Diet Wise?

Last week was terrible for me. Diet wise. Tuesday I had filet mignon, Wednesday was Dominos and rendang daging and lodeh, Thursday had home grilled ribs daging korban, Friday sambal daging korban pulak, Saturday chilli crabs and finally on Sunday had McDonalds. Complete with ayaq gas. Malam aku insaf dan makan tauhu bakaq je. Hehehe. Sekali belasah Cornetto sebijik. And 3 Kinder Buenos since Tuesday. And to make things worse a colleague brought back packs of chocolate from Langkawi and they are just within an arm's reach.

Argh aku sangat lemah!

But it was my anniversary dinner y'know. Then hari raya haji pulak, takkan nak makan rolled oats kot na? And of course daging korban you have to finish up right? As for the crabs, Zufri yang mengidam nak makan kerang, sekali pergi pasar malam found crabs instead. Recipe pulak follow Masterchef. Pergh. Harus lazat. And the Kinder Buenos? Well, I haven't had chocolates for almost two weeks, SO CUT ME SOME SLACK, OK??! Tee hee defensive pulak.

So yesterday for breakfast I had two pieces of toast. With cheese and egg. Then topped it all up with four slices of toast with butter and sugar. Finished it all up with a glass of cold milk. Full cream. Sigh. I'm a sucker for buttered toast.

But at least I took a power walk Saturday morning, so that has to count for something, right? Right, who am I kidding ey. Kalau lari 5 km 3 times a week didn't help me lose any weight, why would a 3 km power walk, right?

Sudah, sudah. This is so depressing. I hope Anies doesn't read this post.


dbalkis said...

apa kene korang sume cakap pasal diet??stress2..neway i lost a kilo for the past 2 weeks..hehe.nakajak vincent dtg timbang? ada beran??

Inty Winty said...

oh belum berani. minggu lepas minggu belasah daging. minggu ni minggu minum ayaq. sebulan from timbang hari tu OK kot.


Rose said...

Korang ni.....klau korang tension...aku lagi la 1000x tension tau....stress stress

rawsktar said...

hah aku bacaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

chill chill.

ko nak ikut aku panjat bukit gasing tak?

20 minutes hiking. berpeluh best gile.

dbalkis said...

nanti ko tanye anis la bile2 dia nak then kite set date ngn vincent..

HaNiE said...

haa bila mau timbang?? kena plan puasa seminggu awal supaya jarum weight scale tu ringan sket, hahaha..