Ooohhhh..hot piece of gossip.

Tadi pagi sebelum pegi kerja, aku pegi isi minyak tau kat Shell SS3 tu. At the end of my row of houses, almost directly in front of the mini tokong at the side of the road, was a bag very much like the one used to stuff Nurin Jazlin and some newspapers. I was of course intrigued, but decided to go to Shell first. Then only did I realize, that of course underneath the newspapers was a dead body! That's why there was a crowd surrounding the bag! Apalah sangat beg tu kan, yang pentingnya haruslah yang berada di bawah suratkhabar tersebut!

Was a bit scared, since most of the people making up the crowd were indians. What if it was the beginning of yet another racial clash, right smack in the middle of Kelana Jaya? Mind you, all our neighbours are indians. Except for the pakcik at the corner in front.

Don't you just feel.. scared of the way things are going in Malaysia? The politicians with their political agendas, what with the upcoming elections and all. Am not really well read in terms of politics as I really truly believe in the goodness of humankind. Hahahaha. Boleh tak keluar ayat macam tu.

Yesterday I didn't have to work, so I tagged along with Zufri to Putrajaya. Then had lunch at Johnny's OU. Suddenly Nathan, my contractor from my previous company called and invited me to lunch at Armada today. I changed it to tea at 6:00. Ada lagi ke tea ke dah consider dinner eh? Am going to call him soon to change to Starbucks Giant KJ. Why? Because it's almost Christmas, and I haven't had their specials for Christmas yet! Mana boleh?!

It's hard you know, being married. Dulu time weekend boleh pegi lepak sorang-sorang. Sekarang, nak keluar sorang Zufri terasa. Nak ajak Zufri, it's my alone time. So ended out melepak di rumah. I still haven't gone to Old Town White Coffee's new branch in Kelana Mall!

Oh, Zufri's going to Sabah on Monday right up till Wednesday. Maybe I can go then. And not feel guilty.

Alritey then. Back to work!


aliffazli said...

eh.. your body in the bag story tergantung la.. takde conclusion...

nannoor said...

erm, kengkadang best jugak ade alone time.
aku kalu terasa nak gi jalan sengsorang, terus jek mintak izin dgn my laki. lagi best aper jln sorang.hehehe.tapi ade skali tu (time pregnant 8 bulan) jalan sengsorang kat alamanda, skali kene leg cramp plak..tahan la sakit sengsorang.. padan muka aku!!!kuikuikui