I'm a wiggly wiggly wack

I should be going to a valuation tomorrow. Remember the 42 storey building that I visited floor by floor minus the elevator? Sakit lutut akak. So I went to see Miss Tang and wiggled myself out of the task. Afterall, A-fai & Chin Chin's already going so why bother? Anyway it's not as if they spread the work so everything gets done faster, we go everywhere together! Boy, playing the pregnant lady card is so much fun! Chin Chin yang suruh tak payah pergi pun anyway. Wakaka. TQVMucho.

I was awe struck by the superb performances I saw yesterday. They have certainly gone a long way since my time, and their budget is much much bigger nowadays. My (ex)college was placed third, both for the Tarian Asli and Tarian Kreatif. Esok nak pergi tengok pop band pulak. Haha.

Today for breakfast I made sardin in cheese pita. Teramatlah lazatnya. Did I already tell you that I spend practically nothing everyday? I mean, I sometimes walk to work so I save on parking walaupun hanya RM2.00. I have breakfast at home, so I save around RM4.00. And I tapau my breakfast as both a snack and lunch so I save yet another RM5.00. So instead of spending RM11.00 everyday, I spend on RM1.60 on milo ais when I reach the office kerana sangat haus oi berjalan ke tempat kerja.

Sebenarnya aku taklah tergila-gilakan sangat berjalan ke ofis segala ni. In fact, I was prepared to drive to work today. Butttttt.....my sister lost the car keys, and I can't take the other car because it's blocked by the keyless car. Sighh..aku start jalan pukul 8:25 tadi. Haruslah sampai lewat.

About the lunch yesterday kan, lupa nak cakap yang rasanya amatlah melazatkan. In fact, I think I had two helpings. I took two portions of the fish head dan aku sebat udang dan sotong sampai habis.

And my best friend got pregnant. Haha now what are the odds of that ever happening?!


Rose said...

Siapakah yang pregnant itu?...giler jimat bangsa (amik dari Anies)ko sekarang!

ririblurry said...

Haha jimat bangsa. Boleh ke? Nanti aku tanya Anies. Kawan sekolah aku dulu

nannoor said...

berjalan ke opis? opis kat mane sampai bley nak jalan kaki je.. sungguh boleh bersenam macam tu.