This shall be my social calendar until the end of the year.

My wedding day, d-uh.

Mar's wedding in Mersing.

Mar's wedding at Izali's side in Shah Alam.
Siti Suriati's wedding in Putrajaya.
Kakak Koya's wedding in Subang Jaya.

Pop's birthday. He asked for a breadmaker. Geez.

Hari Khamis & Jumaat, OK? Boes punya wedding in JB. Bengs giles.

Abang Romy's wedding in Perak.

Majlis sambut menantu tersayang (aku lah tu hehe)

Majlis sambut menantu kurang disayangi (Boes wakaka) in KL.

Wahh..looks like my schedule's already full, yeah? Don't nobody go asking me out for a date, now. And yeah, you know my list? (Check out my first post. I can't link with this darn PC) I don't think I accomplished anything, except that I ran in PJ Half. Oh, and I have a new job. So, yay!

And to make me feel worse about myself, while I surf the net to check out people's blogs and shit, Lau my neighbour checks out the stock market! Boleh?

God. We live in such different worlds, Lau and I.

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