Nurse yang menyakitkan hati.

I'm supposed to be at the clinic right now, but the nurse there just pisses me off! So I'm back at the office. Haha. So not in a stable emotional state right now.

Can't believe 2007 is coming to an end, yeah? A lot happened this year. First of all, this is the year I got engaged! Yay! Haha. Then we moved house, from Desa Petaling to Kelana Jaya. Then we moved house again, from no. 27 to no. 29. August was when I submitted my resignation letter after 3 years of hard labour, hehe. Then 1st October I started working here, at my current company. 16th November I got married. 17th November & 22nd December we had our wedding receptions.

However, no trips anywhere, no honeymoon, no cuti-cuti Malaysia. Oh well, I sincerely don't really mind that.

And guess what? Remember that I used to sell sandwiches, cakes and cookies? Well, I'm resuming my bussiness. Taulah, duit bukan senang nak dapat, kan? Will be selling them in Putrajaya. I don't know why I haven't thought of it sooner. Well, dire situation calls for drastic actions!

Ahh..never has the road ahead seem more clear than it does right now.


starcrossed said...

apa nurse tu buat wei?nway..2007 berlalu dgn sgt pantas..gua tak achieve apa2 pun this year..except for my new watch..haha..gud luck for your 2008..ehem2..hehe..seriously..sebulan skali gua kene jumpa lu..so many hings to tell u tapi tak sempat la semalam..bodoh la guard tuh..and pls arrive on time..

starcrossed said...

pls amend your link to my blog.

Blissfully Blurred said...

Pls amend your ass! Pls arrive on time sangat..baru sekali punctual nak kecoh. humph.

Norah said...

Great work.