Yay! Shopping trip!

Just finished reading Kazuo Ishikuro's Never Let Me Go. Quite a good read, I think. Very er.. haunting. Read that with a little bit of Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason on Tuesday, as left other book in the office. Oooppss. Writing style have changed into Bridge's diary. V.cool. Haha.

Tonight my bestfriend from high school's getting hitched! Well congratulations to Syahirah! Been keeping in touch with her quite a lot nowadays. Ahhh..the good ol' days. Kutuk, ngumpat dan gossip. Not a good pastime, but a pastime nevertheless.

Bad thing is, her reception is tomorrow night. And seeing that I've used up all my leave for this year, and five of next year's (aarrrggghhhh!) I decided to play sick tomorrow and get an MC. Hehehe. Used to do that all the time in previous company. Remember, I AM a good actress. Haha.

But today team leader called and said since I'm taking over this project from Chin Chin, I should go do the valuation tomorrow morning. Arghhh. Bongok betullah. I'm now at a crossroad. Will figure out tonight.

Good thing is, Chin Chin will be there as well, so I'm not the only representative from company. Bad things is I'll be at a total loss when I finally do the valuation on my own.

Oh, tonight we're going to OU, because Zufri needs some new threads for his trip to Sabah. We have this gift voucher from Parkson, so that's where we'll shop. Can't wait to go shopping! Kalau ikutkan aku, nak aje aku habiskan semua RM250 tu beli baju Zufri. Tapi dia suruh simpan untuk beli barang rumah. Huh? Barang apa lah kan yang boleh dibeli dari Parkson?

And back to my story about the dead body yesterday, nothing was reported. So I don't really know what happened. So anti climax, kan? Haha.

I always get shouted at over the phone by Pops nowadays. Staying with my sister does not make me her guardian. Really pissed off. Should just shout at her direct. So unfair.

Look at my collection of random stories and rants. I should write short stories. It's already 4:30. One hour to go! I've got a lot of work. Can not claim overtime though. Where's the fun in working, then?


Diamonds are forever said...

apa yg papa marah lagi?

Blissfully Blurred said...

Dia punya phone dah berhari-hari tak on pasal takde charger. Boleh? Tension sial.

Anonymous said...

haih.. pipi kat rumah pon kene dgr papa bebel pasal kak yen.. non stop seh.. papa gile stressed out.. uhu..