What a wonderful life.

On Saturday I had two open houses. I even went to One Utama and bought shoes. Oh but the highlight of Saturday was picking up my wedding dresses. Yup. All three of 'em. Cun abis gua cakap. I keep taking them out of the closet, just to admire them. And to take pictures of them.

Sunday however, was a totally different story. Woke up around 11:00, then crashed on the sofa until 2:00. Woke up, had lunch of 'Nasi Daging' with some curry-like meat dish. Dozed again around 3:00 until Maghrib. Woke up and lounged in front of the TV. Kak Yen's gone by then to Sunway Pyramid. Watched Little Men, wrote some wedding invites and around 12:00 tidur balik sampai pagi.

What a sorry excuse of an existance, yeah?

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