I actually said 'bullshit' in front of Papa the other day.

One majalah Pesona Pengantin : RM9.50
One sprint back to KFC where I left Pesona Pengantin : 100 calories
The look on Papa's face when I said 'bullshit' : priceless (with a whole shitload of crap stuffed into my ears)

So anyways y'all, I'm just tired of taking off. I had to fill in a Query List for the Engineer tadi, and then only did I realize that my work is only at best 30% completed! And it's due this Monday! (and yet I'm still blogging away....)

And Kak Lina, my shoes didn't come in time lah. I had to beraya without my blue wedges. Tapi takpelah. Since it's so cheap, hehe.

I bought Nicole Kraus' The History of Love on Sunday. Somehow, I'm still not done reading it. Gila tak? When have I had a problem finishing a good book in a day? I get sleepy easily lah nowadays. Yesterday I even slept at 8:00 p.m and woke up only at 7:00 a.m! I mean that's my routine when I'm having my period. Takkan nak period dah kot. Wait.. Oh ye lah..

I'm now keeping track of my period, pasal bak kata Kak Linda dan Kak Zah, now that I'm getting married I should know when to have protected sex and when not to (wear a condom). Haha, now I can blog about sex, wakakakaka. I mean, ewwwwww.

I sent out invites already, know. And another update, I saw pelakon 'Jelatang' (yang jadik bapak tiri Suria) at Diana's open house the other day. Turns out he's Maria's boyfriend. I wanted to take pictures with him, but I had no cameralah. Hahhahaha. Sekali jek aku tengok 'Jelatang' tu, but I hate him to the core (his character je kot). Muka sangat jiwang. Oh Maria.. wakaka. Eh, am I allowed to blog about this ke?

Haha, back to work now. Oh, and I already peed close to 20 times up till now. Something's wrong with my bladder. Maybe I should go check.

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