This Weekend

This weekend we bought a guitar and learned – or at least attempted to learn – how to play it. Each time I take it out and try to strum, the kids would come a-flocking and we would sing twinkle twinkle little star while they strum on the guitar like the true musicians they are. Bought second hand at the Cash Convertor and let me tell you this, that place is a treasure waiting to be discovered! Would like to look for a vacuum cleaner next.

-   This weekend we also had seafood dinner with family at Kayu Ara. Delicious (free! Thanks Kak Peachy!) food, fabulous company, mind boggling gossips.  We reached home at 11:00 and the kids promptly went to bed. Tired mom included.

-   This weekend we showered at least 5 times a day! Oh, the weather! Panas sungguh! The bedsheets were wet with the children’s sweat. Itu pun dengan kipas dan mereka tidur tak berbaju. Thankfully it rained on Sunday so last night wasn’t so bad.