Oh mungkinkah?

So today's the last day of 2007. Where are you kids going tonight? I've never gone anywhere to celebrate the new year. Well maybe 5 or 6 years ago I did go to Singapore. But that's just about it. I'm not realy a crowd person. Not even at weddings. God. All the people, the sweating, the noise. Heheh.

And I don't suppose I'm gonna start this year. With the luck I've had this year, I'd probably just end up watching the fireworks from inside my car, while crawling in a massive traffic jam.

Oh, I'm forgetting something. Tonight Zufri's uncle (!) is having a birthday celebration! Ahhahahah so I guess there IS reason to celebrate, yeah? We're invited to the bash, and the best thing is Zufri's eager to go. Oh how I wish I could wriggle my way out of this one...

Ujie kata ofis ni memang ada satu ritual di mana setiap new year's eve budak-budak ofis aku akan mabuk beramai-ramai di ofis, bermula pada jam 4 petang (dan kami yang bukan pemabuk dibenarkan pulang awal, hahaha). Sekarang sudah 3:50 petang, dan diorang sudah mula nampak gelisah. Tapi kepala diorang, John dah takde! Mingkinkah tahun ini perkara tersebut tidak akan berulang?! Nooooo!!!!!! Aku mahu pulang awal!!!!!

Oh well. Nantikan saja update, OK? Anyway, happy new year boys and girls.

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