Fine. If that's how you wanna do it.

Why did she say 'akhirnya' aku kawin juga? Is the akhirnya necessary? Kenapa akhirnya? Adakah kerana umur aku dah mencecah 35 dan baru berkahwin? Ataupun kerana aku sudah bercinta dengan Zufri selama 10 tahun? Oh, atau mungkinkah aku memaparkan gambar-gambar 18sx kami berdua dan perkahwinan adalah jawapan kami kepada masalah kemaksiatan yang kami hadapi?

No no no. None of the above. I'm only 25, we've been together for only 4 years and I don't parade my love life for others to see. So why such a statement? And why am I making such a big fuss about that statement? I have absolutely no idea why. Just sort of pisses me off. I get pissed off easily nowadays. Especially to Zufri. Kesian.

Oh well. Back to JB for the (long) weekend.

ps:I have a new breakfast routine nowadays. Now I eat my breakfast at home, while catching the first season of the O.C. on ch 711 (8:00-9:00). Usually half of it because I drive to work at 8:30, but today I watched the whole thing and ended up clocking in at 9:15! So I have to go home only at 6:15. Hahaha. The O.C! I'm hooked!

ps2:Congratulations Nannoor. Baby kau sangat comel!


aliffazli said...

so ok... i think i know why the mood swing... i think so... hehehe..... im a really happy that you do... :) btw, i am so far having a great time working in the new company...... and do not expect any updates on my blog anytime soon.... ta!

Melanies_rockstar said...

hehe..i should get a life kan instead of trying to call u since morning just to who do hell is 'she'..hahah..poyo siot gua kan..what a loser..kuikui..

nannoor said...

thanx intan.. babyku comel mcm ummi nya.. kann?? hohoho.
btw, the O.C mmg adictive.