Jeng jeng jeng...it's already November! Lagi 16 hari seh. So this is it. My last fortnight of singledom. Not like I have much of a single life, anyway but still. Yeah.

Can't wait to watch 'Stardust' but first I wanna read the book! Had planned on catching the train to Kinokuniya after work today, but seeing that my Touch & Go card somehow can't be used at LRT stations and tau-tau sajalah trafik balik kerja macamana, I decided not to.

Perhaps tomorrow night, so I can stay out late and jalan-jalan sorang-sorang like I used to before work, love and family became a priority.

And Zufri's pretty busy nowadays so we haven't seen each other since Sunday. Didn't have time for a decent telephone conversation either. Either he's too busy to talk, or I'm not in the mood to call. Haha I get that all the time. Selalu takde mood when it comes to him. I wonder how he tahan.

He's always complaining that when I'm with my friends or family, he always comes second. Can't help it, babe. You do exactly the same thing, except for you it's just friends.

I wonder how our lives would be in 17 days' time.

Sometimes I feel like I'm too young to get married. Like this is not the kind of life I'm supposed to live. Never thought I'd get married before I turn 30, seriously. Never thought I'd get married, even. Always thought I'd grow old taking care of my parents, and dying before they do so I won't have to feel the pain and sorrow of losing a loved one. Well that didn't happen.

You know, life's a bitch sometimes. For those who're always saying oh life is so beautiful, life is so great, I'm so loved and all that bullshit, lucky you.

For the rest of us, hang in there. Life only gets better.

Insya Allah. Just have faith.

Gila tak relevant OK dari mula sampai habis.

p/s: eh korang tau tak diorang nak buat a movie based on The Time Traveller's Wife? Heroine dia, Claire will be played by alaa what's her name lah. The woman who acted in The Notebook. Malas lah nak Google. I'd have preferred Michelle Pfeiffer or wait..gimme some time to think about it. I'll pick an entire cast.


peachy said...

yg pompuan tuh rachel mc adams, yg laki tuh erica bana..michelle pfeifer? cam tua je nk jadi heroin tuh...

He & She said...

Oh ye..Rachel Mc Adams. Not a very good actress, in my humble opinion.

And by the way, kenapa tak ada orang lain yang komen? Lu sorang je ke yang baca blog gua?! Not that I don't appreciate it,kui kui

peachy said...

kuikuikui...wa sorang je yg baca blog lu kot..siap wa komen on komen..kuikuikui