Super Long Birthday Week!

Celebrated my birthday with a week long vacation, hehe. Oh what else can one wish for, ey? Went back to Penang for a wedding on Friday (before CNY), came back on Saturday, slept at an el-cheapo hotel in Klang, and finally slept in my own bed on Sunday night. On Tuesday went back to JB with Emma, Kak Peachy and Baby Shaq. Yup, just the four of us. Zufri couldn't join us because his parents were here, hahaha. I had their blessings, OK.

Man, oh man, oh man. Where do I start? The weddings were beautiful, as most weddings are. The trip to and back from Penang went smoothly. Oi kesian OK tengok kereta-kereta yang terperangkap dalam jam masa perjalan kami balik ke KL hari Sabtu tu! Masya Allah, dekat 60 km! Our side was smooth flowing, thank God. Emma was pretty well-behaved throughout, considering she did have a slight temperature.

Then the wedding in Klang. Emma played in the playground all day. The weather was great, the playground was directly next to the wedding tents, the company was marvelous, people didn't even care I wore jeans to the wedding! And believe me, depa semua mami Penang. Semua simpati kot dekat aku, seeing how Emma was behaving. Papa says she's growing to be a spoilt little kid, and I think so too, but more on that later.

Then on Monday night, we had an early birthday dinner, just the 3 of us at The Curve. Everybody had ice cream, hehe even Emma. The most fun togetehr we had all year, so far.

Tuesday morning I left for JB. At four hours to midnight, Shikin wished me happy birthday and claims herself as the first person to wish me, but of course since it wasn't my birthday yet, tak jadi la dek non. Zufri called me at exactly 12:00 a.m. Emma wasn't asleep yet, so we (together with the rest of the household and Kak Yen and Adam and Rizz who called as well) sang and ate birthday cakes together. And although I did not receive any presents this year (except for the birthday dinners and the tudungs), I feel truly blessed to be surrounded by my loved ones. Alhamdulillah.

But somehow I'm craving for a label-maker lah!

That night I had another birthday dinner, this time with the family at Ichiban Ramen, Jusco Tebrau.

The next day we had a picnic at Istana Garden. I know, korang mesti kata eh, balik-balik pegi piknik. Gilo apo? Gilo piknik OK. Sangat seronok. Aku jumpa pelepah pokok kelapa, pastu aku tiarapkan Emma atasnya dan mula menarik Emma across the field. Emma deleted the video. Then we slid down a hill and dirtied our jeans. Then I tried to pull Pipi, to no avail. Then we tried to pull Shaq, who started crying. Then we pulled Kak Peachy and Shaq successfully. Then Papa pulled Emma. After half an hour of pulling and running, we left feeling tired yet satisfied with the time well spent.
Baby Shaq, who now has two front teeth!

Emma's playing hide and seek with Mummy.

Then on Friday we went back to KL. Today, jeng jeng jeng aku pegi Sogo dengan parents Zufri. Now I'm not a person who willingly goes to Sogo on weekends, but since Zufri's aunt wanted to give her sister a treat, takkan nak suruh depa naik LRT kot? The traffic was amazingly clear, senang cari parking. Mungkin warga KL masih dalam mood bercuti, who knows? Yang hebatnya adalah aku tak membeli apa-apa! Trying to stick to my guns on clearing my credit card debts this year, Insya Allah.

Also managed to finish re-reading The Firm by John Grisham. I know, hardly the literary genius. Nak bawak balik The Testament, tapi terlupa. Been planning on buying Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffeneger, tapi mahal lah. Even downloaded a copy from the internet! Haha tapi tak kuasa mak nak lepak depan PC baca buku.

So there you go! A super long birthday week! I love Aquarians.

(There goes my plans of having a Libran baby.)


anies said...

i love libra.

peachy said...

You wish for a Libran baby because of me ke?