Amareican Idol sudah tamat

OK, first things first, here's the photograph of an excited Emma on her first ferry ride. Lihat, sangat teruja, bukan? Hehe.

Second of all, I think it sucks that Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen. Simply because I personally think that Adam is a more versatile artist, and that America definitely needs a different kind of Idol. Not different as in gay, which I think Adam is. But different as in genre and voice quality. Hahaha. With that being said, aku rasa sebenarnya both singers didn't deliver during the finals. Both could have done better. And the song co-written by Kara? Awful, awful, awful.

Yang hebatnya, aku selalu diskas pasal AI dengan Ujie, Shikin, Zufri dan Papa. Everyone else rooted for Kris. Ujie dan Shikin siap bagi aku kata-kata semangat lagi masa Adam kalah. Hahaha. Thank you, people.

Third of all, Pipi had been busying herself the last week sewing Emma her very first baju kurung. Hehehe. Fits Emma to a T. Thanks Auntie Pips. Not quite bad for a first try. And finally, Zufri and I are busying ourselves with a little project that would certainly change our lives forever. So here's a picture of Emma project hunting today. Baru je lepas bangun. Masih sempat tersenyum comel. Rambut agak serabut.

P/S: Somedays I hate my job, somedays I love it to bits. Hehe. Last Friday was definitely one of my love days. Harap-harap by September our pet project takes off so aku boleh berhenti kerja sia-sia menjadi QS ni forever. Hehe. Insya Allah.


Bicara Tanpa Gambaran

Look at what came in the mail today!

Yay! Emma's (hopefully) very first cloth diaper! Aku sangat teruja kerana ia sangat mengujakan. Nak cerita panjang pun tak boleh, pasal aku, or more precisely Emma tak cuba lagi. Baru cuci, mungkin esok boleh dirasmikan sewaktu tidur. Dayang (the one who gotme hooked, btw) kata "lagi kering dari Mami Poko!". Hahaha. Hmm, mungkin kejap lagi boleh surf the net dan cari even more great cloth diaper bargains. Oh speaking about bargains, look what I bought last weekend.

Hehehe. Apa banyak sangat pengumpul tahi dan kencing daa. Tapi at RM90 for three (normal price would be RM132), who could resist? Two whole months' supply of pampers.

Oh, almost forgot to share this picture of Emma on her first ferry ride. Dia taklah excited sangat macam aku nak naik ferry ni. Hmm. Maybe she just doesn't share mummy's over excitement for just about anything.

On another note, the weather's been really hot lately, kan? Almost wish that we have an aircond. Two showers are insufficient nowadays.

p/s : gambr sume tak nak keluar ah. laterlah aku upload.