Hello hello. Today we're having dinner at TGIF, The Curve. Boss' treat. Hahaha. Again. Seronoklah kerja sini. Yesterday I went to Jaya to buy something for our Christmas gift exchange thingie tomorrow. The budget was RM15, so I bought this teeny weeny mini hamper from Famous Amos. Haha just a mug stuffed with chocolate and a Santa soft toy. But I like it very much, and you know lah how people are always saying you should get people what you would want to get for yourself. So I left Jaya feeling very satisfied.

Can't wait to get my Christmas gift.

To those reading, I'm not celebrating Christmas spiritually. Aiyoh no need to justify to you all lah. Just a thing organised by my cubic mate, Lau. Haha hari-hari dia remind aku suruh beli hadiah. Semangat minah ni. She's also in charge of the toilet papers. Hahaha. Budak USM. Hahaha.

Can't wait for the long holidays to come. Seronoknya.

The new project I'm working on, I'll be working close in hand with this other colleague from downstairs, A-Fai. Very the kacak and very, very tall. Doesn't help that he's very kind, too. Haha I don't think anyone from the office reads this. Well maybe except for Ujie.

Can't wait to have dinner. Um-mmmmm.

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