Happy Birthday, babe!

Today is Zufri's birthday, and holy shit I forgot all about it!

My phone died (curse the damn thing. I need to get myself a new phone, pronto!) and only when I switched it on at 9.30 did I see the reminder on my phone. So I called him immediately to wish him and he sounded so cold and sort of bengkek.

I : Phone I matilah. Ni baru charge and on.
Z : Yeeee keeeee....
I : Sorry le. Marah ke?
Z : Tak marah. Kecewa jek.

Ek elehhhh...kecoh ah mamat.

But seriously, work has been taking most of my time nowadays. And yesterday was a holiday, so I sort of forgot the date.

And yesterday we were supposed to go look for our wedding rings, but I had to work. Alah, panjang lah cerita dia. But I finally went to the new Subway outlet here in KJ. Anies picked me up and we went to have supper.

Ohhh..no wonder lah dia kecewa. I spent his birthday eve with Anies sampai lupa kat dia.


So here's to you babe. HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY!

Nanti malam I belanja u cincin satu, OK? And dinner. Hmm.. nak makan mana eh?

p/s : Nampaknya aku harus bersedia agar dia terlupa birthday aku tahun depan. I normally see him at the stroke of midnight if not with a present, then a cake. For three years running already. Sekali fourth year lupa daa. Tu belum kawin lagik. Hehe.


starcrossed said...

gua sgt menarik sampai lu bole lupe zufri.hahaha.

starcrossed said...

eh..gua dah ada blog baru.gua nak buat security tapi gua tatau email lu.hahhaha.