Je m’apelle Claude

I have the most annoying team leader in the world. Most times I wish she were dead. Childish, yes. Morbid, yes. Awful, also yes. Tak baik tau wishing anyone were dead. Argh I take it back, I wish she’d resign. Hehe.

Sometimes I really had it up to this (points to nose) level. Just enough air to breathe. Why is she so annoying? Are all unmarried 50 + year olds this annoying and irritating? Based on MY experience (having worked with 2, hehe), I’d have to agree. Yes. They are all annoying and irritating. But why? Maybe because of the lack of companionship ke? Maybe because they have so much to give, so much to say, so much to complain, but no one to give, say or complain to.

Pastu tension sorang-sorang tak puas hati, nak bagi semua orang tension sekali. Bleurgh.

Hari tu bukak you tube, pasang video belajar French dengan Emma. Hahaha. Le coleurs. Je m’apelle Claude. Eh, Emma. Hahaha. Joey never fails to crack me up. Antara lawak Friends yang aku suka adalah pasal Ross dan unagi. Hahahaha. The state of awareness atau a kind of sushi? Bodoh gila. Kemudian aku juga suka yang Joey appeared on Pyramid Game. Hahaha like why would there be a ghost in my fridge? Hahahaha.

Hahahahaha kelakar gila.

See? Friends always cheers me up.


rawsktar said...

hahahaahah. je blue bleee...bleee?

rawsktar said...

weh, yg ross main pipebag tu.

peachy said...

waktu phoebe drives ross to airport kejar rachel dlm last episode pun best jugak.