Ya ampun! Oh lordy lordy lordy! I just remembered that yesterday was my sister's birthday! Y'know, the one I'm staying with? I KNOW! I'm getting more and more forgetful lah now.

We have this tradition of calling each other up on birthdays at the stroke of midnight, not only to wish happy birthday, but to sing a birthday song complete with asking how old are you nowwwwww. And of course the birthday girl/boy would have to sing back (regardless of where they are) I'm 59 tooodaayyyy! And I totally forgot all about it!

Arghhhh!!!! I remember my birthday during my 3rd year, urmm, in 2004. I was at mapley 223 with anies and 7th futsal team together with Zufri. Tiba-tiba Kak Peachy datang bawak cake, then nyanyi ramai-ramai kat mapley. Wakakakaka. Tau jek lah orang-orang yang pegi tempat tu orang yang bagaimana. Gerenti kitorang mendapat kutukan yang kaw-kaw. Anyway, tu pun pasal mummy paksa. Hahaha.

So anyway, berbalik to Kak Yen, bukan saja tu. Semalam pun merupakan anniversary dia yang ke 3. Arghhh. How do I tackle this problem ey? Dahlah last year I even forgot Zufri's birthday. Is this a sign that nobody's going to remember my birthday?! Oh nooooooooo!!!!!!!


peachy said...

aik, satu umah pon boleh lupe? huhuhuhu

starcrossed said...

teruk siot lu..dah la birthday gua lu nyaris lupe..nasib baik lu belanja "Rebung"..hehe

ririblurry said...

Gua nyaris lupa ke..mana lu tau gua nyaris lupa? Gua wish x? Hehe gua dah cover baik dah dgn rebung tu, kot kot lah berlaku perkara seperti terlupa.