Selamat Hari Thaipusam

I'll be shifting downstairs tomorrow. I don't think my new work station enables me to log on to the internet. Do not expect regular updates, please. Beacuse I hate to disappoint my fans. Heh heh. I know tomorrow's a holiday, but I don't feel like moving today. Tomorrow is a much much more auspicious day. For the hindus lah.

I wonder what it'd be like downstairs. Will I lose contact with my friends up here? Will they even remember me? Well at least I'll be seated very near the stairs. Again.

I just finished episodes 1-5 Season 4 of Grey's Anatomy. Can't wait to finish season 4 and proceed to heroes before catching ANTM Cycle 9. Apa lagi ek ada. Oh Brothers & Sisters Seasons 1&2. Yang ni aku tak terjebak lagi. Tak taula menepati citarasa aku atau tak. Tak pernah dapat follow pun dekat TV. I reckon I'll finish watching everything hopefully by my birthday. Haha shamelessly reminding everyone of my birthday.

I'm not feeling as tired and as sleepy as the past few days, and I just realized why. Because I'm an Aquarius, and starting from yesterday I was in my element. Haha.

Happy holiday!

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peachy said...

pls watch brothers n sisters. serious best gile! pas tu tgk death at a funeral..pun best gile!