The One With the Merdeka Celebration

The roads are lined with flags for the Merdeka Day celebration. I'm very enthusiastic about this year's celebration, why I don't know. The only time I went out for a countdown was in 2001 while I was in my first year. I went out with Shikin to Dataran Merdeka, walked like 10 minutes then decided there was too many people and left and watched the fireworks from her house.
Plus my feet couldn't take it. I wore my new black Esprit mary janes and I had blisters. I love my shoes. The only reason I asked Shikin out I think was because I was disappointed. See I was sort of in a semi relationship with someone from USM at that time and he was supposed to come visit me during the holidays. Its Shamil btw, and he didn't come.
So this year, it being the 50th and all, I wanted to go see the whole countdown thing, the parade in the morning and then the proclamation at Stadium Merdeka. Then I read somewhere that to get good seats for the parade, people start coming at 4:00 bloody a.m! Boleh?
And talking about 4 a.m, and no I didn't go to Gwen's concert, I went to Syed Mamak at 4 a.m on Monday, alone, to get some work done and I'm so proud of myself because I get to see the early birds. Y'know, the school bus drivers, the old happy couple, minah-minah kilang baru balik kerja.
And I can't help but wonder, will I still be around when Malaysia celebrate her 100th Merdeka Celebration?
Ala-ala Sex and the City tak? Just finished all 6 seasons yesterday. And now I have so much time on my hands that I can blog, hehe.
Tomorrow I'm going to Sungai Petani, so I'll just have to celebrate in Penang. I wonder how the celebration mood is over there..
So Malaysia (the country, not the person) I love you and happy 50th Merdeka!


The One With the Pavlova

Slept less than an hour last night for baking chocolate chip cookies. I wonder why I subject myself to such a torturous hobby. I'd be dysfunctional at the office today, so I called in with an emergency but then discovered I can't go anywhere but head for the office. So half a day's leave was wasted on working at the office.
But really, baking is a wonderful hobby. Just downloaded a recipe for baking a pavlova, wakaka. Never even tasted one, but the name and the photos seem so lazat. And also downloaded a Laksa Johor recipe for my farewell lunch in September. Kena test dulu baru boleh buat untuk orang ramai. Long time no taste Laksa Johor lah. And I ordered some 60 gorgeous cupcakes too for the lunch. Semangat pulak nak ciao.
And to date, I still have 6 days' leave to finish in two months. Rugilah pasal I've been saving my leave for Hari Raya and my wedding. Kang masuk ofis baru cuti mesti 4 hari jek. lepas tu company Cina mesti tak cuti panjang time Raya.
Tapi takpelah. I can always take unpaid leaves. Maklumlah banyak duit overtime.
(Sorry kerek)


The One With the Stupid Stupid Engineer

I'm in a really bad mood today because why, know? Because this dumb electrical engineer who took THREE FUCKING WEEKS TO WRITE A TWO PAGE REPORT! AND IT'S NOT EVEN A COMPLETE REPORT! STUPID STUPID ENGINEER YANG LEMBAB NAK MAMPOS!
And when I called him, the receptionist said "oh, Encik Sallehan busy lah sekarang. U call dia balik kejap lagi". You call me back lah! How am i supposed to know how long are you gonna be busy? Stupid piece of shit.


The One With the Marathon (Again)

Only I didn't run a full marathon, just a 1/14th of a marathon hehe.

When we reached the stadium at 6:30 a.m., we (Anies & I) were sort of malu lah pasal kitorang join 3K FUN run jek, and while we were checking the competition out we discovered that most people in our category were children, aunties and parents pushing strollers. Damn. One auntie even wore kain batik, OK.

We were at the back of the bunch at the starting line, because we were too cool to be too enthusiastic about running. Thank God for Anies, because otherwise I think I'd be the front most runner. Shortly after the gun went off, kitorang pun potong semua competitors lain one loser at a time, hehe.

We thought we'd die gasping for air if we ran non stop, when in fact we had conversations! Without ever gasping for air! And Anies ran more than 4 minutes! All in all we finished the course in just 12 minutes! Sekejap gila!

We rocked our category, man!

And all this while, while running for 30 minutes, I thought I ran less than 3 kilos. When in fact I must've been running more than 5 kilos!

So now that I have motivated myself, I'm gonna join the Shah Alam 10K run and later the Mizuno Wave 10K run, all in September. Bestlah join, banyak goodies dapat.


The One With the Other Offer

What?! No counter-offers whatsoever? Nampak sangat betapa tak dihargainya aku kat sini. Sudahlah korang.
And on the other hand, another colleague was accepted by Putra Jaya Holdings (PJH). Gaji dia double, benefits gile babi. Kelahiran anak dia sponsor, medical, dentist, phone bills, mileage and last year they received 3 months bonus! syok tak? And today, she offered me to come join with her because PJH's still looking for QS-es, tapi dia nak experience 5 years. So colleague aku ni try la ricky line ngan member dia yang keja kat PJH tu kot kot aku boleh join sekali ke. Tapi gaji aku tak double lah pasal experience aku tak cukup.
Masalahnya, office dia kat Alamanda, Putrajaya. Kalau aku duduk kat Putrajaya OKlah kan. Aku taknak duduk kat Kajang ke Bangi.
Alhamdulillahlah. Murah rezeki orang nak kawin ni, hehe.
Bos-bos aku pulak tak bagi kata putus lagi pasal nak chow bulan depan. Ngok ngek betulla.


The One Where I Made It!

Syukur Alhamdulillah, I got the job. They're offering me RM100.00 less than what I asked for, but think of all I'd be saving! And gaining! Can't wait to start. Just hope the office would let me go in one month because stated in my offer letter was 3 months' notice. Gila tak?
Can't write about much. Too nervous about writing my resignation letter.
My hands are shaking. My heart's beating a whole lot faster.
Nervous nyaaaaaaa.......