All Is Not Well

Singapore General Hospital is much different from JB General Hospital (Hospital Sultanah Aminah) or even KL General Hospital. Why, it’s much better than Assunta Specialist. And is much more expensive. Betullah kata Papa, it looks like a 4 star hotel. Hehe.

Auntie Rani has Hodgkins Disease (I think. Its cancer of the lymph nodes). She’s at stage 3, and she seems to be responding to the chemotherapy. Déjà vu. Her chemo’s for 6 cycles, each cycle is 21 days apart. I’m not so sure about radiotherapy (whether she has to do them).

Papa seems thinner, according to Zufri. I think he just looks tired. He’s OK though, even joking that he’s had experience, so he’d be able to handle it well.

He’s such a good man. It feels unfair that he’d have to go through this for the third time, tapi ini ketentuan Tuhan. He’s not complaining, so I shouldn’t be.

Insya Allah, with proper treatment she’ll be A-OK.

Cancer is everywhere nowadays.

Take care of yourselves.


rawsktar said...

The survival rate is generally 90% or higher when the disease is detected during early stages, making it one of the more curable forms of cancer.[4] Hodgkin's lymphoma is one of the handful of cancers that, even in its later stages, has a very high cure rate, in the 90s.[5] Most patients who are able to be successfully treated and thus enter remission generally go on to live long lives.

semoga auntie rani cepat sembuh

asyikin said...

all is not well, but it's getting better... :) hang in there darling..

Baby Shaq said...

Kesian Pops. Eat more of home cooked food k.

Baby Shaq said...

Also, Aunt Rani looked positive. So that's a plus. Semoga Aunt Rani kembali sihat.

Inty Winty said...

Hey, I have my own Riripedia seh. Hoho Insya Allah.

Tang home cooked food tu, hahaha.
(Itu saja yang mampu kukatakan)