My Life as a Married Woman.

I thought I'd enjoy not having any work. Turns out, this short period of freedom is giving me headaches. Banyak kerja pun pening, takde kerja pun pening. Sigh..baik bagi aku cuti lagi bagus.

So how's married life, some might ask. Same old, same old. Macam gitu jugaklah. I still don't cook. I do my own laundry. Zufri washes his clothes back in his bachelor pad. He still hangs around there whenever. Most of his clothes are still there. The only difference is we're sleeping together - he's always by my side when I go to sleep and when I wake up.

Yang lain-lain seriously sama. Except for you know what, lah.

So when people ask me how's married life, don't widen your eyes in disbelief when I say, Biasa jek @ Sama saja seperti dulu, because seriously, nothing much has changed.

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