36 Days Of Aisha

Well pantang is almost over. Hooray. Thursday morning I'm gonna have me a cold glass of coke on the rocks ewah. And later some ice cream. Or just save time and have a coke float. Just to get that craving out of my system. And hope Little Zoe won't be affected by it. Like the day I had a cup of very mild coffee. Argh penyesalan ok because she wouldn't sleep! So no more coffee for me until I start work.

So baby's a little over a month today. At her month old checkup she gained about 800g which according to the nurse is OK. Sangat best check up kat Klinik Jalan Abd Samad seh, kosong! Aisha was the only baby there! In and out in sup sup sap (less than an hour, including her jab).

I'm now spending time in Singapore, attending my cousin's engagement tomorrow and doing some hari raya visiting. Hahaha pantang tak habis dah keluar berjalan bagai. Pagi tadi siap pergi East Coast Park bawak the kids cycling chewah. Found out Emma's afraid of the waves, she scolded the water for getting her feet wet. Did some cardio haha cycled for 45 minutes! Turun je bicycle tu kaki rasa macam jelly fish, seriously! It was a beca-lije bicycle contraption, 2 cyclist, a sort of like child seat in front, ada cover atas and a steering wheel. Quite heavy lah the thing, itu pasai kaki rasa jelly fish. And now my back is painful. Should take the next few days easy.

On a plus note, I'm down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Yay! But since I was already a bit (hah! Denial, much?) overweight then, I am aiming for an extra 10kilo weight loss. Too ambitious kot. Try 5 kg first then we discuss. As usual belly still at 3 months pregnant. Apparently the weight came off my butt. I think. Sigh. Getting flatter after each baby. And wider too. Should look for area spesific exercises. Or new jeans that hides all flaws.

Hmm but can I since early Tuesday morning is our flight back to KL? Mampu mak handle 2 kids naik flight pukul 8:45 am sorang-sorang? Insyallah. Papa kata nak keluar rumah at 630. Tak payah mandi lah gitu. Or if nak mandi kena bangun pukul 530, or 6. Because Aisha typically wakes up at 630. Yup, whatever.

Akhir kata dari saya, selamat hari raya aidil fitri, maafkan saya, zahir dan batin. Thanks for friends who came (di KJ dan juga di SP!!) bearing gifts, cash and well wishes. Ketahuilah bahawa kami sekeluarga appreciate kebaikan anda, sedalam-dalamnya. Juga kepada yang membawa makanan dan juga kepada yang memasak kat rumah I, hehe. Harap u ok ok je nak bersalin nanti, u can do it babe! Thanks!

Argh ignore huge flabby arms, please. Should trim those too. The only photo with the 3 of us.