House-hunting again!

The new year started with a disappointment. I'm relieved actually, Zufri's diappointed. We went to see the house on Sunday, after Shirot's wedding. It was huge! Well in my humble opinion lah. I was quite reluctant, because the rent is RM950, but for a double storey I suppose it's cheap lah kan? I know, you must be thinking but why lah do you need a double storey house? Keluarga kecik je kecoh. Pasal, single storey houses are rented out at a minimum of RM1,000! Boleh tak? Where's the logic in that?

We were actually trying to come up with the deposit (3+1 OK! RM3,800! Gila ke nak deposit banyak-banyak?). Sekali yesterday as we passed "our" house, we noticed that the phone number's taken down and worse, some stranger was cleaning the house up! Sigh..

So back to house-hunting! I wish I could afford to just buy a house. Rent's just way too high here.

Anyway, how was your new year celebration? I was already asleep, but I woke up at 11:50, headed downstairs only to find the boys watching X-Men. Then when the fireworks started, the boys went bakar mercun pulak outside. So I got to see the fireworks on TV, but still hear the loud sounds live. Hahaha. Bongoks.

Alritey folks. Have fun!

Oh. And I love Britney's new single, Piece Of Me. Hahaha.


starcrossed said...

sian lu..haha..gud luck la memburu rumah..new year gua kat kg jer beb..nway, Happy New Year 2u!

peachy said...

actually, Im pretty sure u can afford ur own hse. the money u use for monthly rental can be used for the monthly loan payment. as for the downpayment, there are a few loans nowadays that offer 100& loan. It's very competetive thats why banks have to come up with interesting and affordable packages.

work out what's your budget (usually, monthly loan payment is approx 1/3 of ur salary) and search accordingly.

Good luck and happy new year! Wa wish from sms, tak wish balik pun eh..isk isk isk