My Wedding

Back from my long wedding leave, now's the time for an update. I'm now a married woman! Wakaka kelakar giles.

Thank you so much to friends who came from KL and one all the way from Terengganu! You guys are the best ever. Thank you too to my wedding planner and his butch wife (hahaha), may you guys get married soon, hehe. And of course to my family (my biological ones and my tied-by-marriage ones) for supporting and helping out.

Alhamdulillah, all went well. The weather was A-OK, considering that it rained all week, and then again on Sunday! A lot happened last week. My right eye became so swollen, I swear the whites were practically melting and threatening to drop out of socket, terhalang only by my pupil. I'm sure Pipi and Papa would swear its true. I got 3 days' MC, but when I checked today its invalid because I already was on leave. Stupid policy.

Everything was red and white, my theme colours. Bunga manggar, my pelamin, bunga pahar, baju pengantin, khemah and the walls of my bedroom and the hall hehe.

So today I'm reluctantly back in the office, with nothing to do but type out about my wedding.

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Alif said...

as usual, my butch wife only contacts me on occasions.

camne la nak hanta rombongan meminang... address pun takde... ahahaks!