Christmas Lunch

Yay yay besok cuti! Cuti sampai Krismas! Yay yay.

Yesterday's dinner was fun. Had my first taste of Big Apple Donuts. Very soft and very very verrrrrry delicious. When we came, there was no queue yet, but by the time we left The Curve, the line was miles long!

Our colleagues were as usual, drinking themselves silly. Lau my cubicle mate had margarita. Hahaha. Boleh? I call her Lau Margarita now. Then they showed a slideshow of collection of pictures. Most of them were photographed drunk. Hahahaha. Tak senonoh diorang ni.

I had the calamari squid for appetizer. I ordered their buffalo wings actually, but when I returned from the toilet turned out somebody stole my buffalo wings! Hmph. Thank God I liked the squid better. The main course was chicken parmesan. Ujie yang orderkan sebenarnya, pasal masa order tu I wasn't in the office. OKlah. Very very filling. I ate half. Rested. Then ate half of the remaining half. Then I surrendered.

But I fought again with desert, which was the Friday Sundae. What?! Friday ke Sunday? Wakakaka. Lame.

Then today got free lunch lagik. Big boss pulak belanja. Sort of Christmas lunchlah, complete with Christmas songs and of course, Christmas tree! With a whole buch of gifts underneath! Yay! Can't wait for the gift exchange! Hmm..it's supposed to start now.

Hahahaha I'll update later. Hope I'll get something menarik tertarik!

OK. Updated. I got a water bottle. Very nice, but I just bought one for myself when I started working here. Takpelah. TQVMuch. Oh, berbual-bual lagi dengan A-Fai. Kacaknya dia. Hehehe.

Speaking of A-Fai, hehe, Zufri's back from Sabah already. Takde beli apa-apa pun untuk aku. Hmpfh. So tonight we'll drive up to SP for our wedding reception this Saturday. Can't wait to get everything over and done with. It's almost time to go home, anyway.

I love long drives, especially at night!

Selamat hari raya aidil adha, merry christmas and have a happy holiday, y'all!

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nannoor said...

big apple donuts mmg sedapppp!!