamdulillah.

Dicium-ciumnya pipi si Emma.

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah. (Carries Aisha) Girl or boy?

Girl. (Smile. Aisha of course tak pakai tudung)

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah.

We smiled, and each went our ways.

Kadang-kadang, we need gentle reminders such as these.
Gahhhh. Most my tops have 3/4 sleeves! 


Emma's First Day - Post Mortem

So how did Emma do on her first day at school? Pretty well from what I hear (from herself and from the teacher). Kata Aunty (the teachers call themselves Aunty agar lebih mesra giteww) Emma independent and I swear that was all I heard. Zufri however heard the Aunty add that she is pretty bossy and likes to lead.  Uh-oh.. She can be bossy, but I’d like to think that she is flexible too. Now I’m not gonna tell her to be a little submissive because nanti jadi macam aku pulak, hahaha. Eh? Anyway its just her first day, I bet she’s still trying to adapt to her surroundings.

When we picked her up, she was crying. She was building a tower from blocks (she calls it her Princess Castle) and suddenly a boy came and kicked her tower! Tsk tsk tsk. Boys. And being a girl, Emma menangis hahaha. Sangat stereotype.

This morning I didn’t follow Zufri send Emma off to school. That’s the plan, anyway. He sends Emma and picks her up after work. Mak lenggang kangkung hantar Aisha kat rumah Opah. So far so good. 

Haha ek eleh baru dua hari sekolah nak kecoh. 


Emma Goes To Kindy!

It’s Emma’s first day at any school ever. We’ve been practicing going to bed earlier and waking up earlier this past week. Can’t say that it worked all the time, but today was pretty easy. Last night I gave Emma like little pep talks to get her excited about going to school this morning. So I showed her this is your sabun. Written here is your name, E-M-M-A. This is you toothbrush. Written here is your name, E-M-M-A. Bla-bla-bla. Lepas tu dia kata meh mummy Emma nak tulis nama Emma. So she opened her notebook and wrote E-M-M-A.

Such a proud moment.

Kerana begini. Aku pernah bercerita secara verbal kepada kawan-kawan. Pernah aku cuba nak mengajar Emma huruf. Aku ajar basic je pun, A-B-C. Ya Allah, stressnya aku masa tu. Siap bawak keluar hanger (aku pukul kerusi sampai patah hanger tu), menangis nangis melalak lalak anak aku. Kesian sangat. Mula-mula dia okay je tulis A-B-C. Lepas tu mulalah, aku tanya lepas beberapa minit, ni apa. Dia pergi tengok muka aku, sengetkan muka dia, jari ketuk-ketuk pipi, Apa eh? Aku dah start stress dah masa tu, banyak kali dia buat aku macam tu hahaha. Lepas aku patahkan hanger tu, aku kata kat dia kalau malas nak belajar tak payah belajar! Duduk rumah je jadi orang gaji!

Hahahaha. Adoi. Lepas tu aku putuskan untuk menyerahkan tugas mendidik ni kepada yang arif. I mean, I still try to teach her from time to time, practice her writing bla bla bla tapi tak secara intensif hahaha. Aku yang tak reti mengajar kot.

So bila Emma eja nama dia sendiri tu tanpa disuruh dan tanpa stress on my part, aku rasa sangat bangga. Hahaha. Tu belum reti buat matematik lagi tu. Mau aku pengsan kebanggan. Haha.

So berbalik pada hari pertama Emma di sekolah, aku, Zufri, Pipi dan Aisha semua satu rumah hantar Emma. Sampai je depan pintu, dia salam cikgu dia, bukak kasut, bukak stoking, terus masuk dalam. Tak pusing-pusing tak salam salam tak babai babai pun. Cis. Tapi Alhamdulillah lah yang dia okay aje pagi tadi. Aku panggil dia keluar balik, salam-salam, peluk-peluk (mata dah berair dah masa ni, tapi kalau aku menangis takut Emma pulak menangis (walaupun aku rasa dia tak menangis pun kot)) babai-babai, dia pun turun main gelongsor dengan kawan-kawan.

Alhamdulillah. Harap-harap Emma terang hati untuk menerima ilmu. Ameen.

Saya akhiri post ini dengan gambaran Emma di pagi hari, gembira untuk memulakan sesi persekolahan.


The Case Of Food Poisoning

I had a crazy case of food poisoning last week. I think it was the lala we had at Oyster King at Paradigm Mall. Inilah balasan Tuhan kerana makan di tempat yang tidak diketahui status halalnya huhu. Tak check pun, pakai redah je. Ingat kawan-kawan. Had them on Wednesday night. Zufri, Aisha and I had some, Emma had none, thank God. Tapi kasihan kat Aisha. Early Thursday morning she threw up a little. Then at around 6-ish she threw up a little bit more. I swear it was just a little bit of puke. So I sent the kids to Opah and went to work.

So at work, I was feeling a little queasy. I thought nothing of it since you know, thought it might be morning sickness and all (heh heh). The first time I threw up, out came my breakfast, roti kosong dan teh ais. But it didn’t leave a horrible after taste in my mouth. So I just sort of lepakked on the jamban. Came out, drank some water, and then back again on the jamban, vomiting again. Minum air sikit, muntah balik. Pastu cirit pulak lagi. Ya ampun. Minum lagi. Muntah lagi. Siap muntah tepi jalan (on the way nak ke klinik) dan dalam kereta Pipi lagi (mujurlah ada beg plastik hahaha)

Then Opah called. Said Aisha had thrown up twice. So I thought ah, might as well go home. So off to the clinic we went. Now this is an interesting story. Remember how Emma was admitted to Assunta when she was about 1 year +? Well we went to Klinik Kanak-Kanak Oh at SS2. I remember the nurse being very garang because she yelled at me (then) anak you demam tak bagi ubat demam? She could have a seizure in the car you know???

But I had no choice, so off we went. She asked me apa masalah anak. I said dia muntah-muntah. Dah berapa kali? 4 times since this morning. Dah 4 kali muntah baru nak jumpa doctor????? She could get dehydrated you know??? Hahahaha OMG serius over the top sungguh lah nurse ni. She reported down the necessary information, asked me how old Aisha was. So I said 1 year 4 months. Dia melihat Aisha dengan wajah yang sangat skeptik. But she’s so small!! Her birth weight is so big, why is she so small now?

For the record, Aisha weighed 7.6 kilos at 16 months old (according to her, Aisha had the weight of a 7 month old baby). Emma at the same age was almost 11 kilos. If I looked at just Aisha, I won’t notice how small she really was, only when I compare her to other kids her age, then I can see a difference in size.

The doctor was really concerned with her weight, but was fairly satisfied that she seemed like a healthy child. One of her questions was whether my breast milk was enough for her during the first year? I said well she didn’t seem to fuss and seemed satisfied and full so I gathered that I had produced enough breast milk. I have been supplementing Aisha with formula some 4 months ago, but at home and during weekends its always been direct feeding.

So the doctor told me to stop breastfeeding for a while, because whatever food poisoning virus I had in my system can be transferred to her through my milk, and that lactose causes stomach unsettling. She told me to feed her a lactose free / soy based formula and gave some oral rehydration salt.

Balik rumah, beli susu, aku pun tidur. Mintak tolong Pipi jagakan Aisha, bagi dia susu. I think she was already so tired by then that she just took the milk and fell asleep without much fuss. The moments when she was awake though, was terrible. She kept wanting to nurse and I kept refusing her. Kesian betul. But she wasn’t all that cranky. Malam nak tidur tu, Aisha tidur bilik sebelah dengan Zufri because otherwise, I’m sure she’d wanna breastfeed all night. Rasa lain macam tak tidur dengan Aisha, tapi sekejap je hahaha because I really needed the sleep. I had practically nothing since morning, I was so tired.

Alhamdulillah by Friday everybody felt a little better. I no longer threw up, tapi perasaan mual dan loya itu berterusan sehingga ke hari ini. The thing is that after a meal I’d feel nauseous so I needed to lie down, and after a short nap barulah diri terasa segar.

The only things that got me going were ice cold carbonated drinks (sprite & ginger ale). These two things really kept me going. I tried to eat asam, tapi I cannot go lah. Asam aku beli tu tak best kot. Asam betik yang halus-halus tu. Maklumlah, tak biasa beli asam. Tak masam mana pun, masin je lebih.

Kesimpulannya, jagalah pemakanan anda. Food poisoning really really sucks. Dan aku sangat bersyukur kepada Yang Maha Esa kerana tak diberi ujian morning sickness seperti kawan-kawan ibu yang lain.