Mm mmm, delicious Trifle

Today's better than yesterday. At least I'm getting more work done because I finally know how to work the software. But my chair still sucks and its hurting my neck because I have to look up to face my monitor.

On another note, going home is a breeze nowadays. The plan is: Kak Yen takes the bus to pick Adam up, then she walks to my office (approximately 3 minutes) and we drive to Bazar Ramadan Kelana Jaya. There, I will definitely get the most amazingly and sinfully delicious 'Trifle' from gerai Kak Norella (if I'm not istaken). Dia kedai no 3/4 dari depan, sebelah kiri. Right next to lagi satu gerai yang harus dilawati, gerai karipap sardin super lazat.

Cumanya, trifle akak ni sangat mahal. RM5 satu. Tapi sangat lazat.

Semalam aku tidur pukul 8 malam. Wakakaka. Nak pegi Terawikh konon. Tak guna betul. Mesti pegi malam ni!

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