Don't go pretending.

My back hurts. Too much sitting down does that to you.

Today is Kak Yen's last day at DHL. Tonite she's going back to JB with Adam, naik train. How cool.

Today is Papa's birthday! Happy Birthday Pops! He's 59, but doesn't look a day over 45! Hehe tipu gila.

This weekend, I'll be doing nothing. Haha just like last weekend. Oh, mungkin boleh ajak Zufri pegi menderma darah. The last time we donated blood was in August. The last time before August, I almost fainted when I was done donating. Had something to do with my blood pressure.

Hehe Ujie and I went to Guardian at lunch time. Dia beli pregnancy test kit. Hahaha. Can't wait for her results, since her intuitions say that she's pregnant. Hahhaahaha.

Have a fabulous weekend!

p/s: Alif, awat hang lama dah tak update?


starcrossed said...

orang spa dah call lu?

Anonymous said...

kak ri, pipi pon da ade blog. hehe. www.pipidoo.blogspot.com

aliffazli said...

well.. the reason behind my no updateness because mood dah lari. muahahhaha... bole?