People ain't dangerous..

When I look back on my life, I feel I've been pretty lucky thus far. I've had my fair share of brushes with danger.

One afternoon while walking back from class during my second year, I was stopped by this aged guy driving a Wira asking for directions to the Law Faculty. He didn't quite get what I was saying, so he offered me a ride there and then he'll send me to my college.

But then he suggested that we go out for drinks. Merely a suggestion. No persuasion whatsoever. Amazingly, I said yes.

So we went to BSC and had drinks somewhere. There he told me all about himself, how he's married and his wife left him, and his dreams and ambitions dan banyak lagi for I think almost two hours. Then he sent me back, gave me his number and asked me to call him whenever.

When I told Syat (my then roomate) about him, it turned out that Syat was one conned by the man as well, again looking for the Law Faculty. Takkanlah tak jumpa-jumpa kan? Boy, did I felt used! At least Syat declined his offer to go out for drinks. Yang aku ni? Hahha bangang sungguh. What if he was a rapist or a murderer or something?

Then after two months or so, this same guy stopped me. Again looking for tha Law Faculty! Boleh? But this time of course lah I told him to fuck off, although not with those words. Geez, can you at least remember the faces of your victims?

So what I'm saying is, despite all that have happened, I still believe in the good in mankind. Because if that incident were to happen today, I'd still say yes and go out with the man.

Ada lagi satu cerita tentang betapa naive nya aku ni, but let's save that for another day.

Till then, be nice.

And stay safe.

And don't be accepting rides from men driving white Wiras.


peachy said...

sheeesh...bahaya siut! nasib baik dia tak bawak awak pi mano tah!

He & She said...

Wakaka gua tau. Ada second time tu, gua pegi survey area KLCC. Ada sorang laki yang buat survey tu skali ngan gua hantar gua balik UM almost 11 p.m.