The Time Traveler's Wife - Cast #1

Ok. The main cast shall be as follows :-

Henry (Hero) : John Cusack/Jude Law. I don't know why, but I've always envisioned that Henry'd look like John Cusack when older, and Jude Law when still young and dangerous.

Clare (Heroine) : I still can't figure this one out lah. She's classy, young and gorgeous. She's... Gwyneth Paltrow. Ashley Judd? I know!! Kate Hudson! So proud of myself. Jude Law and Kate Hudson. Oh how gorgeous.

Gomez : Dr. Mc Steamy. Sapa tah nama dia.

But I want the woman from The Truth About Cats and Dogs to play Charisse. Jeanne Garofalo or something. Tapi tak sesuai dengan Mc Steamy so tukar dengan Benjamin Bratt kui kui kui.

Henry's dad : Hugh Grant, heavily made up. Can't see him in a serious role, though. Oh, maybe Robert De Niro. Tapi muka lain dengan Jude Law.

Henry's mom : Michelle Pfeiffer.

Oooohhh..what a star studded cast! When I have time I'll think of an alternative cast, should this movie be an indie film. Kena carik 'indie' cast jugak, tak?

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