I'm Sick.

In a few months I'll be 26. I'll be a 26 year old with nothing to her name. I have absolutely nothing.

I'm sinking into a quarter-life depression. Only if I live to 100. If I live until 52, then it's mid-life depression.

Oh, I suck at living. Maybe I'd be better off NOT living, you know? Existing without living. I'm not even mediocre.

How do I get myself out of this rut, huh? I need a major life overhaul.

First, I want to start sketching. I'm not that good at sketching, but I suppose practice makes perfect. Maybe I should start over the weekend.

Next, I want to kumpul duit seriously for the trip to Noo Yawk next year, hihi. (Look, my mood's changing already) Mintak-mintaklah jadik. Amin.

I so want to write. By January 2008 I must complete at least a short story. Maybe Pipi will proof read for me. Maybe then I'll be like J.K.Rowling and become a multi-millionaire. Then I'll expose the fact that one of my characters is gay. (Perlukah?)

Number four, clean up my room. Haha. Boleh? You know the backache I've been having since two weeks ago? It's one persistent backache, I tell ya. Maybe that's the actual reason I'm feeling so down. It's damn uncomfortable. I can't even focus on work. Stupid chair.

Oh yesterday, we had dinner at Pyramid Tower Hotel (kot) to celebrate some project. Everyone drank beer, except the 3 of us Muslims. Boleh? Oh, and I just got to know that my boss John, is actually Johan Abdullah. Hahaha. Muallaf rupanya Pak Cik John. Kui kui kui. Sangat memeranjatkan.

Tomorrow Mar's getting married pulak. Off to Mersing we go! I love jalan-jalan. Mungkin kita patut bawak baju, so boleh mandi pantai. Yay!

p/s: Anies, hang tak nak join ke?

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starcrossed said...

aku tak join la wei..hehe.husband ku ikut kah??