Smiley Baby

Ok first things first, Alhamdulillah, Peachy and Abang Emil (hohoho) are safe and sound. Their house wasn't affected by the landslide tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa, although she was one of the many people who were evacuated via climbing through the muddy slopes. Dangerous, huh? And I have some fabulous news! Which has to be kept a secret, until further notice. Hehe. Saja nak kasi gempak. Alah korang mesti boleh teka punya.

And selamat haru raya korban semua. And selamat cuti panjang Selangor people. I'm working tomorrow though. Malas lah nak cuti. Bukan nak pi mana pun. Went back to JB for hari raya. Planned to slaughter a sacrifical lembu for Emma, huhu. Sekali budget lari daa. InsyaAllah, tahun depan ada lah rezeki Emma.
Talking about Emma, I had fun showing her off last weekend. She's so much fun to be around now that she's smiling and laughing all the time. She's a happy baby, that girl. Look.

At Papa's 60th birthday dinner at Tera-Thai, JB.

At Rayyan Bubble Laundry.

But seriously, a happy ass? Too much, man. Too much.


Picture Perfect

What a Kodak moment, ey?

Argh my contacts are killing my eyes! Seriously, I fell asleep in the toilet because my eyes were too dry! Hohoho.