I'm a loser baby. So why don't you kill me?

Ahh..what a weekend. I came back all rested and rejuvenated, hehe.

It's suddenly raining outside. Just when I thought I'd take the bus home. Aww shucks! (Weird ey? I don't say aww shucks in real life, so why do I type it out?)

Tonight I'll be having drinks with Anies at Section 14. Long time no see her. Long time no lepak malam. She's bringing her laptop, so we'll be a couple of poseurs friendstering at Starbucks. Heh heh. Can't wait. Finally, yeah?

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starcrossed said...

haha..too bad my boss borrowed my laptop eh?eventho u asyik minum air gua..it was a fun nite..bergelak ketawa..bergurau senda..cewah..will see you..like..a month from now?haha.next time coffee bean pls..